NOTD: Jacava Pink Whisper

the last couple of weeks there has been one polish and one polish only that has
adorned my finger nails and that’s Pink Whisper from new nail polish brand

Jacava London Pink Whisper Nail Polish and UV Inhibitor Top Coat*

London are a premium nail polish brand that are
designed and made in the UK.  All of their polishes are non
toxic, never tested on animals and are vegan friendly.  They also have an
exclusive ‘8 Free’ formula, meaning that they are free from DBP, Camphor,
Formaldehyde, Toluene, Cellophane, Parabens, Phthalates and Animal
Ingredients.  The Jacava polishes are designed to have a high gloss, long
lasting finish with a nourishing formulation that helps your nails to stay
strong and grow.

Jacava polishes look gorgeous, they have a long gold coloured handle that is
really easy to hold; not fiddly like some of the polishes I’ve used.  The
glass bulb that contains the polish is see through and has 22 carat gold
printing on the front, which I think is a little unnecessary, however I can
forgive that as the brush is fantastic.  It reaches right down to the
bottom of the bottle, avoiding any bottle tipping when the polish is running
low and getting gloopy.  Whilst the brush on one of my polishes was a
little bent, I do think that they are brilliant and I can cover my rather large
nail beds in three strokes, one in the centre and one either side.

Whisper is a gorgeous baby pink polish.  It is a very subtle hint of
pink with a milky appearance, making it look super sophisticated, polished
and put together.  I think that light pink nails look great all year round
and they go with any outfit choice, particularly a grey ensemble.

The Pink Whisper polish looks really clean and tidy and whilst I’ve used it as a full nail colour, it would also look great as a base for a French manicure, another polished, put together look.

Jacava polish applied really evenly and was quick to dry, just as quick as my
favourite Models Own polishes, if a little quicker, and they look really glossy
when they’re dry.  I only used two coats on my nails, together with
the Top Coat Nail Polish with UV Inhibitor for added shine.  I
found that the top coat also dried really quickly and applied smoothly without dragging
the Pink Whisper underneath.

nails were painted and looking pristine within a matter of minutes which gives
these polishes a huge thumbs up in my book.  Waiting for my nail polish to
dry is the bane of my life and I always end up smudging them so finding a nail polish brand that is fast drying is something exciting for me and my beauty loving brain.

The Jacava nail polish lasted a good week on my nails before I needed to change the polish.  My nails were mostly chip free, except from some visible wear on the tips of my nails which is not surprising as I always have busy hands- particularly over the last couple of week as I’ve been spring (well, winter) cleaning my house.

Jacava polishes are in over 400 salons and pharmacies in the UK but if you
prefer shopping online then they’re also available
from their website
Amazon and on Feel
.  Each
polish is £14.50, although I believe they’re slightly cheaper on Amazon, which
I think is a fair price for such a good quality product, especially seen as
though they are just as good as my OPI polishes, if not better and they’re
around a similar price too.

a nail polish that is going to suit you is super easy as Jacava have an
innovative, ‘try it on’
colour selector that enables you to easily see how a swatch of the polish would
look on hands similar to your own skin tone and nail length.  You could
also check out their
Facebook Page, Twitter and Pinterest where they have lots of swatches

Which Jacava polish is your favourite colour?

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