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On the morning of my wedding day, I was determined to be cool, calm and collected.  I wasn’t going to be a bridezilla, I wasn’t going to freak out and I wasn’t going to panic and I’m really proud to say that I remained completely calm; I actually surprised myself and those around me.

In order to ensure I kept my cool on the morning, I focused on what I know best and that’s beauty.  I selected products that I knew I loved and that I knew would make me feel and look my best and keep me calm.

I was staying in a suite the night before my wedding so took advantage of the HUGE bathroom and had a relaxing bath with a bath bomb that I’d bought from the spa in the hotel.  This helped me to relax before going to sleep and I woke up feeling really refreshed, despite the pretty late night I had.  I jumped straight in the shower on the morning of my wedding and used some of my favourite products.

My getting ready routine started with cleansing my face with my favourite cleanser, the Elemental Herbology Cool and Clear Facial Cleanser which makes my face look and feel clean without stripping it and making it feel tight.  I then followed up with my favourite face scrub, the Goldfaden MD Doctors Scrub which is ridiculously expensive but is seriously the best face scrub I’ve ever used.  I work a tiny amount of the ruby crystals over slightly damp skin and literally watch as my dead skin cells are polished away to leave my skin looking bright, clear and youthful.  Nothing has smoothed my skin like this has.

I then popped on my favourite face mask, the GlamGlow Youth Mud which is the best face mask I’ve ever used; you can probably tell by now that I invested in my favourites to use on my wedding day!  You can read my full review here but essentially this is the quickest way to smooth, perfected, healthy looking skin you’re going to get.  There’s a reason they use this on Hollywood film sets, its THAT good.

While the GlamGlow mask was getting to work, I brushes my teeth using the Sensodyne toothpaste.  I’d been using Enlighten, the whitening treatment I had done at my dentist Olivers in the weeks leading up to my wedding and I had fallen into the routine of using a good anti-sensitivity toothpaste to stop any potential stinging that can often be associated with teeth whitening.  Then I popped on one of the teeth whitening strips I’d also been using.  These were by XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Once my face mask was ready to be washed off, I hopped in the shower to remove it and then moved onto washing and conditioning my hair with the Naturalmente Citrus Shampoo and the Naturalmente Fennel and Geranium Deep Hydrating Treatment which I reviewed the mini versions of earlier in the year (see this post).  I love this duo because they clean my hair but add LOADS of volume without weighting my hair down or making it greasy.

To scrub my body, I used a travel sized pot of the Sugar Crush Body Scrub by Soap and Glory (full review here).  This is a great scrub because it is super gritty so it sloughs away all of the dead skin cells from the body whilst moisturising it so your skin looks smooth and glowing after use which was exactly the look I was going for- I wanted the skin on my body to look perfected.

I used the Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash to clean my body.  I chose this one because not only does it make me feel and smell clean but I was using it in the run up to my wedding because it is designed to improve the tone of the skin whilst softening and smoothing the skin and encouraging good circulation.  It has a formula that is full of natural active ingredients like those found in juniper, bergamot, geranium and lavender which makes it super gentle but effective.

Once I jumped out of the shower, I dried off and then popped on some of the Filorga Eye-Recover Anti-fatigue Eye Mask and sat in my room gazing out of the window wearing my ‘Bride’ robe.  The Eye Recover Anti-fatigue Eye Masks are gel type eye masks that you pop under the eye to help to reduce the signs of fatigue.  They feel quite slimy and you have to be very gentle with them as they can easily split but once they’re on the eyes they feel super cooling and they really help to make you feel calm as you need to sit still while they’re on your face.  I kept these on for about ten minutes before sliding them off my face and patting in the excess moisture from them.  They really helped to reduce my puffy eyes and to make me look fresh and awake.

I then moved onto my skincare.  I have super oily skin but it is dehydrated too so if I don’t use products that add hydration to my skin then I find that my skin produces more oil which obviously isn’t what I would want, especially on my wedding day.  I used a little sample of the Elemental Herbology Cell Food Serum which helps to deeply hydrate the skin and then I followed up with the Elemental Herbology Moisture Milk which is a super light weight moisturiser that helps to balance oilyness, reduce sebum production AND keep the skin feeling soft and smooth.  I’ve been using this since December and I can’t recommend it highly enough for oily skin girls out there.  To complete my skincare routine, I finished up with the Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Eye Rescue Rollerball that I have been using for the last year.  This is a fabulous product because it has a cold metal tip that you roller around your eye area to dispense the product and cool your eye at the same time.  I pat it in using my ring finger and find that it helps to reduce bags, cool my skin and make me look refreshed so using it together with the Filorga eye masks is a great combination.

The last step in my getting ready routine, aside from hair and make up, was to moisturise my body and apply my perfume.  For this, I used the Jo Malone Blue Agava and Cacao Body Creme layered with the same scent in the cologne and the Pomegranate Noir Cologne.  You can read all about my wedding day fragrance here.

So thats a round up of all of the products that I used on my wedding day to help me to get ready.  I’ve tried to link all of the UK stockists of the products in the paragraphs and below is where you can buy the products in the UK and abroad if any of them have taken your fancy.  There was so many I wanted to try to make it as concise for you all as possible.  Let me know in the comments what products you used or would use on your wedding day.

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