Mixing Functionality with Design: 10 Types of Bathroom Cabinets

Mixing Functionality with Design: 10 Types of Bathroom Cabinets for Your Needs

To save and utilise space, many people consider adding cabinets for their bathrooms.  It’s a functional and tidy way of storing all your bathroom essentials without cluttering the limited space.  However, dull cabinets can be a cause of irritation, especially when they don’t fit the rest of your bathroom aesthetic.  Sure, you have a functioning cabinet, but seeing it a stark contrast against the style you’re hoping to achieve, it’d be an eyesore.

Cabinets are expensive, especially custom-built ones.  However, just because something is functional doesn’t mean it has to derail from your style.  There are different cabinet styles for you to choose from, so don’t just stick to the dull ones.


Here are ten types of bathroom cabinets you can choose from;


One of the most popular types of bathroom cabinets are made of wood with a classic design.  If you’re planning on just buying a pre-made cabinet, these types are easy to find.  This style would fit just about any kind of bathroom aesthetic.

This type of cabinetry is very traditional and is usually crafted from different kinds of wood.  Red Oak, for example, is very durable, reliable, and inexpensive.  It is often used for this kind of style because of its distinctive grain patterns that traditional wood cabinets are known for. 


This style of cabinet is easy to recognise because of the slats that adorn it.  These slats do not overlap or sit next to each other, and instead, have a space between each slat.  This is to offer ventilation.  If you need items that need constant ventilation, a Louvered style cabinet will work well for you. 


A Thermofoil cabinet is made by using a flexible vinyl material.  Vinyl material is heated and fused into a type of wood, usually medium-density fibreboard or FDM.  It has a smooth surface that, unlike painted surfaces, resist cracking and chipping. Although called thermofoil, it does not have any metal or foil. 

Thermofoil style cabinets are easy to maintain and clean.  They are also inexpensive compared to other cabinets because of its smooth surface.  Its versatility allows you to choose between a wide range of colours and designs.  Since it’s moisture resistant, it works well as a bathroom cabinet.


This type of style offers a vintage look to your cabinets.  Distressed style cabinets purposefully appear as if its shabby, giving off a vibe that makes you think of the countryside.  To give it its distinct weathered look, the wood used for this cabinetry undergoes a specific weathering technique. 

It’s famous for styles such as cottage, farmhouse, or shabby chic.  However, it can still fit well in different interior themes for your bathroom.  Brushed metal counter accessories accent this type of cabinet, and looks good paired with a large mirror.  


Beadboard paneling was originally used for walls before it was adapted to cabinets.  They add a bit of character to simple walls, improving it with its simple yet stylish design.  Because of its subtle yet intricate use of details, it makes this style stand out compared to the other cabinets.  Just like the distressed style, this kind of style is popular with those who want to give their home that country cottage feel.


For those who want to go artsy and colourful, a tiled mosaic cabinet would be the choice for you.  Unlike the previous cabinets that rely on wood for style, this style uses glass as design.  Ornate and vibrant, this style would fit well in a bathroom with an eclectic or Mediterranean theme.


Using a mirrored style cabinet would make your bathroom more prominent than what it seems.  This style uses mirrors to accent the cabinet’s wooden doors.  The mirrors give the bathroom an open and modern effect. Still, this style would look good on any theme. 

However, this style would be very high maintenance since dirt and grime are visible on mirrors.  Cleaning might also be tedious since mirrors could leave streaks.  Wipe the mirrors regularly to avoid that cloudy look most mirrors would usually acquire.


Lattice patterns are popular decorative woodwork for gardens and are usually associated with the outdoors.  Lattice patterns would give your bathroom a garden vibe and would work well when countertops are accented with plants.


Glass style cabinets will give your cabinets a clean and classy look. With its versatility, it would go well with different décor themes. You can keep the glass smooth and translucent. Specific glass patterns can also make up the design. But just like mirrors, this style also needs regular maintenance since streaks and cloudiness could develop over time.


Custom styled bathroom cabinets are cabinets designed under specific requirements.  This type would rely heavily on what a client wants, usually for reasons like exact space and sizing needs.  Some want it to add a personal touch to their cabinets.  If you have a specific design in mind, or you want to mix and match previous designs mentioned, then this design is for you.


If you want to look for specific cabinet styles, but don’t want the hassle of custom made ones, consider browsing online.  Many reliable online cabinet shops sell American made bathroom cabinets that are durable and made from excellent quality materials.  Now, you can choose and canvass for different cabinet designs in the comfort of your own home.

Bathroom cabinets are famous for their functionality.  Still, that doesn’t mean that bathroom cabinets should be left dull and unappealing.  Different bathroom cabinets could fit both your needs and style.  You have to carefully consider each one to give your bathroom the aesthetic ambiance it deserves.

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