Luxury Home Features To Add Comfort To Your Home

If you’re anything like me, then your home is a place you spend a lot of your time in, and therefore it’s a place where you can indulge yourself, put your feet up and relax… or at least try to!  When it comes to the features though, there’s always an opportunity to add a little luxury whether you’re on a budget or able to splash the cash.  There are so many amazing shops out there that can give you a boujee on a budget look and feel but what about if you do have some extra cash to spend?  Here are a few luxury features you could add to your home, if money were no object!


There’s nothing more satisfying than stepping into a space and feeling that warm toasty heat underneath your feet.  Underfloor heating can be quite costly, but it can help you heat up your home instantly.  The best place for underfloor heating is likely to be the kitchen, bathroom and living room.  Having wooden, stone or tiled flooring can make it feel quite cold, so the addition of heating underneath the floor will mean that you save on having to turn on the central heating, which can take longer to heat up a room.


For some, the first thing you do when you wake up is to have a shower. It’s important that the temperature is right and that you have an enjoyable experience when you’ve just awoken from your slumber. A lot of shower heads don’t offer enough surface area to completely cover your body, so a rainfall shower head is something you can easily get installed.  They’re a little more expensive than your bog standard shower head but boy are they worth it.  I love staying in hotels with these kinds of showers so it would be a dream to have one in my own home!


As society advances, a lot of us now want things instantly.  We don’t like waiting around, wasting time; remember when we would wait an absolute age for a webpage to load?  Whereas now we expect it to load in a second flat and if not, we’re clicking off the page.  So if there’s something out there that will help save on time, many of us will buy it.  Instant hot water taps are becoming more and more popular nowadays because waiting for the kettle to boil sometimes can seem like forever. With a hot water tap, you get instant hot water as soon as you turn it on. So waiting for your morning coffee or needing hot water for cooking has never been so easy.

door security

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With so many advancements in technology, a lot of households are incorporating more technology into their homes.  For example, there’s CCTV now that links to your phone and provides you with a real-time view of your front door which is something that I would love myself especially.  It’s great for when you go away on holiday and get an unexpected call at the front door and I think that its just safer in general anyway, especially if you live on your own.  Vivint Smart Home also has several smart devices for your home, providing smart home services from smart locks and thermostats to outdoor security cameras with live feeds you can access on your phone.  There are also appliances you can add to control the amount of energy you use, which all helps towards saving money in the long run.  I am all about saving money so this would be perfect for me.


Adding luxury doesn’t have to be expensive, and just something as simple as decluttering your space can actually make a huge difference. Remove your clutter by buying some storage boxes or furniture that can easily be stored away out of site. By reducing what you have on the floor, you make your space a lot cleaner and more minimalistic. This can in effect, add an appearance of luxury to your home.

Luxury doesn’t have to cost the earth but incorporating one or two of these features in your home is going to help add value and appeal to the property.

Which of these features would you add to your home?

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