Mulberry Daria French Purse Review

The first of my designer reviews will be of the Mulberry Daria French Purse in   Oak Soft Spongy.  I’ve chosen this to review first as I think that it is a timeless piece that women of all ages can enjoy.  It is a gorgeous day to day purse that fits all of my essential cards, cash and slips in whilst still remaining compact so that it fits perfectly in my handbag.  This is one of my favourite pieces right now because I adore the gorgeous tan leather, it is a classic piece that goes with everything.  Before I rave about it any further, lets hop right into the review…

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The Mulberry Daria French Purse is made from Mulberry’s unique Soft Spongy Leather  which, as the name would suggest, has a soft and spongy feel to it and the surface as an attractive dimpled effect.  The leather feels so soft to the touch and it is light weight to hold.  I have found that it doesn’t mark or scratch easily and for a soft leather, it is very robust, which really reassures me when buying leather goods.

Mulberry Daria French Purse Review Image


The Daria French Purse that I am showing here is in the colour Oak which is a beautiful warm tan with gold hardware.  I absolutely adore the colour.  Tan is one of my favourite natural, staple colours as it really goes with anything and really is a classic shade.  I always see such brightly coloured, flamboyant designer pieces available each season but I always refrain from buying them as they often go out of fashion within a couple of years or my tastes change whereas with this purse, I’ll be still loving it in twenty years time I’m sure!  It is also available in black but personally I prefer the tan and think that it has much more about it and the gold hardware looks absolutely stunning against the grain of the oak coloured leather.

The stitching of the purse is light brown and compliments the oak coloured leather really well. 

Sizing and Dimensions

The height of the Daria French Purse is 9.5cm, the width is 14cm and the depth is  2cm.  It fits comfortable in my hand if I’m walking around to the local shops and it is a great size for the vast majority of my bags from larger clutches to my tote bags.  Whilst being a compact purse, it is substantial and doesn’t get lost in the sea of items that I carry around in my bags!  It is also very light weight too when it isn’t filled and even when I put all of my cards inside, it isn’t exactly heavy.

Mulberry Daria French Purse Review Image

If you prefer longer purses, there is the Daria Continental Wallet which is very similar but much wider at 18.5cm.  I already have a long purse, the Sarah Wallet from Louis Vuitton so the Daria Continental Wallet isn’t something that I would buy for myself.  The French Purse style is much better for me as it gives me the option of carrying it in my smaller handbags which I don’t have with the Sarah Wallet.

From the Outside In

The Daria French Purse has no pockets or zips on the outside of the purse, which I love as I find that these are usually useless and add unnecessary bulk and I prefer everything to be enclosed within the purse.  On the front flap, there is the signature Daria tree cut out logo on a soft gold plaque with ‘Mulberry Est. 1971’ on it and the purse opens and fastens with a soft gold popper branded with the ‘Mulberry’ text.

In the top part of the main flap, there is room for five cards- I choose to put my debit and credit cards in here.  Underneath here, there are two slip compartments that can be used for receipts and other pieces of paper.  I use mine for holding business cards.

Mulberry Daria French Purse Review Image
Showing every compartment of the Mulberry Daria French Purse

The main body of the purse features a further three card slots that can be used for bank cards and alike.  I use mine for my ID and National Insurance Card.  This set of slots has the Mulberry text and tree logo embossed onto it and is at the back of an expandable pocket that I use for receipts as I can quickly shove them in here while I’m at the till and sort through them later.  There is loads of room in this pocket and it opens out quite far so that the contents can be easily viewed.

In front of the expandable pocket is an expandable zipped compartment, perfect for coins.  The zip is made of the soft gold coloured hardware and the tag of the zip is in the shape of a leaf in the same leather as the purse.  It is really sturdy and secure and the track of the zip runs across the top of the purse and down the right hand side of the compartment.  When opened fully, it allows the compartment to fully expand so that its contents can be viewed clearly.  There is a divider inside, splitting this compartment in two.  I usually keep my coins 5p and up in the back section and my ones and twos in the front section.

In front of the purse, there is another slip compartment.  I use this for vouchers and gift cards.

Mulberry Daria French Purse Review Image

The purse opens up along the right hand side revealing another expandable compartment.  This section is great for holding all bank notes although I don’t tend to have many of those as I’m like the Queen and don’t carry cash!

Gift Giving

This was given to me as a gift from Mr WLL.  We’re in a really good place in our lives at the moment, we’ve been working so hard on our careers and he wanted to treat me.  He has saved money towards something more expensive before but this is the first time he’s actually gone into a shop completely in secret and chosen something without any prior discussion with me as to what I may like.  If you asked Mr WLL to make a list of all of the things that I look for in purse, he’d be hard pushed to come up with a couple as its not something we’ve ever discussed, so for him to come home with this gem is an absolute miracle.  To say that I was over the moon with this gift would be a complete understatement.  Yes its a gorgeous purse but it is the act behind it that I love the most and I’ll treasure this forever.

He bought it from House of Fraser in the Metrocentre.  Although they don’t stock Mulberry online, I’d highly recommend popping into one of their stores to purchase your next Mulberry piece if you live near one.  Mr WLL said that the service was fantastic, the woman on the desk was able to really help him to pick out the purse for me and he didn’t feel pressured into spending more than he could afford to or to make his mind up quickly.  He said that he would really recommend husbands and boyfriends going there especially if they’re stuck for what to get for their partner because you really get what you pay for from the item itself to the packaging and the service.

I think that the Mulberry Daria French Purse would make a lovely gift for someone who appreciates good quality goods or who likes a classic designer piece.  It would be ideal for someone young or old.  Perhaps a few adult children could club together to get this for their mum for her birthday?  Everything about Mulberry from the pieces themselves to the way they package their items is elegant, classy and special.


Whilst not the be all and end all, I do think that it is important to consider the packaging of an item, particularly when it is a designer piece as the packaging can be used to also preserve the items good condition as well as its most typical use.  The packaging of this Mulberry purse is gorgeous and would make this look fantastic as a gift.  From the carrier bag with thick satin ribbon, huge ‘with love’ tag and ‘thank you’ gold writing printed on the inside base of the bag to the gold receipt holder, printed logo tissue paper and solid box, everything attention to detail has been made with the packaging.

Mulberry Daria French Purse Review Image
Carrier, receipt holder and box packaging

Price and Where to Buy

The Mulberry Daria French Purse is available to buy direct from Mulberry online and in store for £250 and in selected department stores like House of Fraser (currently in store only), John Lewis and Selfridges.  I’d say that for the quality of the purse and the way that having it makes me feel, the price is worth it.

Mulberry Daria French Purse Review Image
The Mulberry Daria French Purse Review

If you’d like to read my thoughts on buying and reviewing designer items then please read this post that I uploaded earlier today.

How helpful did you find this review?  What Mulberry items have you been eyeing up?


  1. Mammaful Zo
    June 22, 2013 / 1:42 am

    Gorgeous 🙂 I love it, it's gorgeous and has more compartments and room for cards than I thought it would have, great post as always lovely xxxxx

  2. Helen
    June 28, 2013 / 4:31 pm

    Wow you are so lucky, that purse is divine!! Lovely post hun 🙂 xHelen @

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