Make your house feel like home – add a personal touch to the space

You can name a place your home only if it reflects your preferences and personality. When you buy a new place, it often lacks personality because the architects designed it to cater to the general taste. You need to add some personal touches to it if you want to make the space feel like home. 

The whole point of decorating your house is to create a space that makes you happy and shows guests what’s unique about you. If you lack experience in picking home decorations, achieving the ambience you’re longing for might be easier said than done. Luckily, the internet can provide you with countless recommendations. However, be ready because it might even require you to think outside the box. 

Here are some creative ways to make the house you moved into feel more like home

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It all starts with the light

Have a look at your house, and if you feel like the light is harsh, look for ways to switch to a warmer and more soothing illumination scheme. By integrating atmospheric lighting, you create a more welcoming atmosphere, and you’ll find it easier to unwind. Swap all plain and boring lighting options for ones that match your preferred house style, and you’ll immediately change the vibe of the space. Besides purchasing new fixtures, you should also make use of a combination of decorative, accent, task, and ambient solutions. 

The main types of lighting fixtures you need in an average house are:

– Recessed

– Under-cabinet

– Track 

– Sconces and wall lighting

– Table, floor, and desk lamps

– Chandeliers

– Ceiling lights

– Pendant lights

Depending on the room, you might need one or more of the above types of lighting fixtures. Layer lights in a room will help you make the space feel well-put together and enable you to create whatever vibe you want to achieve. 

Bring in plants

Plants have the unique power to make any interior space feel more welcoming and cosier, so they’re worth your attention when infusing your home with personality. They have a functional role because they can improve air quality, but they also enable you to send whatever message you want to convey. You might like greeneries more than other plants, and then you’re a lucky homeowner because they fit well in any space. Or you might like orchids; and they are elegant additions to an interior space with their big and lasting blooms. 

You can welcome plants in every room of the house, from the bathroom to the kitchen. While for the rest of the house, decorative plants are more suitable, for the kitchen, you could turn to vegetables and herbs. You can grow them on the window sills so they can play functional and decorative roles. 

Another fantastic way to infuse your house with some cheerfulness and personality is to add colourful bouquets of flowers on the living-room coffee table and at the bedside. 

When it comes to flowers and plants, do whatever feels right to you

Decorate the walls with artwork

Wall art is another way to showcase your personality through your interior design. However, if your walls are bare at the moment, and you opted for a minimal design, it might be a great idea to choose some bold pieces that capture attention. You might believe that if you’re going bold with the artwork, it might look gaudy or overwhelming, but when the elements work well together and you choose something that reflects your personality, it’s not such a thing. 

Suppose you have already established the colour palette for each room, installed the furnishings and picked some other decorations, it’s time to find wall art that complements them. Before ordering anything online, ensure you measure the wall where you want to hang it and consider the room where you want to place it. Don’t buy artwork without establishing its place because it might not fit any room when delivered. 

The theme of the house should match your personality

 Your home is a reflection of your personality, so you should decorate it according to a theme that inspires you. You can pick hand-crafted elements and let your inner self take control when selecting furnishings and decorations. For example, you can search for hand painted kitchens if you prefer the shabby chic design or wood cabinets if you love rustic vibes. Suppose you like two design styles; you can search for ways to combine them and come up with a theme that reflects their best features. 

Use playful accessories

Decorating your house is the best part of getting your own place. This is the part where you let your playful side shine through the decorations and elements you bring inside. Regardless of the room you transform into a project, take time to decide what vibe you want to achieve and search for elements like area rugs, throw pillows, accessories, and other elements that can help you achieve it. 

If you have the feeling that something is missing when entering a room, consider bringing some accessories or plants. These are the easiest ways to fix the vibe of the room. Decorations and flowers usually add a plus of style or pop of colour when you need to elevate a room’s style.     

Use your creativity

Often, making a space your own is as simple as adding some unexpected elements which have a deep meaning for you. Suppose you’re passionate about snowboarding. You can hang a vintage snowboard above the living room couch, and everyone will know about your passion for the mountainside. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when looking for ways to infuse your house with your personality. 

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that less is always more when decorating. Don’t use too many elements because you’ll only make the space look crowded. Choose one or two decorative elements to send the message you want. 

There are no rules on how to make a space feel like home, but we hope that the above recommendations proved useful.

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