Manuka Doctor Foot & Heel Cream

When it comes to the winter my feet tend to go into hibernation mode as they spend their days cooped up in UGGs and boots and their evenings in cosy slippers and on the odd occasion, I shock them by walking about the house bare foot in the freezing cold.  It’s safe to say that I really put them through their paces in the cold weather and my skin takes a battering.

One product that has once again saved my skin this autumn winter is the Foot and Heel cream from the apinourish range by Manuka Doctor.  This is a gorgeous, thick, deeply nourishing foot cream that has a gorgeous scent.  It contains avocado oil and shea butter making it incredibly moisturising and it’s the kind of moisturising effect that lasts too which I think is important.  I can apply this at night and my feet still feel soft and smooth the next night.  It is easy to apply and sinks into the skin really quickly.  When used as part of a pedicure routine, this product keeps my feet looking and feeling flip flop perfect, even in the winter months! I love it!

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