London. Paris. New York. And, Beyond?

Fashion happens. Every year. Without fail. In fact, there’s a famous quote about how fashion is the only thing in life so unequivocally divisive that we have to change the global ins and outs at least once every six months.  It’s one hell of a turnaround!  If you want to stay at the forefront, or better yet, become something of a trend setter and influencer, you might find that simple internet research isn’t enough.  Perhaps you’ll find that travelling and experience fashion shows first hand could help you.  I’m sure the fashion hotspots of the world (London, Paris, Milan, New York) can provide a lifetime of pleasant wandering as far as city breaks and global travel are concerned but what about the places that aren’t as well known for their fashion connection?  For those who work in fashion, I’m sure many feel as though these places have been done, to death.  This year, let’s go for something else, shall we?


A friend of mine put me onto the possibilities of Niagara Falls.  Did you know that they light it up at night?!  Amazing!  With firework shows pretty much every weekend from summer to winter. There are boats trips right into the mist, helicopter flights and sightseeing tours, and there’s even a casino and a golf course. See this site for more info. There’s also shopping. With a collection of premier outlets and boutiques – not that I’m biased towards a little bit of retail therapy, of course, but let’s just say I’ve done my research and the shopping is going to be an entire separate day out!


Looking for an unknown gem of a getaway that’s slightly more local than the list of must-see travel destinations on offer across the pond? Perhaps somewhere with white sandy beaches, picture perfect turquoise waters, and an air of having the island to yourself? I’ve got a secret to share with you. When you think of the Mediterranean, you may think of the Spanish coast or the Spanish Balearic islands. There’s the Southern French coast, too. And french Corsica. Maybe you think of Malta. Or Sicily. But there’s another island that no one ever talks about. Lampedusa. So small that it covers only 20 square kilometres. Think lazy days. Think relaxation. With scuba diving, ancient forts, and more seafood than you could shake a stick at.

BRUGES (as in broojh like scrooge, not broojhiz like stooges)

Now we’re keeping things super local. Bruges is the big shiny diamond in the trove of treasures that Belgium brings to the tourist table. I’ve been in love with the place ever since watching the movie ‘In Bruges’. The canals. The cobbled streets. The medieval buildings and the stone towers. It’s not called the Venice of the North for nothing. This world heritage site is basically a living movie set, with ancient churches and bridges around every corner. Make sure you’ve got plenty of storage on your phone for photos – you’re going to need it for those amazing outfit meets architecture Instagram pics.

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