Make Your Home Look Stunning With These Helpful Tips

Your home is the place most deserving of your attention as it is the one place where you can feel safe and comfortable. Yet, many people lack knowledge when it comes to design and how they can make their home look stunning with a bit of effort. Why is this important? Well, have you ever entered a room and thought to yourself, “I could imagine myself living here!”? If your home doesn’t evoke the same feeling of amazement and wonder when crossing the threshold, it’s time to make some changes. Read on, as we’ll discuss some useful tips you can follow for “upgrading” your home, making it breathtaking and exquisite. 

A ceiling that opens up space

If you’re wondering what can open up your space and give it freshness, it’s certainly the color of the ceiling. Regardless of whether the ceiling is lowered or not, if you want it to open up your space, as a rule, it should be in lighter tones. It gives off the impression that the room is spacious while creating an almost surreal effect. And don’t worry, whatever color you choose for the walls, a simple white for the ceiling will go perfectly with it. 

Define the position of the lighting

The position of the light is generally chosen in relation to the position of the daylight. The parts of the room that are most exposed to daylight should be lit the least with artificial light and vice versa. The tip is to use diffused light. How lighting affects the overall appearance of the room can be discussed for pages, but the general rule is that it makes the room more welcoming and warm, and therefore a more pleasant space to stay in. 


A forgotten detail is the curtains. Curtains used to be a staple of every home and household across the planet. Looking back a couple of decades ago, curtains always symbolized prestige and wealth, with common folk usually having clothes hung over their windows or sometimes nothing at all. And yet, we often disregard curtains, believing that they only “close” the space and block natural sunlight. Yet, we can assure you that times have changed. Always search and try to find more out regarding the different materials they are made of, the craftsmanship behind them, and the fabric’s consistency (most are made from polyester and cotton). The soft and gentle feel makes them perfect for everyday use. They are partially transparent, making it possible for light to enter moderately into the room. There are rules you should follow to make them last longer.

First, never bleach them; hand-wash them instead or dry-clean them. When it comes to ironing, make sure to do it at low temperatures, or possibly air dry them if you have the means for it. After adding a couple of curtains to your home, you’ll see the difference immediately, as your windows won’t seem so dull and empty anymore. 

Choose furniture that matches the size of the room

Once you’ve made these essential changes, it’s time to tackle the furniture. If you are wondering which furniture will fit best in your living room or another room, we have the answer. It is important to choose furniture in relation to the size of the room. The furniture must be neither too big nor too small. Be careful not to clutter the space with too many large items. Measure your space before you buy a set so that you don’t end up buying a sofa whose dimensions don’t match your space at all.

Bring nature into your home

Ah, those flowers. What can give cheer to every home and every room is greenery. Be sure to bring in pots of indoor plants that will bring life to your space. And there are numerous studies supporting the claim that greenery improves your mental performance and overall well-being. With this said, don’t wait another minute and instead go shopping for plants and flowers and turn your home into the perfect temple in harmony with nature. 

Combine textures

Imagine how nicely you fit a small armchair into a medium-sized room, and then you choose a color that does not fit in with the rest of the furniture at all. In order for this not to happen, it is important to combine textures. Larger pieces of furniture such as corner sofas, three-seaters, armchairs, and chairs are recommended to be in a neutral color (grey or beige), while pillows should be combined with curtains, carpets, and decorations, so that later if you happen to get bored of a certain combination, you can more easily change the color that dominates in your home.

We hope these tips will help you create a more pleasant home, as there is nothing more satisfying than coming back from a long shift and ending up in your perfect little oasis.

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