Merry Lushmas

Last week, I popped to the shops with one of my friends and ended up doing some damage in Lush.  Every year, my family each choose a bath ballistic or bubble bar from Lush and we each have a bath on Christmas Eve using our chosen treat before putting our Christmas PJs on.

However it wasn’t only my search for a Christmas treat that led me to Lush as I wanted to try some new bits from the regular line and step away from my usual repurchases.

Lush Sweet Christmas Gift Set

That big cracker-come-sweetie looking thing back there is the Lush Sweet Christmas gift set and its AMAZING for all of those who LOVE sweet scents, so lets start by unwrapping that…

The Lush Sweet Christmas (£37.95) is sweet, literally.  It contains everything you could possibly need to smell like a mix up and I love it.  There is a good mix of different products too; it’s not all bath bombs like some sets.

Now admittedly, this doesn’t look very Christmassy but it is very pink, very girly and very feminine.  I’d love to have this under our Christmas tree… had I not already bought it and began enjoying taking baths with it.

So lets take a closer look inside…

Over here on the left, we have the Bubblegum Lip Scrub.  This is a super tasty sugar scrub that sloughs away dead skin from your lips, leaving them soft and smooth.  I’ve used this before and really enjoyed it.  It’s a little pricey to buy on its own but I seem to ignore that fact when buying a gift set because it is a lovely little treat.

Speaking of lovely treats, the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar is a sweet treat to rival anything sugary.  If you like Rock Star soap then you’ll love this as it has a similar scent mixed with vanilla.  This creates lots of bubbles with a hazy pink tint to the tops of them.

The Think Pink Bath Ballistic is a Lush classic that I’ve had in countless gift sets.  It smells of Tonka, vanilla and neroli.

Right at the front there is Sultana of Soap which is the Lush version of soft Italian nougat.  This one is fruity and creamy all at the same time and whilst I’m not a fan of soap, Mr WLL loves this.

The Rose Jam Shower Gel is a product I’ve never tried but after giving it a whiff from the bottle I know I’m going to love this.  I thought this was going to smell very floral and rose like but no, it is addictively sweet.  Mixing vanilla pod with goji berry and argan oil, Turkish rose and geranium oil, this shower gel promises to not only smell incredible but to be super softening on the skin too.

Magic Wand is a reusable bubble bar on a stick that you swish around your bath tub, creating lots of Snow Fairy smelling bubbles as well as turning your bath water pink. This is one Lush product that I was SO happy to see was included in this gift set as I’ve used it before and loved it.

Honey Trap is a lip balm combining the tastes of honey and white chocolate to sooth chapped and dry lips.  I can’t wait to try this, despite having LOADS of lip balms already.

The last product in the gift set is the Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly which is completely new territory for me but from the outset, I can say that it smells exactly like The Comforter Bubble Bar so it is already a hit with me!

Keeping with the Christmas theme, the Secret Santa (£5.75) bath ballistic is the one that Mr WLL and I have chosen as the bath bomb we’ll use on Christmas Eve.  This is a huge bath ballistic shaped like a grotto and modelled on the first Lush shop.  Its smells very herbal and like essential oils, just like a Lush shop.  I can’t wait to use this as its supposed to have a little red Santa Claus inside!

Reverting back to my childhood ways, I bought one of the Christmas limited edition Gold FUN bars (£5.00).  I thought that these were just for kids but after playing with it in the bath and seeing it create bubbles as well as clean the skin.  With a glittery exterior, Gold is a Fun bar that smells exactly like the Honey I Washed The Kids so if you’re into sweet, honey scents then you’ll enjoy this one.

I then picked up some more fresh smelling products, some for me, some for others.

The Grass Shower Gel (£9.95) literally smells like a field of grass, it is super uplifting and something that has to be smelled to be believed.  Dream Cream (£11.25) is a hand and body lotion that smells quite herbal and feels moisturising on the skin.  It’s good for sensitive skin as it soothes it and cools it down if it is a little hot and irritated.

If you’re into for balm cleansers, then might I suggest the Ultrabland Cleanser (£10.95).  Its a super rich, oily cleansing cream that’s gentle enough for all skin types.

For use in the shower, I selected the Woosh Shower Jelly (£6.95).  I love this as it is so refreshing.  It’s a mix of citrus and seaweed and is packed full of essential oils.

The only other soap that I picked up was a huge chuck of Snow Globe.  This is a lemon scented soap that is uplifting and a little bit zingy.

The final product that I picked up was a little Charity Pot for £1.  This is a hand and body lotion where all of the proceeds go to good causes.

What goodies have you been picking up from Lush this Christmas?

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  1. Elise Dopson
    December 10, 2013 / 9:23 pm

    I love Lush at Christmas! It's the best time to stock up on Snow Fairy haha. I'm obsessed with it :)xxElise –

    • WhatLauraLoves
      December 19, 2013 / 2:44 pm

      Ooh definitely, I couldn't agree more Elise, it often goes half price just after Xmas too! Xxxx

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