The Best Flat Iron For Straightening AND Curling from Lorion

The Best Flat Iron For Straightening AND Curling from Lorion

Girls, I cannot wait to tell you all about my new hair straighteners from American hair and beauty brand, Lorion.

Lorion are an exclusive beauty brand who use the finest technology to create unparalleled hair and beauty products from nourishing hair care and styling tools to age defying skincare that will help you to look a million dollars.

Up until recently, Lorion were a brand that I wasn’t too familiar with and as you all know, I love to discover new companies, especially when their products are this good!

The Best Flat Iron For Straightening AND Curling from Lorion

When I first took a look at their website, I was amazed by the number of different hair styling tools that they had from blow dryers to flat irons (or straighteners as we say in the UK) and curling irons.  They’re offered in different widths so you can choose the one thats best to suit you depending on your hair type and the look that you’re wanting to create.

Something that stood out to me was the wide choice of colours that are available in each of their products.  There are so many different colours to choose from ranging from sleek and chic black or white through to bright pink, yellow and turquoise and printed patterns such as lace, peacock and polka dot.

I picked out the 1″ Professional Flat Iron in the Peacock print to try out and I seriously couldn’t be more impressed.
Despite ordering from the USA, they arrived promptly and securely via USPS and my package was fully trackable so I always knew the status of my order.

The flat iron was packaged really safely too so it arrived in pristine condition.  They come in a gorgeous presentation box with a magnetic closure that could be kept to store the straighteners when you’re not using them however I like to keep mine just on the side of my dressing table for ease as these are actually the only styling tool I’ve been reaching for since I came back from my holiday last month, except for my hair dryer of course.

The Best Flat Iron For Straightening AND Curling from Lorion

The first thing that I noticed about this flat iron was the stunning print.  I definitely made the right choice in picking the peacock design as it is so eye catching with a number of different hues of blue and green in the design.  I’ve never seen a hair tool brand offer this print before and I really think that it enables the Lorion products to stand out.

While the colour of the flat iron doesn’t have any impact on how well it works, it certainly makes it look pretty on my dresser and I feel happy whenever I look at it or use it!

The Best Flat Iron For Straightening AND Curling from Lorion

This is the Professional Salon Model Diamond Flat Iron, meaning that Lorion have designed it so that it can be used equally as well in a professional setting in a hair salon as it can be at home.  I love to choose salon quality hair styling tools because I find that they’re so much better quality, hotter and able to create that salon result that I love at home.

They’re suitable for all hair types which is ideal for me because so many of my friends come to mine to get ready before we go out on a night out and its great to know that we can all use the same straighteners.  I have really fine hair and some tools that I’ve used in the past just haven’t been hot and strong enough to straighten my other friends thicker, coarse hair.  I also find that the cord on salon quality tools is a lot better than standard hair tools because it is super long so if your plug socket is quite far from your dressing table, that wont be a problem!

The Best Flat Iron For Straightening AND Curling from Lorion

Lorion have harnessed state of the art technology in their straighteners with refined diamond and titanium plates.  They’re super smooth so they literally glide through the hair quickly and effortlessly.  The plates are 1″ wide which I think is pretty much the average width for flat irons, comparable to GHD, etc.  They have an advanced ceramic heather for better recovery time and the diamond technology ensures that the heat is evenly distributed across the plates so you get an accurate, even effect, every time that you use them.

When Lorion state that they use state of the art technology, they’re certainly not kidding.  This flat iron uses nano silver technology and negative ions to help to seal the hair cuticle to lock in moisture inside your hair shaft which helps to protect your hair from humidity.  This is particularly relevant for those who find that if they straighten their hair and then go into a hot, humid environment their hair starts to go frizzy and their ruin their style because these straighteners should help to prevent that.  They also utilise far infrared technology to promote healthier hair with less visible damage.

The Best Flat Iron For Straightening AND Curling from Lorion

While I can’t say that my hair styles wouldn’t have held in place without this flat iron, I can say that the result that I get with these straighteners is really long lasting. I’ve been using them to both straighten and curl my hair and I find that my style mostly keeps in place so that I don’t have to redo my hair the next day which saves me lots of time.  Plus, I haven’t noticed any extra damage to my hair through using these which is great because its not too often that you find a flat iron that heats up so high (450°F/ 230°C) without visibly damaging the hair.

I love how quickly this hair tool heats up to the maximum temperature and I don’t find myself waiting around for it to get hot enough to work.  However it also cools down quickly as well when you turn it off which I love because I often forget I’ve had my tools on and go to pick them up while they’re still hot!

My hair is very fine and thin but I have a lot of it.  While my hair is oily in the roots, it is dry and quite brittle on the ends so I do need to be careful so as not to cause any additional damage to the ends that would make it snap.  My hair hasn’t broken or snapped as a result of using this flat iron.  I tend to use it on the highest heat setting because I like to get my hair done quickly and because these are so good, they glide over my hair and I just have to run them over my hair to create a straight style that still has plenty of shape to it.

I love the way that the straightener is shaped.  As you can see, the flat iron doesn’t stop at the end of the plates.  The casing of the plates continues on and is shaped so that it bends outwards.  This enables the straighteners to pick up and slide into the hair really easily which is especially useful for if you’re just roughly straightening your hair or just going over it without sectioning it off and uniformly styling it.

The Best Flat Iron For Straightening AND Curling from Lorion

My favourite thing about these straighteners which is what I feel sets them apart from every other flat iron I’ve tried, including GHDs, is that it curls my hair incredibly well.  Far better than any other flat iron I have ever used and it holds a curl in my hair better than any other straightener I’ve used as well.

The Lorion website itself is actually really helpful as when you go to the page of the flat iron, here, if you click on the ‘Directions’ tab, it gives you some great handy tips on how to add body, volume or waves, create an ultra sleek straight look and a head of curls.  These directions are really easy to follow and even for someone who has been doing their hair for years, I found them helpful.

Curling my hair with these straighteners is so easy.  I find that they can create a tight or loose curl with ease depending on how much pressure is applied and how quickly you run the flat iron through your hair.  They’re really easy to hold and grip onto which makes them easy to be able to manipulate to create your desired look.  I’ve never been able to create such tight, bouncy curls with straighteners before and the look I’m wearing here was actually my first attempt.  I was going out for dinner and drinks with my friend and my curls held in place all nice night with only a light spray of hairspray.  The next day, they were still there and had only dropped a little bit.  I just gave my hair a quick ruffle with my fingertips and went about my day without having to restyle or go over my hair.  I don’t like to repeatedly heat style my hair everyday as I don’t think that it is particularly good for it, especially with dry ends like I have, so I love that I don’t have to do that with these straighteners.

The Best Flat Iron For Straightening AND Curling from Lorion

I love that this product comes with a 3 year warranty as well.  I always find that American companies tend to be so much better when it comes to the warranty on items and for returns that a lot of UK companies.

You might be wondering if this post is aimed more at my lovely American readers and I would say certainly not as the Lorion Pro Salon Grade 1″ Flat Iron has a universal voltage so they can be used anywhere is the world.  Having a guarantee that they will work anywhere is not only great for if you’re ordering these to be shipped to your home outside of the US but it also makes them great for when you’re travelling as you know that your tools are going to be able to work, heat up to the right temperature and work just as effectively when you’re on holiday or away on business as they will when you’re at home.

Once you’ve got the plug sorted, you simply plug in and go.  There’s no set up needed with these straighteners.  They have an on button and a + and – so that you can adjust the heat setting to suit your hair type and the look you’re wanting to create.  They’re really accurate and easy to set as they have an LED screen so you can see exactly what temperature they’re on which I much prefer to a dial like some hair styling tools have had that I’ve used in the past.  They also have memory technology to remember your personal setting for your preferred temperature and they have an auto shut-off time too which is so helpful for me as I always worry myself sick that I’ve left my flat iron on when I leave the house!

They do come with an American plug so if you’re wanting to use them in a country that has a different socket, such as the UK, you’ll need to pick up an adaptor which you can buy cheaply from Amazon.  Your other option is to change the plug.  I have a pretty handy daddy and he was happy to switch the plug over from a US flat two pin style to a UK three pin for me.  I wouldn’t have a clue how to do this but he said it was very quick and straight forward.

I would highly recommend the Lorion 1″ Professional Flat Iron.  You can shop it for yourself here and check out their whole range on their website here.  I’ve got my eye on their curling wands next as if their straighteners are this good, I would put my money on their curling wands working really well too.

The power of beautiful hair is in your hands with Lorion!

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  1. Claire C
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    October 27, 2015 / 7:56 pm

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  9. Tori Gabriel
    October 27, 2015 / 8:38 pm

    Wow, you look great! I don't have the patience to straighten or curl my hair. Most of the time I just leave it tied back and out the way. I really should do more with it.

  10. Renu X
    October 27, 2015 / 8:42 pm

    I absolutely adore that pretty design! You can pull off both straight hair and curls so well!

  11. beautyqueenuk
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    I love the colors and print on your straightener. Lovely. I have never tried making curls with a flat iron. Maybe I'll give it a try. I always thought the hair would slip out but maybe i can do it!

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    October 27, 2015 / 10:32 pm

    You look great with either curls or straight hair. Your review is so thorough that if I was in the market for hair straighteners you would just have persuaded me to buy these.

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    I love how fun the design is on this tool. I need to update my straightener. I have had the same one for like 10 years. It works really well but I definitely need to update it.

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    I live in the US and I have never heard of this company! But I love the results of your hair styles with this straighten!! Plus, it says something that you tried GHD and you love this brand better!

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    October 29, 2015 / 8:14 am

    I love the design of this, it's really pretty. I've had to stop using straighteners on my hair for a bit as my hair is so damaged but I'd definitely be considering these.

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