Look Perfect from Top to Toe this Christmas

A lovely red box of goodies* landed on my doorstep last week just in time for my work Christmas party.  Thanks to ChapStick, I’ve now got everything I need to look my best on the night.

The festive season is that time of year when party invitations are endless and every girl wants to look her best and have a smooch under the mistletoe.  The products here, inspired by the new ChapStick Shimmer Lipsations Stick, are perfect for primping and preening your whole body to get you looking ready for any night out this Christmas.

Let’s take a closer look…

ChapStick Lipsations Shimmer in Berry and Tropical

The festive season is all about glamour and you can add a glamorous touch to your lip care by using the ChapStick Lipsations Shimmer which give you a hit of moisture, lasting softness, protection from the cold and a gorgeous pearlescent shine.

There’s two flavours available- berry and tropical, both of which smell lovely and have a super smooth, effortless application.  Simply slick one of these across your lips and wear alone for a subtle shimmer, add as a top coat to lipstick to give it an additional shine, or take some advice from celebrity make up artist, Lisa Valencia, who often creates gorgeous, glossy lips on Kimberly Walsh and has said: “When applying a nude gloss to her lips I always use a layer of Chapstick Lipsations in Berry first to give a subtle shimmer.  It provides protection from the cold weather and helps the gloss slide on easily over the top.”  Well if it makes Kimberly look that good, then perhaps it’ll work on me!

Available from Superdrug for a purse friendly £1.99, these balms are a quick way to update your lip care for the winter.  Why not join ChapStick over on their Facebook page?

Glossy lips sorted, lets move onto the lashes.

Collection ‘Does It All’ Mascara and LASH False Lashes

Whether you want your lashes to be long, full and volumised or fanned out, you can create it with this mascara.  The Collection ‘Does It All’ mascara is designed to literally, do it all.  I have the waterproof formula in ultra black.

It has quite a large plastic brush, which is my favourite kind of wand, although the wand is quite long so it does take a few applications to get used to it.  The wand has a multi bristle brush, including spikes right on the end, reminiscent of a chubby version of the Benefit They’re Real Mascara (buy here) that so many rave about.  The brush is great because you’re able to grab all of your lashes at different angles to really make the most of your natural lashes.  The ‘Does It All’ mascara has a five way formula in that it is designed to curl, volumised and lengthen the lashes as well as being conditioning and long-wearing- the waterproof formula is even longer wearing still.

What I like about this mascara is that it is really buildable.  Whilst I like my lashes to be quite full on, not everyone does and this mascara has the ability to be tailored to your preference by how many layers you apply.  It does curl my lashes to some extent and I’m really happy with the amount of length and volume that it provides on my short, stumpy lashes!  It lasts all day without any fall out and doesn’t make my lashes feel dry and crispy, so when I’ve taken it off with my Klorane Eye Make Up Remover (review here, buy here) then my lashes still feel in great condition afterwards.

I’ve been enjoying wearing quite a matte face with rosy pink cheeks, some of the Chapstick Berry Lipsations and lashings of this mascara.

Buy it here for £4.99.

Of course, for the big night out, then lashes are an essential part of any party outfit.  The LASH False Lashes (£4.19 from Superdrug) are so easy to apply, they can transform a make up look in seconds to accentuate your eyes but still keep you looking natural- think party queen, more than drag queen with these lashes. The Intense Volume Edition 30 Lashes add lots of volume and length to your natural lashes and they even come with glue- party lashes, sorted!

Pantene Volume and Body Hairspray

Volumised lashes go hand in hand with volumised hair during the festive season.  I’ve been trying out the Pantene Volume and Body Hairspray and finding the results quite amazing.  It gives an incredible amount of body and really holds on tight to the style, making it perfect for fine hair like mine that tends to drop.  It brushes out well too in case you want to change your style the next day.  The only thing that I don’t like about it is the typical hairspray smell that catches my breath a little but for only £3.69 from Superdrug, I can forget about the smell!

The final last minute area to attend to before a Christmas night out is the nails and I have a gorgeous product here.

Elle Macpherson Instant Nail Wraps

The Instant Nail Wraps by Elle Macpherson for HoMedics (buy here) give your fingertips the ultimate nail makeover in a couple of minutes flat.  They’re available in gold, silver and pink, like the sparkly holographic ones that I have here and each pack includes 48 different sized nail wraps to fit all nail sizes whether it be on your fingers or toes.  Each pack also includes a nail file. 

They’re super easy to apply- simply stick them on , smooth out any air bubbles and file away the excess.  It couldn’t be any easier!  They have a tough finish to them so they will last for days and days without chipping!  What I love the most about these is that they have a zero drying time.  I’m guilty of always painting my nails at the last minute, before leaving the house, and I always smudge my polish as a result, which can’t be done with these!

Now onto the products that you can use in preparation for your big Christmas night out.


No amount of make up will make the skin look truly bright and glowing this winter without a good skincare routine.  Moisturising is super important during the winter as the cold weather and hot central heating can really dry out the skin.

Steamcream has been hailed as a ‘miracle moisturiser’ by the beauty elite and one that I have previously reviewed in this post, as well as created my own body scrub with it (check out this post).  The great thing about Steamcream is that it can be used all over the face and body for a silky shimmering hit of hydration.  I particularly like the brightening effect that it has on my face which is perfect to aid beautiful skin for a night out.  It is suitable for all skin types so if you don’t have super oily skin like me then you can certainly still enjoy this.

Steamcream uses the best quality raw materials direct from sustainable sources, making it an ethical product too.  You can buy it here.

The final product in the box was one of my favourite types of products to use and that’s false tan.

Trilogy Instant Bronzing Gel

The Instant Bronzing Gel by Trilogy enables you to build a natural tan gradually.  The gel does have a hint of colour in it to give you an instant glow but this is very much a glow and if you want a deeper tan, you’ll need to use it a few days before your night out.  This is great as it builds up a tan and perfects the look of your skin on the night, this is aided by the shimmer that is in the tan.  Remember my highlighting trick in my How to get Party Perfect Legs post earlier in the month?  Well this works in exactly the same way.

The gel itself contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera as well as light reflecting mineral mica which is what gives it the shimmer.  It is fast drying so you don’t have to wait ages for it to dry and once applied, the glow lasts for 2 to 3 days.  It does have a bit of a false tan whiff but that’s nothing a little perfume can’t sort out.

Available from Debenhams, Feel Unique and direct from the Trilogy website.

I’ve absolutely loved testing out the products in this Christmas box but the question is, what products help you to look your best over the festive season?

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