Moving to the UK? Here’s What to Know About Buying a Car

The UK is home to some of the most unimaginably beautiful landmarks found anywhere in the world. Sprawling cities and idyllic rural vistas make it an exceptionally distinctive place, so if you’re lucky enough to be moving here, you will find no shortage of spots to visit. In order to take in all the sights that the four countries have to offer, however, getting hold of a car is a must. 

Here are some top tips to help fully prepare you for choosing the right vehicle at the best price. 

Manual Transmission

A lot of the UK’s cars are manual transmission (stick shift), and while this has been the case for a great many years, the tide might be starting to change with the move towards newer electric vehicles. This number is still astronomical when compared to the US, however, so it is certainly worth taking note of if you have not had much practice outside of an automatic in recent years. 

Used Cars Are Often Much Cheaper

Finding a reliable used car dealer in lansing might be the best way to go for anyone wishing to save themselves a great deal of money. Some of the best dealers will be able to offer you great financing options too, and you can apply incredibly quickly for anyone looking to get on the road as soon as possible. You might want to consider looking at this used cars Nottinghambusiness for a fantastic example of an experienced and certified dealership. 

Insurance is a Legal Requirement

Outside of the UK, car insurance regulations can differ fairly widely. For example, in both New Hampshire and Virginia, car insurance is not mandatory. In the UK, however, it is a legal requirement, and there are some big punishments involved for those who choose to ignore this rule, including fines and possibly even prison sentences.  

To make sure that you do not accidentally find yourself in trouble with the long arm of the law, getting hold of the right insurance is vital. This can drive up your car purchasing budget, so it is worth shopping around first before making a commitment. 

The insurance also takes the specific individual into account in the UK, so much so that the price of insurance can greatly fluctuate between drivers on the same plan. Depending on how old you are and perhaps even what gender you happen to be, you may be in for a surprise when it comes to this aspect of the driving process. 


An MOT is required for a car to be deemed road-worthy – this is essentially an annual test that determines whether or not a vehicle is fit to drive. It is illegal to drive without one, so if you do decide to purchase a used car, it is worth checking how long is left on the MOT, just to be on the safe side. 

Once you have the paperwork sorted and feel comfortable enough to drive on the left, a world of wonderous possibility awaits!

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