Michael Kors Honeymoon Haul

When I knew I was going to be travelling to America, I had my sights firmly set on a Michael Kors watch but while I was away I had no such luck as there wasn’t any watches that I liked and I didn’t want to buy one just for the sake of it.  I actually found their quality to be much poorer than I expected and a lot of the straps felt very tin like.  I’ve been wanting to buy a Rolex for years now and I think I need to finally bite the bullet and just save up… for years… to buy one.  Instead of buying a watch, I decided to focus on bags and small goods to go inside them.

While we were in Florida, we went shopping in the Michael Kors Outlet at the Premium Outlets mall.  If you’re in the area, I’d highly recommend a visit.  The pieces aren’t generally the current season but who keeps things only for one season anyway?  Plus they’re all hugely discounted compared to the full prices in the Michael Kors retail stores and they’re especially cheap compared to UK prices.  Generally in the UK we’re charged through the nose compared to the same products in America, it really is silly!  Aside from the discount on the pieces, the staff are really lovely in that store and so helpful when you’re looking for an item.  I couldn’t decide between two bags and they really helped me to pick.  We went twice during our stay and they remembered us on our return, now that’s good service!

In my post today, I will share a few snaps of the pieces I picked up but if you would like to see a full review of the item just let me know in the comments and I’ll do an in depth post for you showing the inside of the bag, how I use it etc.

The first piece that I picked up was the Michael Kors Marina Grab Bag for $169.  This bag is made predominantly of canvas with thick rope straps.  I love the nautical theme with the navy and white stripes and the gold and tan detailing from the logo plaque on the front to the straps with the anchors on.  This bag is so gorgeous and different to anything else I own.  I think that this will make a great summertime bag for those days where I need to carry a little more around with me than normal, perhaps to university or shopping.

The next piece that I bought was the Michael Kors Card Case for $39.  This was in the colour vanilla which is like an off white, making it perfect to suit any of my handbags.  It has a large disc logo on the front in gold.  This card holder opens like a flap and can fit either a stack of business cards in, a selection of bank cards and ID or even some change.  It secures with press studs keeping the contents secure and it is slim enough to fit in the pocket of most of my bags.  I bought it for when I’m taking a smaller bag out with me and I don’t have the space to carry my purse.

Smaller still is the Michael Kors card holder that I bought for $39.  This is in rose gold and while a little tacky, it is absolutely beautiful.  It has the MK logo imprinted all over it with a logo plaque on the front of it.  A card holder like this is ideal for popping into a clutch bag or into a more sensitive bag that could be easily damaged.

On our first trip to the outlet store, the last item that I bought was the Michael Kors Smart Phone Purse Wristlet for
$79.  Sometimes when I’m at home and just nipping round the shop, I don’t need to carry a lot of things with me.  Similarly, if I’m just going for a couple of drinks with a friend or if I’m on holiday.  A smart phone purse like this is great because inside it has space to fit an iPhone, some notes and there’s a couple of card slots too for your ID and bank card.  There was so many different colours to choose from but I opted for the white with gold hardware and the light tan wristlet strap as I thought that it would go with the most outfits during the summer months as its a pretty neutral piece.

We ended up going back to the outlet mall one day as we were going to an Italian restaurant there for supper.  I popped back into the Michael Kors outlet shop and fell in love with some other pieces.  Firstly the Michael Kors Saffiano Satchel in the colour Mandarin.  There was three sizes of this bag available and this was the medium, middle size.  It can either be carried with the top handles or over the shoulder with the detachable strap.  This was originally $268 in the outlet mall but there was a deal so I got it for $239.  The other designer bags in my collection are mostly in quite neutral colours and I really want to change that by adding more colourful pieces into my collection in quite staple shapes and materials that wont go out of fashion.4

I then saw the Hamilton Shoulder Flap Bag in Luggage leather with gold hardware 
which was an amazing deal at $119 down from the $199 outlet price.  This bag is deceptively roomy inside and can fit all of my essentials into it.  I bought it to wear with my tan UGG Nubucks and my denim knitted leggings as I think the tan colour of this bag will suit them really well.  I like wearing that kind of outfit with a cardigan and a cami top underneath, really simple but put together.

The last item I picked up from the outlet mall was the Michael Kors Original Eau de Parfum Rollerball and Lip Gloss Duo.  It was $22 but I’ve also found it on Sephora.  When I came to typing up this post, I wasn’t sure whether or not the Michael Kors fragrances are available in the UK as I’ve never seen them before but I must have been walking around with my eyes shut as after a quick google, I found them on Debenhams, House of Fraser, The Perfume Shop and Boots.  Anyway, there were lots of bottles in America and I gave the original fragrance a sniff at the till and loved the scent.  I saw that they had rollerball versions that were pretty affordable, plus they had a gorgeous nude gloss with a hint of sparkle in the other end so I decided to buy one of those rather than a full size perfume (which I’m very happy about now that I know I can pick up the full size back home and save room in my suitcase and that the rollerball style isn’t available in the UK).  The nude gloss is fabulous as it will go with all make up looks, making this the perfect addition to my handbag for a night out as I can top up my lip look and my fragrance without having to take two separate bulky products out with me.  The Michael Kors fragrance itself is perfect for day and night as it is sensual and sexy but still light enough to be worn during the day.  It has top notes of florals and spices- freesia and Moroccan incense, middle notes of tuberose, blue orris, white wings peony and arum and bottom notes of cashmere woods, musk and vetiver. Mmm mmmm 🙂

We spent a lovely eight days in Florida before flying to Barbados for two weeks.  After such a full on time in America, we were exhausted and spent the majority of our time on the Caribbean island relaxing around the pool or on the beach.  We did go to the Lime Grove shopping centre on one of the last afternoons in Barbados as we wanted to have some drinks in a couple of the bars that are there.  I spotted a Michael Kors retail store and popped in to see the pieces that they had.

The first item I bought was these flip flops.  I’ve thrown away the receipt so I’m not sure how much any of these things cost but they were on sale and were a really good deal.  There were lots of different variations of these flip flops like black, bronze and ones with silver on but I opted for the brown and gold tones as I thought that they would match a lot of my summer wardrobe.

While on Florida I was on the look out for a nice pair of Ray Bans but I just couldn’t find any that I liked, which probably isn’t surprising given that we weren’t really searching high and low around the shops while we were away.  However I saw these aviator style sunglasses while we were in the Michael Kors shop and I loved them.  They’re rose gold which is quite unusual I think and they will look lush this summer.

The last Michael Kors item that I purchased was another Smart Phone Wristlet.  This time in a blue and white stripe and a darker tan strap- very summery and perfect to add a pop of colour to an otherwise plain outfit.

That’s it for my Michael Kors honeymoon haul.  I hope you like the pieces that I picked out- I love them.

Check out Michael Kors in America here and in the UK here and here.

What are your favourite Michael Kors pieces?

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