My Love for AX Paris Curve

AX Paris launched their long awaited Curve collection in February this year after listening and responding to their customers feedback.  Out of all the high street fashion brands to launch a plus size range, I am most excited about the collection from AX Paris because they have succeeded to create fashion forward and affordable clothes where so many other brands have failed or not quite hit the mark.

Aqua Chain Print Skater Dress from a recent WhatLauraWore post

I’ve seen AX Paris sold in New Look and Republic and always loved the look of their designs; their style of clothes is something I’ve always dreamt of being able to wear, it is me down to a T but I’ve never been able to fit into their traditional range of size 8 to 14 clothes.  Now with the Curve collection available in sizes 16 to 26, I can now wear the outfits I’ve always wanted to.

I think the greatest achievement of AX Paris so far is that they have brought out clothes for curvy girls that truly are as stylish as those for girls who aren’t plus size.  Often when a brand brings out a plus size range they either create boring, plain and shapeless clothes that hide the wearers figure or they take the same item from their straight sized range and add a few inches to the dimensions of the garment on the cutting table.  This is where the pieces from AX Paris are different; they’re very similar to the clothes from their usual range and are often made of the same fabric and in the same style but they take into account the look and shape of a plus size figure and create something that will flatter the woman wearing it, celebrate her curves and make her feel confident in the knowledge that she too can wear the latest trends. 

Chiffon Skirt Two In One Dress featured in a WhatLauraWore outfit post

AX Paris have acknowledged that plus size women want to show off their curves and aren’t always afraid to wear something figure hugging. Their range literally has something for every shape and style, so whether you prefer long or short sleeves, straps or strapless, v or round neck, long or short they have something for everyone.

The clothes from AX Paris Curve are cut to fit the plus size figure, by giving more room in the bust and having a longer length which is great as I know as much as anyone that when you’re larger, particularly in the bust and stomach area, that it pulls your clothes upwards and makes everything look shorter!  The Curve collection also takes into consideration the style of an item and looks at how it can keep the same design but utilised in a different way to flatter the majority of plus sized women.  Like with these tops, for example, they both feature the on trend leopard print cross and vintage USA flag design but the standard is in a vest top which is likely to flatter the majority of those who aren’t plus sized whereas the Curve offering is a little short sleeved t shirt which would flatter many curvy girls and many would prefer this style since lots of plus sized women don’t like to show too much of their arms.  Style or design hasn’t been compromised for size here and both look great.  I really love the look of the leopard cross tshirt and also the over sized perfume bottle tshirts.

Top Row L to R: CURVE Leopard Cross T-Shirt, Leopard Cross Print Vest Top,  CURVE Vintage USA Flag T-Shirt £18, USA Flag Vest Top £12.99

Bottom Row L to R: CURVE Chiffon Layered Skirt V Fronted Dress, V Front Chiffon Dress, CURVE Aqua Chain Print Skater, Chain Printed Skater Dress

In the same respect, a lot of plus size girls have craved for the same dresses that are available to smaller women but in their size and AX Paris have also catered for this too, in the same or very similar style and colour.  Like the dresses above for example.  The ones on the left are a very similar style except in different colours, the solid black bottom of the Curve dress will be more flattering on a larger tummy but both dresses are feminine and summery.  The dresses on the right are exactly the same except the Curve has been cut for a plus size figure by making it 94cm in length compared to the standard dress on the right which is 82cm.

AX Paris as a brand in general are very affordably priced.  One thing that I have noticed is that the Curve clothes are more expensive than the original range which I did expect although I don’t entirely agree with.  I’m sure the brand would argue that there is more material involved yada yada but, in my eyes, the same could be argued between a size 8 dress and a 14 but what do I know?!  All I know is that the clothes are stylish, very well made and still LOADS cheaper than the majority of their rivals who charge through the nose for a plain tent!  Plus you can order online and delivery is cheap too which is something I’ve found bumps the price up with other brands, but not AX Paris!  I placed an order very late at night on the 18th, I opted for the free delivery with Yodel and it arrived on the morning of the 20th.  Cant say fairer than that!

Coming up on Monday I have a WhatLauraWore outfit post wearing another  AX Paris dress that I wore to the Plus North event in Leeds recently.


  1. BT
    July 22, 2012 / 7:22 pm

    Brilliant post Laura! I now have a new shopping outlet other thank the usual New Look, Simply Be thanks to you xx

  2. Kaytee
    July 22, 2012 / 8:53 pm

    Hiya, there is a shop on ebay that has some of the exact same pieces for less. I want the tshirts n the lemon dress u have! The shop is called pretty plus xxx

  3. Kaytee
    July 22, 2012 / 8:55 pm

    Hiya, there is a shop on ebay that has some of the exact same pieces for less. I want the tshirts n the lemon dress u have! The shop is called pretty plus xxx

  4. Amanda Phillips
    July 25, 2012 / 10:47 am

    Hi Laura, thanks for introducing me to AX curve! I received yesterday the heart print dress with the side ruffles and absolutely love it! It's so nice to have another brand to buy from. I'm bored with new look etc… Keep up the good work xx

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