MAC Prep & Prime Microfine Lip Refinisher

I saw a lip exfoliator similar to this on one of Imogens You Tube videos but I didnt really know how to get one locally as it wasnt something I would order online on its own and to be honest, I never thought I actually needed much lip exfoliation. That was until I started wearing ultra light lipsticks like Barry M’s Marshmallow and Baby Pink. Although absolutely gorgeous, these lip paints are quite drying and I’ve heard a few reports from bloggers that they take a little bit of practice to be able to get them to work without showing any cracks in your lips, etc. Well, this is it. This product is how you get those ultra light shades to work for you.

Introducing….. MAC’s Prep and Prime Microfine Lip Refinisher!

Microfine Lip Refinisher

I bought this when I went to the Designer Outlet in York at a cosmetic shop, i dunno if it sold old stock or somthing but it was certainly cheap- only £7.50.

The actual product is quite small in size but theres more than enough there; i think it will last me ages.  The packaging is what is to be expected from MAC- gorgeous and sparkley.

Lip Refinisher

This is a two in one wonder product.  On one side there is an exfoliator and on the other side is a moisturising lip balm.  Both work really well with wonderful results.  Oh and it smells gorgeous too- vanilla. Yum.

Swatches- top is the lip balm, bottom is the exfoliator

Hopefully you’ll be able to see where ive swatched the two sides.  The top is the moisturising side and the bottom, with the little black grains, is the exfoliating side.  Ive read some people say on the internet that the exfoliating side doesnt work very well but it really does.  Granted it may not be particularly gritty but this isnt a microdermabrasion product, it is a gentle exfoliator.  No one wants a load of grains on their lips.  What I did was I put it on my lips as i would applying lipstick, then rubbed my lips together.  When building up the momentum of doing this and varying pressure, i found a level that suited me that provided the best results.  After doing this and then applying the lip balm moisturising side, my lips were so soft and had no flaky bits whatsoever.

2 in 1 wonder product!

Results were instant.  Shortly after using this lip refinisher i applied Baby Pink lip paint by Barry M and it glided on so smoothly, it wasnt dry and you certainly couldnt see any cracks or chapped lips underneath. RESULT!  Ive been using this once a week since I got it and I love the results.

My lips felt so soft, even after the first application!

Id highly recommend this product or a one similar to anyone, everyones lips could do with a bit of TLC, especially with the winter coming up.


  1. Laura
    October 3, 2010 / 1:02 am

    Thanks Amy hun, ive entered. Your blog is like my go to blog though. Literally always checking your updates. Ive used Daisy's for my entry. Her blog is FAB!! xxx

  2. Lily Seymour
    May 7, 2011 / 1:03 am

    I just got this Lip refinisher exfoliant in a blog sale, I didn't know what it was until it arrived. I was quite surprised because I couldn't find in in the Mac website so I googled it and found your blog so here I am! I'm looking forward to trying it so I can do a similar review for the readers of my blog.

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