My Skincare Prescription from Etat Pur

For the third and final post in my three part skincare series I wanted to talk to you all about my Etat Pur skincare products that are suited exactly to my skin type.

Etat Pur are a brand I was introduced to earlier this year and after trying out a few of their products, I can really trust them as a great skincare brand.  Trust is important when a company is based solely online, aside from a concept store in Paris, and knowing that their products are super effective, high quality and available at reasonable prices makes ordering online all the more stress free.  Oh and did I mention their products are manufactured by the same company who own skincare favourites Bioderma and Institut Esthederm?  Oh yes!


I’m often asked to recommend skincare products for different skin types and skin concerns (check out my skincare recommendations for oily skin on a budget post) as sometimes it can be difficult to know which products are best for you when there are SO many on the market and brands don’t often have a capsule collection, more of a huge selection that is hard to wade through.  Etat Pur have completely solved that by taking the difficulty out of searching through countless products to find the one that is right for your skin with their personalised skincare solution system.

The Etat Pur Personalised Solution provides a skincare prescription for your skin in under two minutes.  All you have to do is to fill out a questionnaire on their website about you, your skin and your skins problems.  I created my own personalised skincare solution and you can create your own too by following this link.

Taking the Test

Etat Pur- My Personalised Solution screen shot

Under the My Skin and I section I obviously entered my sex and date of birth, then for my skin type I selected oily and skin colour I selected white.  Although I’d fair I didn’t think that I would fall into the very white category.  Moving on to the Treat My Skin Problems section, you can select up to three skin concerns under the following categories- Age, Imperfections, Complexion/Hyperpigmentation, Hypersensitivity and Redness, Extreme Dryness and Sun.  I selected the following three categories- shine and blackheads under the Imperfections category and dark circles under the Complexion/Hyperpigmentation section.  I chose these because at the time that I completed this questionnaire, I was working A LOT of hours, constantly on the go and for the first time in my life, I had dark circles and my skin is always shiny as I have pretty oily skin.

My Personalised Solution

The products that Etat Pur recommended to me as a result were Apigenin, Salicylic Acid and Zinc Gluconate from the My Pure Actives section which are targeted treatments for my specific skin problems (shine, blackheads and dark circles) and the Oil-Free Quenching Fluid, Balancing Matifying Care and the Smoothing Eye Contour Care from the My Biomimetic Skincare section which is the daily care products designed to moisturise, protect and embellish the skin.

I’ve been using these on and off for months now.  When I first got them I used them solidly for 3 weeks and after I then mixed them in with my other skincare products with some good results that I wanted to share with you.

Lets start with the My Biomimetic Skincare products which are the staple skincare products designed for every day use.

B35 Balancing Matifying Care


The B35 Balancing Matifying Care is described as being an ultra light and powdery day cream that is designed to mattify shine and rebalance the skin.

I would say that this has a light weight, non greasy texture that is slightly sticky in formula.  It applies easily to the skin and sits on top of it for a little while as it sinks in.  It does feel as though there is a powder/liquid mix on your skin which is what helps to mattify the skin.  It leaves my skin feeling soft, rebalanced and ready for make up but not deeply moisturised, making this a good option to use on a morning.

The B35 Balancing Matifying Care is £11.50 for 40ml.

B20 Oil-Free Quenching Fluid

The B20 Oil-Free Quenching Fluid is a super light weight day cream that is absorbed really quickly into the skin.  It is designed to keep the skin moisturised, mattified and evened out.  I did find that this sunk into my skin really quickly and it left it feeling smooth.  It created a good base for my make up, mainly because it felt as though it was a primer rather than a moisturiser but it actually looks like a gel.  It is a lot lighter and more fluid in texture than the B35 Balancing Matifying Care.  My skin didn’t feel as soft or moisturised after use but it did feel matte and smooth, the way that a primer makes my skin feel.

The B20 Oil-Free Quenching Fluid is £7.80 for 40ml.


B42 Smoothing Eye Contour Care

The B42 Smoothing Eye Contour Care is described as being a fresh and light lifting fluid that works to smooth out wrinkles and revitalise the radiance of the eye contour.

I found that it dispenses as a milky, almost gel like liquid serum and it feels instantly cooling on the back of my hand.  I apply it to my eye area using my ring finger and I find that it warms up as I apply it.  After application and as the product is sinking in, it switches back to being really cooling.  It feels great but ever so slightly tacky when first applied however this goes away as the product sinks in (which is very quick!).  I feel the cooling action is particularly beneficial on hot nights when its really warm or first thing on a morning when my eyes are puffy as it really helps with the bags under my eyes after a late night!  This makes my eyes look really well rested.

The B42 Smoothing Eye Contour Care is £12.20 for 15ml.

Moving on to My Pure Actives which are complimentary products to my skincare routine, designed to be targeted treatments for specific skin problems.  As such, they are designed to be applied to specific areas of the face rather than to the face as a whole so it really focuses on the problem area.

A20 Zinc Gluconate

A20 Zinc Gluconate is a pure active product that can be used to treat deep skin blemishes and to eliminate future spots.  It is sebo-regulating, antibacterial and has antioxidant properties.  It works by restricting the secretion of sebum on the skin which is often what causes blackheads and spots as it clogs the skin.  The product is dispensed by removing the lid and pumping the product from the bottom.  This can be applied either all over the face where about four drops is about enough, or in a specific area where usually only one drop is needed.  I apply this on and around my nose and onto my cheeks as this is where I get the most clogged pores.  It does a good job at controlling oil without drying out my skin.

A20 Zinc Gluconate is £8.50 for 15ml.


A21 Salicylic Acid


A21 Salicylic Acid is used to treat both blackheads and spots.  It works by sanitising the skin and gently exfoliating it to leave it smoother.  I apply this to smaller spots and pimples to dry them out and clear my skin.  I usually only need one pump of the product as it is very light weight and fluid so a little goes a long way.  It is quickly absorbed into the skin too.

A21 Salicylic Acid is £9.40 for 15ml.

A08 Apigenin

A08 Apigenin is a light, milky fluid used under the eyes to smooth out the skin and attack dark circles head on by soothing the eyes to reduce puffiness, especially when used in conjunction with the B42 Soothing Eye Contour Care afterwards.  This helps to reduce the colour of dark circles to make the eyes look a little more awake which is great on a morning!

A08 Apigenin is £13.40 for 15ml.

Whilst I wouldn’t recommend all of these products to everyone, I would suggest taking the personalised skin test to see which products would be suited to you!

Have you tried the personalised solution quiz?  What products were you recommended?

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    August 18, 2013 / 9:10 pm

    The Salicylic acid sounds just what I need. I get awful blackheads sometimes. Great post – such a good read!Belle xMascara & Maltesers

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