My Top 5 Tips for a Fresh Summer Bedroom

A few months ago I wrote a post about my top 10 tips for decorating your bedroom, you can read it here in case you missed it.  In that post I talked about being able to keep the same theme in your room but switching it round depending on the time of the year.  Its all about adding cosy features for the winter months and lighter features of the warmer months.  In today’s post I’m going to show you how to update your bedroom for the spring and summer months and later in the year I’ll do the colder months if you like this kind of post.

Duvet and pillow case sets from Next

1. Change your bedding

My first tip would be to switch up your bedding.  This means putting on your lower tog duvet and choosing a duvet cover and pillow cases that are lighter in colour and perhaps more vibrant.  I’d still recommend keeping a darker fitted sheet and darker bottom pillows you your bed so that if you sleep with fake tan on then you’re able to limit the amount of visible transfer onto your bedding.  For your duvet cover and pillows, you could pick a colour that is a lighter shade of a colour that you already feature in your room, for example, if you have deep purple walls you could go for a lighter purple duvet cover to brighten up the room for the warmer months, or you could go for a contrasting shade that is bright and vibrant, for example lime green and white against pink walls.  I bought my bedding from Next last year and this year they have so many gorgeous bedding sets available.  My favourites are in the picture above.

Another alternative would be to opt for white.  This is the quickest and easiest way to breathe a bit of light into your room.  It’ll reflect the summer light, keep your room cool and will instantly brighten the look of your room.

Throws from The Yorkshire Linen Co and Cushions from Debenhams

2. Switch up your throws and bedding accessories

After you’ve changed your bedding set, you can change up your bedding accessories to pull the main colour theme of your room together, so if you’ve opted for a white duvet but the majority of your room is teal then go for scatter cushions and a throw in a teal shade.  Alternatively you could opt for light, natural shades. Ideally the throw you choose should be of a lighter material than the one you have on your bed during the colder months.  For example, in the winter I have a thick fur throw but in the summer I have a very thin cable knit throw similar to those from the Yorkshire Linen Co.  That way, you can keep the same bedding look but without the bulk and weight that a thick throw gives.

The same goes for cushions.  Choose light weight fabrics and bright colours that compliment the colour scheme of your room.  This is your opportunity to add a pop of colour by mixing and matching plain light scatter cushions with bright patterned ones like these from Debenhams.

Seychelles Scent Diffuser, Three Wick Candle and Home Spray from The White Company

3. Bring a new scent to your room

A great way to let a little summer into your room is with a room fragrance.  Choose something fresh and summery with notes that evoke summer memories.  My choice would be the Seychelles line from The White Company.  The Seychelles scent has notes of fresh bergamot, orange and amber combined with warming coconut, vanilla and almond.  It reminds me of summer holidays abroad and evokes really calming, relaxing feelings for me.

Artwork available from John Lewis

4. Update your artwork

Updating your artwork can really bring the summer into your room and move the winter out.  John Lewis have some fantastic seaside, holiday and bright coloured prints to add to your room that would really bring a touch of sunshine into your space.  You can then rotate your prints throughout the year, keeping them in storage or in other rooms for different months.

Alternatively, if you didn’t want to purchase new artwork, another option would be to change up the photographs that are in the frames in your room.  I have a selection of my favourite holiday snaps that I like to put in the photo frames in my bedroom during spring and summer and then I switch them for party photos when it comes to the colder months.

Flower string lights from Next, vases and artificial flowers from House of Fraser

5. Accessorize for the summertime

My last tip would be to add some summertime accessories to your bedroom.  Whether it be with some crisp white flower string lights from Next or a brightly coloured vase and artificial flowers from House of Fraser, you can easily add a pop of colour into your room with accessories as they’re perfect during the summer months.

That’s my top five tips to update your bedroom for summer.

What would your top tips be?

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