Life NK Drift Away Milk Soak Review

Life NK Drift Away Milk Soak Review

The product that I’ve been using most frequently in my bath is the Drift Away Milk Soak by Life NK which is available at one of my favourite high end beauty stores, Space NK.

This product however, is one of the more affordable products available from Space NK, especially now that the huge bottle is in the sale here.

The Drift Away Milk Soak is a creamy bath soak that you pour into your bath and relax into.  It smells beautiful with a mix of lily, geranium and violet layered over cedar and sweet vanilla.  This combination smells very calming and it is lovely to relax into, plus the soak itself contains sweet almond oil, castor oil, sugar and active milk polypeptides which soothe the skins lipid barrier.  It makes the water feel quite softening on the skin.

However I did find that the effects of this product were short lived and while it did feel as though it was softening on my skin to begin with and the scent was beautifully fragrant and relaxing at the start, it very quickly seemed to disappear and couldn’t be felt or smelt for too long at all.

Life NK Drift Away Milk Soak Review

You can shop Life NK products like this one direct from Space NK online and in store.  While this isn’t my favourite product from them, I’d highly recommend Space NK as there’s so many products I’ve bought from there that I’ve loved!

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