Mini Asda Shopping Trip

Today I stopped by Asda on my way home from town where I had my hair done and picked up a few things to try.

I’m going to the fireworks display in town at the weekend and I really want to look cute (and feel warm) in some chunky knitwear.  This hat for £5 is an absolute steal compared to other versions ive seen on ASOS and at River Island.  Ive wanted a classic pom pom hat for a while now and this oatmeal number is just gorgeous!

Since I ran out of my trusted St Ives Apricot Scrub, I needed a new face scrub to use almost daily.  I picked up this one by the Skin System range at Asda as well as the face wash from the same range.  They were both £1.73 so at that price, im willing to give anything a go!

Next, I picked up this Ultimate Blonde shampoo by Andrew Barton for £3.70.  According to the bottle, you’re supposed to use it twice a week to revive and brighten blonde hair and get rid of any residue and build up that can dull it.  I had some silver highlights put in my hair today and thought this would help to keep it bright in between trips to the hairdresser.

On my way to the check out i noticed this French Tip Pen and top coat set by Nailene for £4.98.  I can do my own french manicure but it takes me quite a while so i thought id give this a go to see if its any quicker or easier to do.  Only time will tell I suppose!

What do you think of my purchases? Any tips on using the French Tip Pen? (Im gonna need all your help!!)

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