Maintaining Your Home

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Life can feel busy sometimes. It can feel as though you’re non stop and don’t get a moment to yourself. Work, commuting, getting enough exercise, making balanced meals, caring for kids or other loved ones, trying to fit in a social life – the list goes on and on It’s not all too surprising that many of us feel we’re not getting enough time to take proper care of our homes. Of course, taking care of your home should fit somewhere in your priorities. Our homes tend to be the most expensive outgoing we have. Whether you make rent payments or mortgage payments, it’s likely that this is the biggest bill coming out of your bank account each month. On top of this, our homes should be our safe havens. It should be a space where you can head back after work or other activities, kick back and relax. Home maintenance really is important. Not only in terms of maintaining property value, but also in terms of creating a safe and comfortable space that you can enjoy yourself or entertain guests in. Here are a few key steps you really need to work into your schedule to achieve this.


One aspect of home maintenance that many of us are guilty of neglecting is repair work. Every home experiences wear and tear and will require some repairs to be carried out at some point or another. But if the repair isn’t major or urgent, we tend to brush it under the carpet. This is often because we don’t want to pay for the repairs or because we don’t want to take the time out of our schedule to arrange and oversee repairs. But problems don’t get better on their own and simply worsen, resulting in a more costly issue to fix in the long run. Make sure to call relevant professionals as soon as any necessary repair arises, whether that’s a plumber, an electrician, a glazier or anyone else. You should also consider having routine tests carried out on your home, such as EICRs or fire alarm tests.

Home Security

Set aside a generous budget for top-notch home security. After all, your home should be where you and your family can rest and relax. And that’s not possible if you don’t feel safe in your own home. Investing in a home alarm system, high-quality door locks, and burglar-proof windows is just one way to do that. And don’t even think of using that old trick of putting spare keys under the welcome mat.

Keep your valuables in a sturdy safe for an added layer of security, but be careful as this can sometimes backfire. Always have a set of trusty locksmith tools and kits around. Study how locks and keys work to understand how to bypass them if needed. That way, if you lose your keys or forget the code, you will still be able to recover your precious items.


We all clean our homes to some extent. But some of us are only brushing over the basics. Vacuuming, washing up, wiping down work surfaces, dusting and polishing. There are so many more tasks that need to be completed to keep your home in the best condition possible. Giving your home a real deep clean every once in a while can make the space feel more comfortable and enjoyable to spend time in. It will also make your home more hygienic. Some tasks to consider include:

  • Deep cleaning the carpets. This may require hiring a professional carpet cleaning machine, but it will make all the difference, lifting ground in dirt from your carpets.
  • Pressure Cleaning: It is a must form of cleaning that can help get rid of Moss, mildew, algae, and fungus. You may get a quote here for quick access to professional cleaning services.
  • Cleaning the shower curtain. This can build up damp and mildew over time. Stick it in the washing machine on a cool wash, then hang to drip dry.
  • Cleaning your skirting boards. Dust these and then wipe them down with cleaning solution. You can polish them at the end if you wish.

Hopefully, these steps will help keep your home in the best condition possible!

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