Leather Jackets for Plus Size Women That Will Make You Look So Amazing

There is one closet staple that everyone loves, regardless of their shape, size, and gender, and that is leather jacket! Being one of the highly versatile outerwear, almost every person likes to own at least one leather jacket to style with various outfits. 


We may assume that leather jackets are only made for and look cooler on petite women, however, this is a fairly wrong idea! Plus size women can equally rock many leather jackets looks effortlessly. There are many brands that are making leather jacket for women and have a unique line solely for plus size women.


Nobody should feel awkward from styling oneself due to his shape or size. When we talk about leather jackets, plus size women also have plenty of styling options. This blog is exactly what plus size women need to know how leather jackets can make them look so amazing!     

Leather Jackets Designs for Plus Size Women 

Biker Leather Jacket

Don’t hold yourself back from carrying a grunge, punk-inspired outfit with a biker moto jacket! If you’re a bike lover, this choice is more than perfect for you. With its large lapels, sturdy flaps, flashy zipper, and shiny buttons, this jacket is sure to give you a flawless street vibe


Suede Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are great for cooler weather due to their fur-lining and ribbed design that provides additional comfort. However, besides plain leather, you may also opt for suede leather jackets. 


They also come in a variety of colours, but our personal favourite colours continue to be distressed tan, maroon, brown, navy, and olive. You may also go for ones with collars and hem made of faux fur. 


Hooded Leather Jackets

Another chic option to select for a leather jacket is the one with a hood. Wearing a hood or not is completely optional, it just adds an extra hint of fashion and looks just as fashionable on plus size women

Blazer-Style Jacket

Apart from common short-length designs, a blazer-style leather jacket is such a unique choice that is especially great for stepping out. Usual coats and blazers may exaggerate a plus size figure, so a leather jacket in a blazer style could be a perfect choice for you! 


Classic Mandarin-Collared Jacket

Once you check out plus size leather jackets for women, the most common one you would find would be a mandarin-collared design. It is one of those highly sophisticated designs that come in a variety of linings, textures, and colours. 


A plus size woman can easily carry one such style on most days, be it casual or business casual!


Choose Correct Fit and Size

Not too Loose

As a plus size woman, you need to remain cautious of the fitting of your clothing in order to look your best. For example, if you are opting to wear something like a leather jacket, you absolutely need to make sure it fits well over your body. 


A poor, loose style would kill your look and make your body seem all over the place! Leather jackets are supposed to make you appear composed; this is precisely why you need to make sure not to opt for a baggy style.

Right Length

Just as fitting, a right length is equally significant. Most leather jackets are made in a length that is right above your hips (except for leather blazers). Plus size women may feel like hiding their bottoms a bit for a more collected look. Thus, you should opt for a length that is slightly longer than your waist but doesn’t cover your entire hips.   

Get a Custom One!

If you’re still confused while buying yourself a leather jacket, make your life easy and get yourself one customised. Many brands offer customisation services according to your shape and size. This would be a better, long-term investment for your leather jacket that is going to last for ages!

What Plus Size Women Can Wear With Leather Jackets? 

Always Wear a Fitted Shirt/Tee 

As said earlier, the entire make of a leather jacket is intended to make you appear polished and put-together. For this reason, especially when it comes to plus size women, always wear a fitted t-shirt or blouse. Simple and modest designs are much better, however, you can also choose something funky depending on your mood.   

If you opt for something very boring and highly asymmetrical, you’re going to regret it instantly!  

Turtlenecks & Crop-Tops

On colder days, you would definitely prefer to wear something warmer and layering. Turtlenecks and ribbed sweaters are great options, which also look pretty neat beneath a leather jacket! Make sure to choose neutral colours, keeping in mind the overall look of your leather jacket.


If you wish to carry a cutesy look, crop tops are great. You may think a plus size woman should stay away from wearing crop tops, but hell no! Wear it below your leather jacket and see how it elevates your beautiful self.    

Don’t go for Slouchy Pants

Just as tops, slouchy or baggy pants a big NO-NO! Skinny and straight-fit pants are the best choice to be worn below leather jackets for plus size women. However, you may choose culottes, fitted skirts, or even high-rise trousers if pants are out of the question.

Dresses are Cool Too 

Another creative choice is to wear a knee-length flowy dress and style your leather jacket on top of it! This is one of those decent choices that you would wish to wear on parties, casual outings, and night outs.

Final Words

No doubt, there are many variations of leather jackets for plus size women that will make you look so amazing! Read up all our carefully curated points above to see what kind of leather jacket styles are suitable for you, how to determine your right fit, and which outfits you can try with your leather jacket.


This blog is certainly going to be a major guide for all plus size women out there who are unsure about how to wear a leather jacket. So, without much thought, start styling yourself and take one step ahead in your fashion game! 

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