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Mulberry Lily Review Black Glossy Goat Soft Gold Hardware Regular Original Size

My new video for this week has just been published and I wanted to share some snaps with you on my blog to show you the item in more detail.  I’m sure you’ll have guessed by the title but it is a designer handbag unboxing.

I haven’t done one of these videos before and although I do own a few designer bags, I haven’t really talked about them in depth too much because I’m not sure how that comes across.  To me, they’re a luxury purchase but one that I save up for and spend a lot of time researching into before taking the plunge and buying it.

If you read my latest outfit post then you might have seen a few snaps of my new bag already, the Mulberry Lily.  In my video, I unbox it and talk you through an overview of the bag and in this post I’ll be sharing lots of photos of it with you all incase you were considering it as a purchase too.  I’ve been using the bag for the last couple of weeks so I’m able to review it more now and tell you what I think of it.

Mulberry Lily Review Black Glossy Goat Soft Gold Hardware Regular Original Size

Mulberry Lily Review Black Glossy Goat Soft Gold Hardware Regular Original Size

Mulberry Lily Review Black Glossy Goat Soft Gold Hardware Regular Original Size

Mulberry Lily Review Black Glossy Goat Soft Gold Hardware Regular Original Size

Mulberry Lily Review Black Glossy Goat Soft Gold Hardware Regular Original Size

I bought my bag from House of Fraser in the Metrocentre however they don’t stock Mulberry online.  Thankfully, the Mulberry website does and you can buy it  from this website here.

If you’re in the North East then I’d highly recommend purchasing your Mulberry from the House of Fraser department store.  I bought my first Bayswater from there as well as my hubby’s wallet and he bought me my Daria French Purse (review here) from there too.  Their service is second to none and the counter staff are so knowledgeable.  Its also a great place to pick up a Mulberry bargain as when the sales are on, they have the best pieces at the best discounts and it still comes beautifully packaged.

Whenever you buy from Mulberry, the packaging of the items is absolutely stunning.  My Lily came in a huge silver grey bag with grey handles and the gold logo and lettering on the front.  ‘THANK YOU’ is also printed on the inside of the bag on the base which I think is a lovely touch and a nice surprise when you pull your treasured item out of the bag.

The gift bag is fastened together with a chunky Mulberry printed ribbon in the same colour as the bag and theres a white luggage label style tag on it with gold lettering that you can write out should the item inside be a gift for someone else.  I’ve purchased smaller items from Mulberry before such as a purse and a wallet and a passport holder and they’ve all arrived or been handed to be at the till point in the same kind of packaging except the smaller goods tend to be packaged in a box inside the gift bag whereas the handbags come in beautiful grey dust bags with the gold lettering and logo on them.  They feel super soft and really help to protect the bag when you’re not using it.

Mulberry always include a sheet of their branded tissue paper over the top of the item inside the carrier bag and their bags are stuffed with the tissue paper as well.  This is always handy to keep a hold of so that you can stuff your bag when you’re not using it to help to maintain its shape and because the tissue paper is acid free, there wont be any colour transferred which could damage the inside of the bag.

Inside the carrier you’ll also find a receipt within a wallet.  This makes it discrete if you’re giving it as a gift and also something to keep the receipt safe as you’ll need to store it for a number of reasons.  For example, in the future you may like to sell the bag on and the receipt will help prove its value and authenticity, or you may, heaven forbid, have a house fire of flood where all of your things are damaged or a theft and need to show the insurance company proof of your purchase so that you can recover the cost of the bag towards a new one.  I would also recommend taking a photo of the receipt and having it scanned into your computer so that you can save it in the cloud.  That way, you’ve always got it incase of fire damage, etc.  It might seem like a bit of a faff on to begin with but if anything ever happened to your things, the last thing you want is a battle on with the insurance company trying to prove what is lost, stolen or damaged.

There’s also a card with care instructions on that comes inside Mulberry bags, usually it is to be found in the zip compartment inside the bag, if it has one, which this one does.

Mulberry Lily Review Black Glossy Goat Soft Gold Hardware Regular Original Size

So here it is, my beautiful Mulberry Lily.

The Lily is a classic piece from Mulberry and one that has a high chance of never being discontinued as it is a much loved, staple bag shape from them.  They do bring out limited edition colours and leathers but the bag itself is a classic that will be around for years to come.

It is currently available in many different colours and different sizes.  Size wise, this is what is classed as the original, regular sized Lily.  There is a Medium Lily which is quite a bit bigger than this one and a Mini Lily which is tiny in comparison and they’re both available in a whole range of colours and each season they seem to bring out some season specific colours too.

There are so many different variations of this bag that I love but when it came to making this purchase, there was no other colour for me except black.

Believe it or not, this is my first black handbag.  I have two black clutches, one from Lulu Guinness and one which is a WOC from Chanel with silver hardware, but they’re both very small, evening only bags and they don’t fit a lot in them at all.  Despite having quite a few bags in my collection, I don’t have a big or even small black bag, just very small.  So many people will agree that a black bag is a style staple and as my own personal style has evolved, I’ve really started to notice the gap in my collection for a black bag over the last couple of years.

Although there are so many absolutely beautiful handbags on the highstreet, I do prefer to buy designer where I can when I know that its going to be a classic style that I can wear for years to come.  I look after my things really well so see it more as an investment as once I’ve bought a piece, I never have to buy something similar again.

Mulberry Lily Review Black Glossy Goat Soft Gold Hardware Regular Original Size

Knowing that there was a gap in my collection for a black bag, I then picked the size.  I decided that the Mini is just far too small for what I’m looking for and it wouldn’t add any additional value to my choices in my collection because my Chanel and Lulu Guinness take care of the small bag options for me for when I’m not carrying much at all.  The Medium Lily is an absolutely stunning bag and it would make a perfect everyday day to day bag but it was a little too big for what I was looking for.

I wanted something that I could use daily as a handbag as now that I have a neck problem, I can’t carry around a lot of stuff anyway, but I also wanted to be able to use it as an evening bag too.  During the day, I tend to carry around my purse, phone, tablets (medication, not iPads!), keys and anything else that I need for the day for example, calling cards for the Post Office as I constantly miss parcel deliveries.  If I’m going somewhere nice and feel like I might want to freshen up, I’ll take some perfume and a few makeup bits but this isn’t everyday.  At night, I’ll condense my purse into a card holder as I don’t need my full purse but I’ll also take my Canon S120 camera out with me as I’m often at events and such.  So as you can imagine, I don’t actually carry around that much to warrant the Medium Lily but I have too much for the Mini and even on a night out if I’m just taking my phone, coin purse and lippy, my two black clutches are big enough to fit those in but not my camera too, even though it is quite small, which makes it a bit of a pain as I then have to carry my camera.  When you’re at an event with a canapé in one hand and a glass of bubbles in the other, this isn’t ideal!  This is why I felt as though I needed a small bag to bridge the gap which is why I picked the Mulberry Lily.

The height of this bag is 17cm, the width is 21cm, the depth is 9cm and the handle drop is 29cm.

Mulberry Lily Review Black Glossy Goat Soft Gold Hardware Regular Original Size

Mulberry Lily Review Black Glossy Goat Soft Gold Hardware Regular Original Size

Mulberry Lily Review Black Glossy Goat Soft Gold Hardware Regular Original Size

Mulberry Lily Review Black Glossy Goat Soft Gold Hardware Regular Original Size

Mulberry Lily Review Black Glossy Goat Soft Gold Hardware Regular Original Size

The outside of the bag is classic, simple and stunning.  I picked the black in the glossy goat finish leather as I wanted the bag to be hardwearing, especially for if I get caught in the rain as some other finishes and colours aren’t as forgiving.  I chose the gold hardware over the silver because I felt as thought I was missing this metal from my collection.  My Chanel WOC has silver hardware so it is perfect for wearing with my silver jewellery and cooler toned pieces but I wanted something in gold to wear with my gold jewellery, etc.  I have some Michael Kors flats that I’m sure you’ve seen me wear in countless posts and they have gold hardware on them so when I bought this bag, I was thinking that they would look great when worn together, which they do!

The gold hardware on this bag is a soft gold, it isn’t brassy or too yellow which makes it very classy and chic.

I’m hoping that with these images, you’ll get a better idea on the size and shape of the bag.  The back is plain and theres a big flap that secures at the front with the classic Mulberry Postman’s Lock that has the little tree logo on it.  On the top of the bag, theres two gold metal loops that the chain is secured through.

The chain is in the soft gold metal with black leather woven through it.  It can be worn as a short double strap for over the shoulder, as a single long strap again for over the shoulder which will sit at hip height on the majority of people, or as a single long strap for cross body wear but as I’m very wide, it sits too high on me for it to be worn in this way.  I bought this bag with the intention of wearing it in the first two ways so not being able to wear it cross body is not an issue for me.

The front has a hanging leather fob with the Mulberry tree logo embossed into it and theres a soft gold, branded padlock inside that has MULBERRY on one side and the tree on the other.  This is a lovely design feature and something that I wouldn’t say is necessarily designed to be used.  I think very few people would make use of this accessory, I certainly wont, and it is more for show.  I love the way that it looks.

Mulberry Lily Review Black Glossy Goat Soft Gold Hardware Regular Original Size

Mulberry Lily Review Black Glossy Goat Soft Gold Hardware Regular Original Size

Mulberry Lily Review Black Glossy Goat Soft Gold Hardware Regular Original Size

When you open up the bag, you’re greeted with a gorgeous black lining that I should imagine would be easy to keep clean, as will the outside of the bag as Mulberry treat their bags to being with and also offer cleaning products that you can buy to ensure that your bag stays nice and clean.

The lining is a microfibre that has a suede feel to it.  The soft gold components continue onto the inside of the bag.  Theres a zip pocket at the bag that is quite sizeable compared to the size of the bag and it would be ideal for popping keys inside that may scratch your other pieces in your bag, as well as loose change and cards and receipts, that kind of thing.  It is fastened with a zip closure that is finished in gold with a leather tab on it.  Underneath the pocket is a leather patch with the Mulberry logo in gold on it with a Mulberry branded metal fob underneath.

The shape of this piece is incredibly versatile because I find that I can fit so much into it and, as yet, I have never been stuck trying to rearrange my things to fit everything inside.  At the I’m carrying around my Mulberry Daria French Purse (review here), iPhone 5S (this bag would also more than accommodate a 6 Plus for those that might wonder), my car and house keys, tablets and a pouch with my headphones, lippy and Travalo (review here) in it and theres still plenty of room to spare if I wanted to pop my camera, etc in.

Considering the main part of the bag is one open compartment, it actually holds its structure quite well whether you have a lot of things in it or you’ve packed it sparingly.

Mulberry Lily Review Black Glossy Goat Soft Gold Hardware Regular Original Size

The Mulberry Lily is so incredibly beautiful and it is a joy to use.  It feels light weight in itself, whereas I have a Bayswater that really is quite heavy before you’ve even put anything inside!  The Lily is noticeably very well made, it is sturdy and feels as though it’ll last a lifetime.

The Postmans lock feels very secure when fastened and I don’t think it would be easy for someone to get into to try to pick pocket you!  The strap is very sturdy and substantial and it sits comfortably on my shoulder.  The only downside is that it does have a tendency to slip down a little if I’m wearing something thats particularly slippy but thats very rare.

I have so far been able to fit everything inside that I need to without stretching the bag and from the look and feel of the leather, I think that it is only going to get better with age.

Mulberry Lily Review Black Glossy Goat Soft Gold Hardware Regular Original Size

I couldn’t be happier with my new Lily and after using it over the last couple of weeks, I can totally see why it is such an iconic bag from the Mulberry line.

I’d love it if you could click through to my new video on Youtube and give it a thumbs up for me please.


What handbags are you currently lusting after?

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  1. Claire C
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    October 30, 2015 / 10:10 am

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  41. Isobel Zeitlyn
    August 15, 2016 / 4:08 pm

    Hi,this video is great! I am debating whether I should invest in the croc version of lily. I notice that this post is from october 2015 – how has the bag worn since you brought it?Thanks!

    • Laura Ferry
      August 15, 2016 / 10:37 pm

      I've worn it none stop and it still looks exactly like this, the leather is pristine. Theres some scratches on the gold plate but thats it. Personally I prefer this leather over the croc. I had croc in the bayswater and didnt like how it wore xxx

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