Living A Normal Life with Joint Pain – Here’s How?

Over the years, a lot has changed. There are plenty of changes in our food, lifestyle and activity level. Although these changes have been there to facilitate us, most people have completely let themselves go. Joint pain is one of the most common problems that has affected people of all ages but mostly women. Due to several different reasons, your joints cannot handle the pressure and become prone to pain and discomfort. Obesity, old age, unhealthy, inactive lifestyle, and some medical conditions are all responsible for joint pain. However, you need to understand that there are certain lifestyle changes to live everyday life without any pain. Here are certain things to do: 

Discuss Openly with Your Doctor

The first and foremost thing that you need to do in case of joint pain is to seek medical treatment. When you visit a doctor, make sure to be open about what you are feeling and the present status of your health. Many people hide their symptoms in fear of judgment, but if you really want to get better, be honest and open about what you are feeling, why, and since when. 

As soon as the problem is diagnosed, your doctor will prepare a custom treatment plan depending upon your symptoms and intensity of pain.  You can see more here about the different pain management treatments.  The focus of a general arthritis treatment is to:

● Reduce pain in the areas that are severely affected.

● Restore joint health and mobility.

● Improve the quality of life by maintaining the function of your joints.

Now, your doctors expect you to stay actively in touch. You can easily do that by:

● Attending regular sessions with the doctor.

● Follow everything that they recommend with no alterations of your own. If you feel like making changes, it is always a good idea to discuss first.

● Maintaining a balanced lifestyle and sharing all your chronic conditions with the doctor.

● Seeking alternate care to balance out the current condition and improve the effects of medication.

Learn to Manage the Pain

Now management lessons are not a requirement if you want to work in an office or run a business. In fact, they help you manage your overall life in a much better way. Join a management class or read up some articles that are going to help you understand better joint pain management. Not only is this going to help you manage your unbearable condition, but it also makes better decisions about your overall health. There are a lot of things included in a pain management class. You will be taught to:

● Feel more in control of your health by understanding what’s not working in your system and what you can do to feel better.

● Help you manage your joint pain along with other symptoms such as immobility and weight loss.

● Become more active and carry out activities like going for a walk and following a rigid schedule.

● Be aware of the importance of family. Having your loved ones around you can also help you feel a lot better.

● Being more aware of your joint pain and building a healthy lifestyle will improve your mood and also reduce any unwanted stress from the body.

● Build a better and more productive relationship with your orthopedic specialists.

Become More Active Physically 

Physical activity is extremely important if you want to reduce the stress on your knees and align them properly. It also helps you lose weight which is an important requirement for losing weight. Being physically active means that you can easily reduce weight and become more mobile while reducing the risk of other complicated issues such as diabetes and cardiac problems. 

You can stay as active as you can without hurting yourself. Now exerting more to become active is good, but don’t go overboard because with weak joints comes to a greater risk of injury. Some activities that can help you become active are:

● A moderate cardio session with not a lot of jumping involved helping you get some sweat running.

● Weight lifting and resistance training to gain endurance and lose weight faster. Start with very light weights or seek the services of a trainer.

● Yoga and Pilates can help you become more flexible and easily move your joints.

● Avoid running if your knees hurt but walk at a moderate pace until you start feeling better.

● Complete 10,000 steps every day on your feet. At a moderate pace, it would take you 90 minutes to complete.

● Make sure to eat healthy if you are looking to lose weight.

● A minimum of 150 minutes of activity every week – walking is separate.

If you are still unsure about your health and what kind of activities are suitable for your joints, try to hire a physical therapist to discuss your limitations and comfort. You can also take part in multiple physical activity community programs near you. This is much better and a far safer approach than to simply keep doing what you know without any health awareness. 

Manage and Maintain a Healthy Weight
90% of bigger people have joint problems and pain. Extra weight adds extra pressure on the joints – especially knees. Losing extra weight off your body, whether you do this on your own with just proper eating and exercise or with a little help from supplements like Total Restore, can help relieve you a lot from some of the pain. Doctors mention that even a little weight loss of 10 to 15 pounds can increase your mobility and make you much more active physically and mentally.

● Exercise regularly and start with moderate ones to build your stamina, muscle strength, and endurance.

● Learn about stress management and what you can do to relieve stress. Many people indulge in bad habits such as binge eating etc., due to stress.

● If you have other health conditions that are affecting your weight (PCOS, for instance), try to visit a relevant clinic along with an orthopedic specialty clinic.

● Make sure to eat properly and not starve yourself as it will deprive the joints of basic nutritional requirements.

Maintain and Protect Your Joints

If your joints are affected, they can become more prone to other injuries and even fractures. It is your job to be sensible with what and how you treat your joints – for example, if marijuana is legal where you are, you may wish to buy here and see if that makes a difference for you (and, if it’s not legal where you are, you may be able to use CBD, which offers a milder solution than full-strength marijuana- you can get the best CBDA at Nesa’s Hemp) Injuries from sports, constant exertion at work, and accidents can worsen or affect your overall joints. You need to take necessary precautions to minimize the chances of injury.

● Choose exercises and activities that are not too much emphasized on the joints or cause pain when you move.
● Immediately visit your doctor in case of a painful accident.
● Low-impact activities like biking and swimming are good for your health.
● Wear protective equipment when you play sports like knee pads.


Joint pain is a common condition due to an unhealthy and affected lifestyle. It becomes hard to live a normal lifestyle. However, by choosing the right doctor, showing up at all the appointments, and making better life choices, you can significantly improve your quality of life. Exercising is also a great way to minimize joint pain but always make sure that the activity lies in your comfort level. Make sure to discuss any kind of abnormal pain and discomfort with your doctor.

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