My Thoughts on MAC and a Haul

So after my last MAC haul (read here), I knew it wouldn’t be long before I made my way back over to the counter for some more make up finds.  This time, my purchasing involved some repurchases of items that I’m about to run out of which is exciting as I like to change my make up around often so it takes me a long time to use up eye and lip products.  That being said, I’m not actually a big fan of MAC as a make up brand in general, which may surprise you given that this is a MAC haul.  Today I thought I’d share with you the products I bought but also chat with you about my thoughts on MAC and what I like/don’t like about their products.

MAC Lasting Sensation and Subculture Lip Pencils

First of all, I love MAC lip products; their lipsticks, lip liners and glosses from both the mainline and the pro line. I think they’re spot on and they’re fabulous quality for the price.  I bought two lip liners in this haul, the first being Subculture which is my first repurchased lip liner from MAC who describe it as an ‘underground pink’ colour.  I’d say that Subculture is very much a nude lip liner.  It is fairly light so can be worn with light lipsticks like Crème d’ Nude and Hue but it is dark enough to be worn with a darker nude like Blankety so if you’re on the look out for a nude lip liner then I would highly recommend Subculture.  I’ve had my old one for years and its right at the end of its life now as I only have a little stump left so I’m pleased to have bought a back up for when I need to retire this one.

The second lip liner that I bought is called Lasting Sensation which is a bright coral shade.  When I was applying my make up recently I was doing a coral lip and realised I didn’t have a coral lip liner to use.  I asked my friend Zoe (mammafulzo) which one she would recommend and she suggested Lasting Sensation, I always trust her opinion so knew I’d have to get it.  I love the shade as it is bright but you can blend it in to make it a little more muted which is lovely if you’re wanting to wear a lighter coral lip.  Both of these lip liners are from MAC’s standard line and they can be bought for £12 a piece.

MAC Florabundance

Having tried Pink Lemonade Lip Glass in my last MAC haul, I knew I wanted to try out more.  I asked my friend Cole (Coleyyyful) which one she’d recommend as she’s an amazing make up artist who actually did my make up for me and my bridesmaids on my wedding day.  She recommended the Tinted Lipglass called Florabundance which MAC describe as a peachy blossom pink.  It is actually quite nude in colour and looks lovely worn on top of nude lipstick.  The tinted lip glasses can be worn on their own or over lip pencil and/or lipstick and this colour in particular looks great either way.  You can buy it for £14 which I think is a great price for such a high shine, pigmented gloss.

Next, I splurged on my favourite products from MAC which is their lipsticks.  I am yet to find a lipstick from MAC that I don’t like…  Well there are lots of colours that aren’t my cup of tea but the ones that I have bought I have always liked.  Sometimes I find that I can like the way a lipstick from another brand looks in store but once I’ve got it home and worn it a few times, I realise that I don’t like the look of it as much as I did in the shop, does that ever happen with you? 

MAC Shy Girl Lipstick

The first lipstick I picked up was Shy Girl which is a cult MAC lipstick.  Loads of people have this and it seems as though it is just one of those lipsticks that you need to have in your collection.  Shy Girl is a cremesheen formula which is one of my favourites from MAC and the colour is described as a creamy neutral coral beige.

MAC Peach Blossom Lipstick

The second lipstick that I bought was Peach Blossom.  This lipstick will forever hold a place in my heart as it actually ended up being the lipstick I wore on my wedding day.  I had been looking for a lipstick that sat in between a coral and a peachy nude and it was only when I was swatching my lipsticks to decide which ones to take on my honeymoon with me that everything clicked into place and I realised that Peach Blossom was the one for me.  MAC describe Peach Blossom as a Frosted Cool Nude which I wouldn’t necessarily agree with but hey, what do I know?!  The formula is a cremesheen which makes it beautifully pigmented and creamy feeling on the lips, awesome.

MAC Please Me Lipstick

The third lippy I picked up was Please Me.  What a beauty this is.  It’s a matte formula but surprisingly it isn’t too drying on the lips.  The colour is a muted-rosy-tinted pink which I absolutely love.  It reminds me of a slightly darker version of Snob which is another favourite of mine from MAC.

MAC Blankety Lipstick

The fourth lipstick I bought was Blankety which I have heard many bloggers talk about in their posts.  When I first saw photographs of this lipstick online, I thought that it would be a little too dark for my skin tone but when I saw swatches of it I wanted to give it a go and I’m so pleased I did as it is such a beautiful soft pinky beige shade.  The formula of this one is an amplified crème which means that it is very pigmented but also has a creamy formula and a nice glossy finish.

MAC Hue Lipstick

The fifth and final lipstick I got was Hue which is actually a repurchase.  Hue is a soft pale pink lipstick in a glaze finish.  I love this nude as I find that although it doesn’t last very long on the lips, I can simply slick it on and go without having to worry about my application.  It looks fabulous on a night out with a smoky eye.

I’ve been trying these lipsticks out over the last couple of months and I would say that they are all well worth their £15 price tag.

MAC 217 Brush

I then bought another MAC 217 which is one of my favourite blending brushes.  I’ve tried similar brushes from other brands and the only one that has come close to it is the shader brush from Space NK.  At the time that I bought this 217, I had only been using the Space NK brush to blend in concealer but I’ve since been using it to blend out eyeshadow and I’ve found that while I prefer the 217 for more precise blending and eyeshadow application, I much prefer the Space NK brush for overall blending on the eyes.  The 217 was £18.

MAC 217 Brush and Eye Shadows

The last items that I bought were all eye shadows and each one of them is actually a repurchase.  You’ll notice that I’ve bought them in their own packaging rather than just buying them in the pan and that’s because I’m actually trying to use up the eyeshadows in my  MAC palette because I’d like to get rid of it.  Generally speaking, I think that there are far better eyeshadows out there from the likes of Urban Decay and Too Faced so I am looking to buy eye shadows from those brands in the future rather than from MAC.  I think when I bought the majority of my MAC eye shadows there was such a buzz about them in the blogging world and I got a little sucked in.  When I looked at the shadows in my palette, I saw that these four shadows were the ones I’d majorly hit pan on and they are staples in my make up stash so I’ve repurchased these ones for when the others run out.

MAC Orb Eye Shadow

The first eyeshadow I bought was Orb.  This eyeshadow has a satin finish and it is a soft peachy-beige colour.  I use Orb all of the time as a brow highlight and across my whole eyelid as a block colour to make the skin on my eyes look matte and to neutralise any discolouration on my lids.  I find that this makes my other eyeshadows apply more vivid and they blend nicely when the Orb eye shadow is on first.

MAC All That Glitters Eye Shadow

The second eyeshadow I bought was All That Glitters which is an eyeshadow that many people would regard as their favourite MAC eyeshadow; it is talked about LOADS in the blogosphere.  The colour is beige with gold pearl and it is a veluxe pearl finish.  I like to wear this all over my eye lid and up into my crease.  It is a fabulous base colour and looks lovely with lots of other eye shadows.

MAC Sable Eye Shadow

The third eyeshadow that I purchased was Sable.  This is a frost eye shadow in a gold plum with bronze pearl colour.  I like to wear this eye shadow either all over the lid and blended out into the crease or on the outer third of the eye and through the crease.

MAC Satin Taupe Eye Shadow

The fourth and final eye shadow that I bought was Satin Taupe which is a taupe shade (no kidding) with a silver shimmer running through it.  I like to use this eyeshadow in the outer v and in the crease.

These eye shadows retail for £12.50 each which I don’t think is too bad for them and the quality is really good.  They’re all really pigmented and they don’t really crease on the lid either which is great as it means I can skip adding a primer, particularly if I’m travelling.

MAC Glitter in Reflects Pearl

The last MAC product I bought was the MAC Glitter in the colour Reflects Pearl which is a very fine white glitter with a pearl sheen to it.  I bought this because I saw Nic from Pixiwoo using a flat eyeshadow brush to press it on top of eyeshadow to give it a sparkly look which is exactly the type of product I’ve been looking for because I really want to make some of my matte taupe eyeshadows look sparkly on nights out.  This was £17 and I can see it lasting for a very long time as only a small amount is needed for the type of look I want to use it for.

That’s all of the products I purchased on this MAC shopping trip; it’s very eye and lip heavy I know.  There are very few other products that I actually like from MAC.  I have their Blot Powder which I do like and I think works wonders but I find that it runs out very easily.  I use it with a brush but find that I need to use it with a very light hand because it leaves a white cast on the skin otherwise.  Another product that I like but I find runs out quickly is their Matte Bronze bronzing powder (review here) that I use as my contour powder.  I absolutely love it because it is a muddy brown that isn’t orange and it doesn’t have any shimmer in it which makes it perfect for use as a contour powder.  However I do find that I hit pan  on the MAC Matte Bronze incredibly quickly and it runs out ridiculously quickly after that so I have switched back to using Hoola by Benefit again.  Although Hoola is more expensive than Matte Bronze, it is worth the extra money because you only use a tiny amount and it lasts a lot longer than the Matte Bronze does.

I also like some of the blushes I’ve tried from MACas well, such as Well Dressed and Dame.  I prefer their light coloured blushes to their dark and deep ones as I find that the powder applies much more evenly.  Aside from that, I’m notcrazy for anything else that they do face wise.  I am yet to try a mascara from them that I like and I used a liquid liner from them years ago and it was genuinely hideous.   Unfortunately their foundations just slide off my face, even the Studio Fix Fluid which is supposed to be for oily skin and I find that the shade range is far too orange and yellow for my skin tone, which is something that I also find with Nars foundations.

You can shop online at MAC here and also on House of Fraser.

What are your favourite MAC products?  Are they a brand you love or hate?

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  1. Jessie-Ann Lewis
    June 9, 2014 / 8:51 am

    What an amazing haul! I love the look of those lipsticks especially Hue. You have made some great purchases here and are making me want to buy some haha!!

  2. melanie austin
    June 10, 2014 / 10:18 am

    First of all congratulations on your Wedding and heres to many happy, fun filled years ahead for you both.I agree about the Mac foundation and eyeliner they were a complete waste of money for me but the lipstick I had was lovely and your haul has inspired me to try more! Even though my colouring is very different to you I definitely want to try some of your colours and the Orb Eyeshadow. If you ever want or need 😉 a lovely glossy yummy smelling lippy in pink, my go to is Estee lauder crystal pink, Its one I repurchase again and again, they also make one called crystal baby I imagine would really suit you. Hugs Meli xx

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