Love Your Skin

Love Your Skin is a brand new British skincare company that launched at the end of July this year by skincare expert Lorraine Winslade.  Their skincare philosophy is based on the idea that skincare doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective.  This says to me that their products contain the necessary ingredients to benefit the skin without overloading it with unnecessary chemicals and nasties.  After looking more into the brand, I’ve discovered that the brand is just that- simple, no nonsense but premium quality.  When creating the line, Lorraine Winslade drew on 40 years experience in the skin care industry.  This lady knows her stuff; she understands the skin and how it functions so in creating this range of products she has combined the best natural ingredients and perfected them with science.  The Love Your Skin range of products are designed to treat, compliment and assist your skin in it’s normal functions, to optimise it’s appearance and enhance it’s performance.  This all sounds great to me but do the products live up to their hype?

Love Your Skin

Since these products are from a new brand, I hadn’t read any reviews or heard opinions on them before trying them which was actually quite refreshing.  Flying blind when trying out these products really allowed me to form my own opinions about them based purely on the products themselves as I wasn’t looking out for things I’d read about.  I’ve been trying them out these products for the last month and a half and I’ve loved the results.  I really wanted to give them a thorough road test before reviewing them so for the last 7 weeks I’ve used this cleanser as my only morning cleanser and replaced my usual day and night serum and moisturiser with these two.

Rosemary and Willow Bark Cleanse and Smooth Exfoliating Wash


Cleanse and Smooth Exfoliating Wash, £22.99 for 200ml

The Love Your Skin Rosemary and Willow Bark Cleanse and Smooth Exfoliating Wash is suitable for all skin types, I’d say it would even be great for those with the most sensitive of skin.  It’s very gentle and the exfoliating particles aren’t particularly abrasive which makes it great for every day use.  The cleanser thoroughly cleans the skin, removing deeply embedded dirt and excess grease and oil whilst the exfoliating particles remove the dead skin cells which can dull the surface of the skin making it lack luster and clogged.  I apply the exoliating wash every morning to damp skin, massaging it in with particular attention to the areas where my pores get clogged the most like my chin and nose before washing it off with warm water.  This gentle way to clean and exfoliate my skin has kept it smooth, clean and has kept my pores unclogged which has reduced my black heads and spots.  I’d really recommend this cleanser particularly if you’re looking for a gentle way to exfoliate.  Perhaps you’ve tried the hot muslin cloth cleansing technique and found that it is too harsh for you, then this would be a great alternative.

Cleanse and Smooth Exfoliating Wash, £22.99 for 200ml

As a side note, this cleanser smells amazing.  Non offencive and very natural.  Nothing about this product is artificial which I love.  It feels and smells very natural and great for the skin.

Brightening and Clarifying Facial Serum

Brightening and Clarifying Facial Serum, £30 for 30ml

The Love Your Skin Moringa, Pomegranate and Cranberry Facial Serum is a brightening and clarifying facial serum.  I love the inclusion of pomegranate in skincare products as it’s known for it’s anti ageing properties too.  This, along with the other natural ingredients, makes it perfect for those whose skin is regularly exposed to the pollutants of city life which are known to prematurely age the skin.  I use this serum morning and night after cleansing and find that it really does brighten my skin.  It works hand in hand with the exfoliating cleanser which removes the dead skin cells and unblocks pores and then this serum is an added boost of brightness keeping the skin looking far from dull and lack luster.  It is a water based serum making it easily absorbed into the skin and it doesn’t leave a film on it at all.  This is perfect for my combination to oily skin but it’s actually suitable for all skin types that appear dull and lifeless.

Collagen with Vitamin E Intensive Hydra Gel Moisturiser

Intensive Hydra Gel Moisturiser, £29.99 for 100ml

The Love Your Skin Collagen with Vitamin E Intensive Hydra Gel Moisturiser is a light weight water based moisturiser that really intensely hydrates the skin.  I’ve been using this morning and night and loving the benefits.  This particular moisturiser is again, suitable for all skin types and ages which makes it simple and no fuss choice.  I know so many people who find it a chore and time consuming having to consider age, skin type and benefits when choosing a moisturiser and some people also struggle to find one product that works well for all of their skincare concerns like if they have acne prone, oily t zone skin with dry patches and fine lines.  This moisturiser takes the hassle out of choosing as it’s suitable for all and all that’s left for you to decide upon is the serum that you would like to use to run alongside it as a more targeted treatment and they are easy to choose from as well as they’re all very clear on what they aim to achieve.  Again, they’re suitable for all skin types so all that’s left to decide is the effect you want the serum to have- brighten, calm, purify, smooth, etc.  Love Your Skin actually sell a kit called The Apothecary Set which contains the moisturiser and then the four different serums they do if you’d like to use the moisturiser on a daily basis and then target the serum you use to your current skin care concern.

Anyway, I digress, back to the Intensive Hydra Gel Moisturiser.  It works great with my oily skin as it hydrates and moisturises all day and doesn’t leave a film on my skin making it a great base for my makeup.  It hasn’t clogged my pores or broken me out and my skin is looking plump, smooth and soft to the touch.  The collagen protein in the moisturiser attracts and binds moisture to the skins surface which helps it to stay looking young and healthy.  Sounds good to me!

This cleanser, serum and moisturiser routine is really working for me and I’ll definitely be buying more from the range.  Love Your Skin is available to buy direct from their website here with free delivery on all orders over £50.


  1. Anonymous
    September 18, 2012 / 12:15 pm

    Hi Laura, Great review. I love your blog but should probably stop reading as I (seriously!) buy pretty much every skin care item you review!Just a heads-up -I hope you’re not offended by this- but 'it’s/its' are two different words and as such should be used differently.For example: “as it's known for it's anti ageing”If you read this without the apostrophes it reads: “as it is known for its anti ageing”. The apostrophe indicates that it was, is or has and without the apostrophe is means that it belongs to it. A good way to remember would be to read it out loud as “it is” to see if it makes sense. (As it is known for it is anti ageing – doesn’t make sense).Like I say, hope you’re not offended – don’t mean to be rude. Love the blog. Keep up the great work.

    • WhatLauraLoves
      September 22, 2012 / 2:34 pm

      Hi honey, aw no I'm not offended at all, don't worry! To be honest when I type up blog posts I literally just type. I add full stops, commas etc but as for other punctuation, it's usually taken care of by whatever programme I'm using blogger in- Crome, safari or Internet explorer, rightly or wrongly! Then I do a quick blogger spell check and thn publish. Most of the time I don't even read them though before posting lol that sounds terrible but it's so time consuming and after I've been on the comp all day at work I just wanna get the post up– all about the content and photos for me. Totally appreciate what you're saying though, I really should just punctuate as I go but it's the laziness for the modern age I suppose and the wonders of auto correct…… Or should I say auto incorrect lol. Pleased u enjoyed the review xxxxx

  2. Anonymous
    September 18, 2012 / 1:32 pm

    Sounds lovely! Might have to check this out. Awesome review too!x-

  3. TreeBond
    September 23, 2012 / 7:08 pm

    Great reveiw, got this item in a beauty box and was just about to ebay it but I'm gonna keep it now! Keep up the great reveiws x x

  4. jakky49chan
    September 24, 2012 / 8:42 am

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