Moms Can Have Fun at Dollywood Too by Following These 7 Simple Tips

We all love a fantastic family vacation. Time with your partner and children is always exceptional. All of us have those special albums somewhere in the attic that we take after a year or so to refresh the memories of any trip. Or if you don’t, there is always Google Photos or an iCloud backup, right? 

Regardless, spending time with your family is incredible, and we all would seriously do anything to have that one family vacation that goes perfectly. Speaking of vacations, Dollywoodhas been in the highlights for the past few years as one of the best family vacation spots in the US. Millions of tourists come to this strikingly energetic theme park every year with their families to have fun. If you are planning a trip, consider Dollywood on your list. 

“A theme park trip with little kids? Isn’t it a bit too dangerous?” 

Well, that’s what you think. 

Moms can easily enjoy their time at the theme park while ensuring that the little ones are okay. We are here to help you understand these simple safety tips. Let’s begin! 

Always Follow the Park Rules

This may sound obvious, but parents would be astonished to discover the number of theme park accidents because their children decided to make their own rules. For example, attempting to overcrowd a ride with friends or disregarding warnings from park personnel. The posted signs and employee-stated regulations aren’t meant to ruin your pleasure. As a matter of fact, they are put in place to keep you safe. So, before you leave, always speak to your kids about this type of behavior.

Keep Your Eyes On the Kids

Knowing the location of your children at a theme park is basic safety practice. Now a lot of kids, especially teenagers, want to roam around and have fun on their own. So, instead of stopping them, it is essential to educate them about personal safety and safety for your belongings. As soon as you enter Dollywood, point out the main spots that you think are safe. Fortunately, the theme park has an app for navigation so tell your kids about the safest zones. You can keep a restaurant or a visibly noticeable ride as a meet-up point. Do not separate your kid without giving them a phone. 

Give Your Children Breaks Between Rides 

Dollywood is all about adrenaline rushes, energetic rides, and fun. However, all this energy with high-speed rides can actually take a toll on younger bodies. These fast, bumpy, and exhilarating rides can actually cause chaos throughout your entire body. Some parents who do not educate their children on posture management during the rides may go home early due to injuries like whiplash. We get that you want to ride everything in the park, but it is always a good idea to take a 15-minute break after high-speed rides. This will allow your little one to adjust himself, and you can observe if there are any issues. 

Make Good Food Choices

Children obviously expect to munch on their favorite junk foods and candies on the trip, and honestly, you should buy them what they want. However, make sure that they are eating regular meals as well. In such scenarios, an exchange offer works quite well. Try convincing them like “If you finish your lunch, I will buy you a dessert of your choice.” or something similar that may excite them. Children often forget hydration, so it is your job to make sure that they are drinking enough water for the day. Also, remember to take a break from all the rides after you have eaten. If possible, you can break your trip into two or three days but do not overwhelm yourself and the little ones. 

Make Sure That Belts Are Adjusted Properly

Before any ride starts, an attendant will come and see if everyone is adjusted properly. This happens way before the ride begins, and not only is this practice safer for kids but for adults as well. Make sure to check everything on your own as well. Children sometimes get really excited and jump from their seats. Well, this is a big no-no. If you think that your child is old enough to understand, make sure to tell them before getting on the ride. 

For toddlers, help them get through the ride by securing them with belts and also making sure that the neck stays in place. Educate your kids on the fact that they are not supposed to get up – not when the ride starts, not in the middle, and by no means in the case when the ride stops abruptly. Make sure to follow the attendants. 

Another thing to take care of is the fitting of belts and straps on rides. Remember that most of them are adjusted to normal settings, but they may make some changes if your kid is very thin or obese. Always, always double-check the alterations and ask your child if they are feeling protected.

Notice, Ask and React Immediately in Case of an Injury

Kids are prone to injuries – especially toddlers. While you are vigilantly protecting them against rides, there is always a possibility of falling down while running towards an ice cream truck or something. You must be quick enough to respond immediately. 

Pack an emergency first aid kit or seek the help of the nearest in-house medical facility that you can see. As mentioned above, this trip will be extremely energetic and full of high-speed rides, so make sure to ask your kids if they are feeling dizzy, nauseous, or numb.

The moment you feel that your little one is not feeling fine, take immediate action. However, if the symptoms get better, you can spend the day at the park. If not, you know what to do. Now the thing to notice here is that you may be going on slower rides during your Smokie Mountain vacation. But if it’s the first time for your kid, make sure to take extra precautions.

Have an in Case of Emergency Plan at Hand

Dollywood is usually crowded. This can be a little tough for kids who are at such a place for the first time. A lot of kids definitely enjoy thrilling rides and noises, but some of them are easily scared. In case of an accident, change in weather, or any other chaotic scenario, the environment of the park can lead to panic and frenzy. As soon as you enter, have an exit strategy in case of an emergency. Always look for exits closest to you, but gently take advice from the management of the park if there aren’t any. This will help you stay safe and get out of the emergency immediately. 

Another thing to remember is that you must not push your child to do a certain activity or go on a ride that he doesn’t want to. You may be trying to give them an experience of a lifetime, but any act without consent may leave an impact on their overall mental health. So be careful. 


Dollywood is a fantastic vacation spot for families. You can take your kids and also have fun at the same time just by following these simple tips and tricks.

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