My Luxury Perfume Picks for Spring & Watch Wishlist

My Luxury Perfume Picks for Spring

How you smell, is just as – if not more – important than how
you look.  After all, what is the point in spending time and effort choosing an awesome outfit if you smell less than incredible wearing it?  With that in mind, I think that it is absolutely vital that a woman is graced with
not just any perfume, but the best perfume available, suited to her, the occasion and the season.  Lots of people purchase a fragrance because of how it smells on someone else like their friend or family member but when they try the perfume on themselves, they often find that the perfume smells quite different to the way it did on the other person.  This is because the chemistry of the body affects how the notes of the perfume react when on your skin so it is mega important to try the perfume out for yourself before you buy it.  When buying a perfume, but especially a luxury one, I’d recommend spritzing some on your pulse points and wandering around the shopping centre before returning to buy the perfume, that way you’ll know if you truly like the scent after it has settled into your skin.

There’s just something about a luxury perfume that boasts class and elegance.  Here are the luxury perfumes that have made it into my top picks for Spring!

Images from the respective brands websites

Chanel 1932

This lovely scent is another high end perfume from the Chanel
house’s fantastic Les Exclusivs collection. With a floral summery smell, it is
a perfect scent for when the weather eventually picks up and we finally start
to see a bit of spring sunshine.  
It is a high end perfume, so it will set you back £110, but
it is well worth the money as it lasts for ages on the skin

Miller Harris Fleurs de Sel Eau de Parfum

Another luxury floral fragrance for spring is Miller Harris’ Fleurs de Sel Eau de Parfum which has a distinctive smell, made up of forested herbs. The staying power of this perfume is brilliant, it lasts all day so you’ll leave the house smelling like flowers in the morning and you’ll still feel incredible on your way home from work!  This perfume is available direct from Miller Harris for £95 for a huge 100ml bottle.

Jo Malone’s Earl
Grey & Cucumber Cologne

If the Chanel or Miller Harris perfumes aren’t to your tastes or budget but you’re still looking for something high end then I’d really recommend Jo Malone’s Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne as its a
great option for those who want something that little bit special. The perfume’s comprised of Earl Grey, a touch of
bergamot, cucumber, vanilla, beeswax and – to top it all off – sweet, sweet
musk.  With this perfume, Jo Malone creates a scent that is
 refined, reviving and elegant.  At £38 for 30ml it is much cheaper than the other two scents and a great size to pop in your handbag.  I’d recommend checking out Jo Malone fragrances in general, their Pomegranate Noir scent is a personal favourite of mine, especially for the colder months.

A Few Accessories to go with your Perfume?

My Watch Wishlist

Images from the Watches of Switzerland website

Of course if you’re spritzing a gorgeous perfume on your wrist, it would only be right to adorn it with a great time piece too.  Forget the designer handbag, one way to boost your image and style is through some great
accessories.   Take the M
ichael Kors’ Ladies Chronograph watch from for example, it’s refined, stylish and so on trend.  At £229 they don’t come cheap but I really see watches as an investment.  My rose gold DKNY watch is never off my wrist so I’m really setting my sights on one of these Michael Kors watches in gold now… but I’ll have to keep adding to my piggy bank for a while yet!

If money wasn’t an option, then I’d definitely splash out on a Miami watch from the brand Glam Rocks, what a gorgeous watch. I love wearing white in the summertime and this watch is amongst the chicest available right
now on the market and is well worth the cash… I just wish I had the £895 to splash out on it!

What are your top perfume picks for spring?  What watches have you got your eye on?

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