Looking To Quit Smoking? 5 Things Worth Considering Before Switching To A Vape

Vapes are excellent alternatives to smoking and receiving the nicotine your body desires. Switching to a vape may be challenging in the first weeks. There are essential things to consider, like the type, flavour, and nicotine strength. Here’s what to know before successfully switching to vaping. 

Vaping Device 

The first thing to note before changing to e-cigarettes is the Vaping device. When considering the switch to vaping as a way to quit smoking, Elfa Pods offers a convenient and satisfying option. Explore the range of Elfa Pods available here to find the right fit for your journey towards a smoke-free lifestyle.

There are numerous vape device types on the market with different flavours and nicotine concentrations, which include vape pens, pods, mods, dry herb, Shisha kits, disposable vapes, etc. Each vape type has unique features that suit different demands. 

It is best to use an e-cigarette and e-liquid that match your body’s nicotine tolerance to satisfy your nicotine cravings. A drastic drop in your body’s nicotine level may cause discomfort. When switching, it is also advisable to use disposable vapes due to their easy-to-dispose nature. This feature will help you reduce nicotine dependence gradually. 

Discover which flavour is best for you. If your goal in using an e-cigarette is to help you stop smoking, then a basic starting kit is all you need to switch successfully. For long-term nicotine consumption, a rechargeable vaping device like a sub-ohm device would be more cost-effective than smoking cigarettes.

If you’re on a budget, you may decide to consider a less expensive vape. Luxury vaping equipment, such as MODs or drippers, may appear to be enticing, but they’ll drain your bank account faster than you can fathom, which might discourage you from ever starting to vape.

Flavour/ Liquid Content 

One benefit of vapes over cigarettes is the flexibility in choosing from numerous flavours and liquid content. Your vape’s flavour is another thing to consider before switching. Do you want conventional e-liquid, fruits, or CBD? 

If you want to start vaping, an intelligent way to start is by deciding what you want to vape. Some vapes can handle a variety of chemicals, but you’re more likely to stick with one. For those looking for a nicotine fix, a bottle of regular e-liquid is an excellent place to start: pods, mods, and other types of e-cigs that you can test. 

As a newbie to vaping, it is best to start with a flavour you enjoy. When it comes to vaping, each person has a unique taste in flavour preferences. Before choosing the ideal one, try out different e-liquids at a local vape store.

It is best to go for liquids like CBD vapes to get the most from vaping. This type helps you battle against insomnia, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, combat obesity, reduce artery blockages, alleviate anxiety and many more. This could even be a business opportunity. Start a dropshipping business and go for vapes from a reliable CBD supplier like JM Wholesale. They’rean excellent store for different CBD oils and products. 


Vaping on the move is more convenient if you have portable equipment that is easy to use and doesn’t take up too much room in your bag. This is the case for the vast majority of pod vapes. Using a mod at home is an excellent idea for anything more serious. Depending on how long you plan to spend outside, both conditions can benefit from using a vape pen. Each has its perks and downsides.

The Gradual Process 

Another essential thing to consider is that switching to vaping is gradual. The ideal approach is to include it into your daily routine gradually and progressively build it up until you reach your regular intake. Slow down during your first few weeks, but don’t forget to keep moving forward.

Even if you move from cigarettes to vaping on a single hit, you may still feel a bit grumpy and under the weather, but keep in mind that these symptoms will pass and don’t stay long. When switching from smoking to vaping, take your time, be patient, and experiment with various vape liquids and equipment until you discover one that works for you.

Nicotine Strength 

The nicotine strength from the vape e-liquid ingredients, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG), is another essential thing to consider before switching to vapes. PG is a colourless and odourless liquid with a lower viscosity than VG, which is more popular. Ex-smokers enjoy it because it has a powerful throat impact. However, VG is a highly viscous fluid that generates dense vapour clouds favoured by experienced e-cigarette smokers.

Don’t be too quick while switching to vaping. Cigarette smoking should be as genuine as possible. Because of this, you should be able to get the same throat impact with PG/VG ratios of 50/50 or even 40/60. In addition to providing a comparable experience to smoking a cigarette, this composition is best suited for most MTL pod systems, making it the most common type of nicotine salt e-liquid.

The same is true for nicotine concentrations, as previously said. Get the proper nicotine strength to match your regular nicotine consumption and progressively lower it over the day.

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