My In Flight Beauty Regime

This week, I got back from two glorious weeks in Turkey.  I’m feeling revived, refreshed and confident in myself.  I love the way my skin looks with a natural tan and I’ve really taken care of it this holiday.  Starting from the moment I got on the plane at Manchester Airport.  Flying can really take its toll on your skin; the air conditioning in aeroplanes dries out your skin and caries germs throughout the plane.  With that in mind, it is so important to take care of your skin when getting on a flight.

I thought I’d share with you my in flight beauty regime to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy when you’re travelling on a short haul flight.  The products I use change from holiday to holiday as I use up more products and try out new things but the type of products I use are pretty consistent.  It’s all about removing dirt, oil and makeup, hydrating and moisturising the skin.

All of the products I use are bought before I get the airport, so first of all when choosing products, I select those that are less than 100ml in size and I keep them in a clear plastic makeup bag, mine is from the Weleda Summer Travel Kit.

More or less as soon as I get on the plane I take off my makeup after take off.  On this trip, I used large cotton pads from Superdrug with my favourite all purpose makeup remover and cleanser from Clarins, the Water Purify One Step Cleanser.  When taking my makeup off, I use two pads, one to remove my makeup and one to go back and thoroughly cleanse my face.  The Clarins cleanser is great as it deeply cleans away all dirt, excess oil and makeup, even stay in place makeup like Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation.  If you’re looking for a no fuss makeup remover and cleanser then I’d highly recommend it.  I have the full sized bottle and always ask for a few minis like this to take away with me when I travel.

After removing my makeup I move onto deeply hydrating my skin with a serum.  The two I took with me were the Decleor Aromessence Neroli Essential Serum and the Dirty Works Lift and Firm Super Serum, both of which are great at smoothing the skin and making it soft but I find the former to be that little more nourishing, it really deeply softens the skin and for that reason I used the Dirty Works serum which is much lighter, on the outward journey and throughout my holiday and the Decelor serum on the last couple of days of my holiday and on the aeroplane on the journey home because my skin was really sun drenched by that point.  Another serum I used at this point was the Ever Lash MD by Kiss which is an eyelash enhancing serum.  This is an extra step that I wouldn’t usually take on a flight but I’m in the process of reviewing it for the blog.  You simply apply it along your lash line to deeply nourish your lashes.

My next step is to moisturise.  I always use a separate eye cream and facial moisturiser and this time I chose the Banish the Bags Eye Cream from Dirty Works which is great for brightening the eye area and hydrating the skin and also Garnier Ultra Lift moisturiser.  I have lots and lots of these one use sample sachets at home so they’re great for taking on holiday.  I then apply some lip balm to stop my lips from getting dry and cracked whilst on the flight.  This time I chose the super softening Dr Organic Organic Tea Tree Lip Balm.

I repeat this cleansing, serum and moisturising routine throughout the flight.  On a four-five hour flight I’ll usually do it when I first get on the plane along with my makeup removal, then after two hours I’ll repeat and then again before we land.

Do you use any skincare products when you fly?  What are your top tips for keeping your skin hydrated on the aeroplane?

As a side note, Dirty Works have been nominated for two awards in this year’s Sainsbury’s Beauty Awards in the categories of Premium Bath and Body and for Beauty Hero.  For every award they win they will offer 50 of their Facebook Fans the chance to win the two products that have been put up for the award for; the Banish the Bags Eye Cream and Buff Your Stuff Body Scrub.  Here is the link to the site where you can vote for them.  I’d love it if you would vote and I really hope they win!

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