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In typical Saturday fashion, i popped into the Metro Centre for a spot of shopping. Well, id originally just ‘popped’ in to pick up the fur gilet id ordered last weekend but lets face it, it would be rude to travel all the way to the Metro Centre without having a little look around the other shops. So what should have been a ten minute shopping trip turned into a 4 hour shopping expedition… mostly spent in Superdrug.

I came across Superdrug’s new Make Up Academy (MUA) range and after deciding on a lip stick and a lip gloss to try out, I realised all of the products in the range were only £1. Yes, that’s right, £1. Well that was it, i ended up putting several other items into my boyfriends hands and promptly marched him to the check out to treat me!

MUA have a wide range of products- nail varnish, eye glitter, mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, eye shadow, eye dust, bronzer, blusher and eyeliner. A lot of the products were sold out when I got there, like the eye shadows but the testers were still there so I tried some of them out… and for the price, I’m impressed! I still managed to pick up seven great items though and I’ve been eyeing up the full range here:

So here’s what I bought:

All this make up for only £7? This cant be true?!
But it is!

Next, I bought two lip glosses, again for £1 each.  They’re in squeezy tubes which remind me of the Juicy Tubes by Lancôme, but when they retail at £14, the MUA version are a complete steal and a much more affordable version.  Theyre so easy to apply and made my lips look full, juicy and gorgeous.

First up is the nail polish I have just reviewed.  Shade 1 which is a blue-black nail polish with blue and purple reflects.They didn’t have any other nail polishes in stock that I wanted to try but I’ve had a look online and there are loads I’m going to order!

MUA nail varnish in Shade 1

This nail varnish needed two coats to reach its full potential.  It was fast drying and so far, its remained chip free!

Next, I bought two lip glosses for £1 each:

Lipglosses- Shade 3 and Shade 5

 They come in squeezy tubes a bit like the Juicy Tubes by Lancôme which retail at around £14 each, so in comparrison, these are an absolute steal!

These lip glosses can be worn alone or on top of lip stick.  Shade 3 is like a pearlescent nude and shade 5 is a glittery, shimmering pink.  The colour pay off isnt brilliant but they are exceptionally glossy and look fab worn over lippy.

Both colours shown just out of the tube then
smoothed out as though on the lips

 Ive tried to photograph these lipglosses on my lips but the photos dont really show the full glossyness of the gloss!

Shade 3

Shade 5

 Next up, I bought 3 lipsticks, again for £1 each.

Shades 3, 4 and 5
Lip Stick Shade 3, 4 and 5

All of these lipsticks are so moisturising and dont dry out the lips at all.

Here’s how they look on my lips:

Shade 3

Shade 3 is a vibrant, bright pink.  Fantastic colour pay off.  Its moisturising but doesnt appear very glossy or shiney.

Shade 4

Shade 4 is a very light, bubblegum pink.  When i say light, i mean VERY light which can be a good or bad thing, depending on the look you’re going for. Its definitely more sheer than the actual bullet of lipstick looks.

Shade 5

Shade 5 is a light shimmery, pearl pink. Very pretty and true to the colour in the lipstick bullet.

Finally, I bought this gorgeous gold glitter eye liner.  The applicater is like a plastic nib which im not too sure i like.  I prefer brushes but aside from that, this is a really good glitter eye liner and will look fantastic with a smokey eye in browns or blacks.

Glitter Eye Liner

The packaging of all of the products is basic but all you could want really and they show the product off really well.  Especially the glitter eyeliner which looks loooooooaaaaaaads more expensive than it actually is and check out that sparkle!

The only thing I’m not particularly keen on about this brand is that the products don’t have a name, like they’re just known by shade number. I quite like products to have a shade name, like ‘baby pink’ for example. Although this doesn’t bear any reflection on the performance of the product, it does make it easier to identify the product.

Have you tried any MUA products? Id definitely recommend giving them a go, some of them are great finds!

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