New Beginnings

Good Evening All

Thought I would update you all with whats going on in the life of WhatLauraLoves.  This month so far has been full of new things, new starts and new beginnings.  Daisy May is sat here greeding some honey and toast off my dad, which she seems to enjoy although I’m not entirely convinced that puppies are supposed to eat honey on toast.  Still, its something new for her and I’ll know in the morning if she’s not supposed to eat it *cue puppy poop*.

Last Wednesday I started Slimming World and so far I’m really enjoying the eating plan.  I was a little nervous going to my first meeting but I knew that it had to be done.  I chose a group that takes place in a church hall.  It’s not too far from where I live so that I can walk there some evenings when its light in the summer, well that’s the plan anyway.  Angela, who is the Slimming World consultant at the group I’ve joined, was so warm and welcoming.  As soon as I entered the hall, she came straight over and asked if I was looking to join and then she took me over to a little table with some new starters and got me to fill out a simple form.  She asked if I would like a cup of tea but I wasn’t too bothered, everything was a little too new for me to relax with a cuppa.  There was loads of new people joining the group, I suppose it’s with it being the start of the year but that made me feel loads better as I wasn’t the only one.  Angela then went through the pack with us as a group and explained the eating plan and how to get the best results.  Then it was just a case of paying and getting weighted!  It wasn’t embarrassing at all and no one knew how much each other weighted.  Its really discrete which I like and the scales were covered so even I didn’t know what weight I was.  They record your weight onto like a little chip and pin card, that’s so they can track your progress and work out group statistics, like who is the “Slimmer of the Week” etc and they also write your weight and how much you’ve lost/gained every week in your own book as well.  Angela asked me what my goal weight would be but to be honest, I haven’t got one.  I don’t feel any pressure to become a Size Zero like this idiot Kenneth Tong keeps going on about, nor do I want to be a size 0/4, it just wouldn’t suit me or my body shape.  I don’t think I would feel particularly womanly without any curves.  Women are supposed to have boobs and a bum!  That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with being a “size 0/4”, each to their own and all that jazz.  I know a few girls who are naturally very slim, like a UK size 4 or 6, they don’t have their bones sticking out and they eat loads, they’re just naturally very petite.  I think girls like that are often forgotten when all of this size 0 business is slated and hated.  People say that it is disgusting, which I completely agree with when you see these models with their bones sicking out, looking so malnourished and withdrawn, it is vile but there are some girls who are naturally tiny and they are often thrown into the annorexic group when they shouldn’t.  I don’t think that being unhealthily thin is a goal to aspire to and I’m certainly not wishing to be really thin.  Its an unrealistic goal for me, it would never happen and nor would I want it to.  I think ideally, I would like to be a size 12 or 14.  That way ill be a healthy size, be able to fit into the majority of clothes in nice shops like River Island and Top Shop and my weight wont get in the way of me enjoying life.  Hopefully with Slimming World, ill be able to achieve that goal.

This week has also been a time for trying new products WITHOUT breaking my New Years Resolutions! So far, I have managed to stick to them… I know it is only 9th January but that’s quite good for me as I usually give up by lunch time on the 1st! The products I’ve been using were all given to me as presents for Christmas and there was LOADS that I haven’t used before. Result! Over the course of a couple of showers, I have used up a really big sachet of Salt Scrub by the Sanctuary Spa which I received in a gift set from boots. Its gorgeous and will definitely be on my ‘To Buy’ list for when I’ve used up all of the other body scrubs that I have. I shut the shower off when I used it and it was so abrasive on the skin. It smells beautiful too, like a salty version of the signature Sanctuary Spa scent. It washed off really easily and left a lovely oil on my skin. I usually hate oil based products as they seem to leave a horrible film on my skin but this just made my skin feel thoroughly moisturised and since it soaked it all up, there was no awful residue left on my skin. I’ve also tried some new products from Lush, well not new to Lush but new to me. The Comforter is a gorgeous bubble bar that turned my bath water a lovely purpley pink colour with lots of bubbles and filled the room with the scent of blackberries. Yummy. I have decided that I prefer the bubble bars from Lush to the bath ballistics. Even though I love a good bath bomb, nothing beats bubbles in the bath! I’ve been using the Lush Helping Hands cream too and Rockstar soap which left my skin smelling gorgeous for ages. All of which I would highly recommend, particularly the Helping Hands cream. The smell isn’t anything to shout about but it is SO moisturising without being greasy or sticky. FANTASTIC.

The Comforter bubble bar by Lush
Rockstar soap by Lush
Helping Hands handcream by Lush

Tomorrow is a big new beginning for me as I start my new job.  It isn’t a graduate position but the salary is very close to it, the hours are fantastic for the field that it’s in, there is potential for promotion so that I can use my degree and it’s literally around the corner to where I live.  Sounds perfect on paper and I really hope that it is.  I’m quite nervous about starting though and I hope the people who are in my training group are nice.  I’m sure they will be as we’ll all be in the same boat, so to speak.  I’ve chosen what I am going to wear already, the dress code is smart casual with the usual no jeans, strappy tops, etc rule, and I’ve got everything laid out ready for me so that in the morning, I can casually get up, get dressed and enjoy breakfast which I NEVER usually eat.  I have to be there for 8.30am and as yet, I’m not too sure what my breaks are but I’ll tweet about how it goes throughout the day!

9 days in and 2011 is looking pretty good. New year, new start, new me.

Have you started anything new this year?  How are you getting on with your  new years resolutions?


  1. xx Joanna xx
    January 10, 2011 / 12:04 am

    good luck with slimming world i also re join 2moro xxx

  2. Emma
    January 10, 2011 / 10:56 pm

    i liked this post, and the comforter bubble bar is soooo good! thank you for mentioning the naturally slim girls in this post, im not a 4 or a 6 but when i was younger people used to be so mean about my frame (girls and boys) and it seriously dented my confidence because i wasnt doing anything to cause it. i feel like by stupid kenneth tong glorifying all these eating disorders people who are, as you said size 4's naturally are going to get slated and its so annoying! good luck with your slimming world 🙂 (lonnng comment!) xx

  3. Tali
    January 19, 2011 / 10:39 pm

    Good for you!!Im sure it will all go well. Just dont forget that you do need rewards and treats. Dont be too harsh on yourself babe! I agree with what you said. Coming from someone whos bones stick out I hate the way I look. I think the sexiest thing is a bit of something. Boobs, butt and something to grab in the middle (my boyfriend ALWAYS says this) so I am so happy to see your not aiming for size 0. Size 12/14/16 are all sexy sizes. Any less and it starts getting into the boobless category.For me there is no real hope as its genetic.. but i do dream that one day ill wake up and have boobs lol.. TRAGIC!! xx

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