More Champagne Anyone?

My fiance and I have started to put things away for when we get our first home together.  We’ve lived together for a few years now but its my dads house so we havent been able to put our stamp on it as much as we would like.  Now that we’re engaged, we’re looking more seriously at buying a home together so whenever our birthday comes around, our friends and family get us homely things or gift vouchers.

It was my 22nd birthday a couple of weeks ago and my friend got me this gorgeous bottle stopper from the Home collection at Monsoon.  Its such a perfect gift for me as I do enjoy the odd glass of wine or champage but since my fiance doesnt drink, i rarely open a bottle as i cannot drink a full one on my own so now i can use this bottle stopper and enjoy a bottle over a few nights.

Monsoon Home bottle stopper £8

Its a gorgeous cut glass design that looks so glamorous.  It retails on the Monsoon website at £8 which is a fantastic price for such a sturdy design.  The bottom part is metal with rings of rubber around so that it sticks in the bottle properly.  Its REALLY heavy!  It also says on the website that this bottle stopper will fit all wine bottles.  Ive tried it in a few different sized bottles since i received it and so far it has fitted nice and snuggly in them all.

You can see how big it is from the photo above.  You can buy the bottle stopper here.  With a bottle stopper as beautiful as this, what more of an excuse do you need to crack open another bottle?

Id never thought about buying things from Monsoon for our home but after getting this as a gift, I had a little look on their website and theyve got some gorgeous things.  All vintage glamour- just my style.

Have you bought anything from Monsoon Home?


  1. Jess
    October 12, 2010 / 8:26 am

    I've never bought anything but I've seen so many things that I would love to get from there. :)xo

  2. nicoletta
    October 13, 2010 / 5:51 pm

    Ive never purchased anything from there before hun, i love your gift though. x

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