Olay Regenerist Overnight Miracle Firming Mask Review

Olay Regenerist Overnight Miracle Firming Mask Review

While makeup might be fun to apply because it lets you be super creative, skincare has always been at the forefront of self care for me.  Spending a small fortune on makeup really is a bit of a waste of money if the base you’re working with isn’t the best that it can be at the time so focusing on getting a good skincare routine down is always my first recommendation to anyone.

If you follow me on the WhatLauraLoves Instagram page then I’m sure you’ll know how passionate I am about my skin and the products that I use because I’m often doing my skincare on there live while I’m chatting away!  I love nothing more than deeply cleaning my skin, exfoliating and toning it, treating it and nourishing it with hydrating products, as well as using a face mask at least once a week… which is usually applied while I’m sat at the computer tapping away for work.  That’s definitely one of the benefits of working from home that’s for sure.

Olay Regenerist Overnight Miracle Firming Mask Review

The trouble is, being able to multitask is essential for me as I lead such a busy life which often leads me burning the candle at both ends!  In fact, I’m doing that right now as I type this… at 06:28AM, after staying up all night to get as many posts written and scheduled as possible before my holiday!

While it is something that I am actively working on, and I’m sure will have vastly improved by the time the cold, winter nights get here, its not often that I get the ‘ideal’ 8 hours of sleep each night.  However I do always take care of my skin before bed, without fail, with a thorough cleanse, tone, and hit of hydration as I love to look well rested come the morning, even when I’ve had a lot of work on or plenty of socialising!

This summer, I discovered a multi tasking solution that enables me to give my skin a hit of hydration while I sleep.  There’s no tapping away at the computer in my office chair while this one gets to work, it waves its magic wand while I’m knocking the Z’s out!

Olay Regenerist Overnight Miracle Firming Mask Review

On those nights when I know my skin is in need of a surge of moisture, I’ve been using the Olay Regenerist Overnight Miracle Firming Mask.

It’s a hybrid between a moisturiser and a face mask that I apply quite a generous layer of to my skin as the last step in my routine, with my serum and eye cream applied first underneath, and on top of a freshly washed complexion.

I leave it for five to seven minutes, after which you can see which areas of the skin were in need of the most hydration because those are the areas that have almost drank up the mask the quickest.

I tissue off the excess, leaving a thin layer of the mask on my skin overnight and then complete my morning skincare as normal when I wake up.  From the first use, I felt as though my skin looked and felt more hydrated, soft and plump, which gives the skin a more youthful appearance.  On the days where I do want to apply makeup, it goes on so much more smoothly since I’ve started using this mask and it sits really beautifully on my skin without clinging to drier areas.  This is really important for me as I like to target my skincare to make my skin feel as even as possible as its predominantly oily but dehydrated and dry in some areas, mostly around the outside of my face.

I’ve been using the Olay Regenerist Overnight Miracle Firming Mask since early July and I’m still loving how my skin feels after I’ve used it.  In fact, its that good, I’m onto my second pot as the last use that was left in the first jar that I bought, I gave to my mam to try!

This mask is like a good nights beauty sleep in a pot and really is a must try for all skin types this summer.

I bought my mine from Boots where it was on offer for £19.99 with free store delivery.  Its now gone back up to £29.99 but they have a 2 for £40 deal on at the time of writing which is a great chance to stock up and save a tenner, treat a friend or go halves or even make a start on your Christmas shopping!

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Olay Regenerist Overnight Miracle Firming Mask Review

What are your favourite face masks?  How does an overnight mask sound to you?

*FYI in the interests of full disclosure, I work on a paid for AD with Olay on this instagram post however this blog post is by no means paid for, checked or controlled by the brand.  I simply really enjoy the mask and I am now onto my second pot so I thought it was about time I reviewed it!

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