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Today I wanted to share with you four different blemish treatment products that I have been using over the last few months in order to test them out and review them for you in this post.  Some of these I’ve actually been using for a lot longer but one is a very recent addition.  There is a lot of research being reported that shows that adult breakouts are becoming more and more prevalent from the 20s onwards so hopefully this post will help you to decide which products are for you and which aren’t.

I’ll start with the Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Pads.  I bought these ages ago, thinking that they were the Blackhead Clearing Pads that I have loved for a long time.  They’re basically cotton pads that are soaked in a solution that aims to cleanse the skin, exfoliate it and clear blocked pores that cause break outs.  I find that these are very drying on the skin and can sting if you are using them all over your face and I have by no means sensitive skin.  I tend to use them on areas where I have blemishes rather than wiping them all over my skin and as of late, I have found them effective at reducing the redness in any spots that I have overnight and if I use them on my cheeks, if my pores are blocked then I do find that it encourages the dirt to come to the surface and I get a small white head style spot that is wiped away with my morning cleanse.  They’re a very budget option at just over £5 from Boots or cheaper if you go to somewhere like Home Bargains like I did.  I won’t repurchase them when the pot has ran out because there are other spot treatments that I want to try that are designed purely as an on the spot treatment, like the Origins Super Spot Remover and that are more travel friendly as the pot is quite big compared to some stick spot treatments.

The second product that Ive been trying out is the Blemish Control Gel Mask* from Good Things.  This is designed as a 3 in 1 mask that is designed to tackle blemishes, spots and excess oil, leaving the skin clear and fresh and shine free. It contains witch hazel extract which is supposed to calm the skin and soothe angry breakouts as well as Willow Bark extract which is full of salicylic acid which helps to unblock pores and prevent future break outs from occurring.

To apply it, you simply smooth the gel over the whole face, leave it on for 10 minutes while it dries slightly and then remove it using a warm water soaked face cloth.  Very simple and easy to use however the mask just didn’t agree with my skin whatsoever.  Upon dispensing the product you can really sense how strong it is- it really made my eyes water.  Within a matter of minutes I could feel it tingling on my skin.  I didn’t look in a mirror as I thought that it was just the mask working but after a few more minutes the tingling turned to a burning sensation and i had to remove it.

Even a few hours later my skin was still noticeably very red and it felt sore to the touch.  With getting married soon, I didn’t want to risk another application to see if the same would happen but I have been using it as an on the spot treatment and I find that that works better than using the mask all over the skin which is just too harsh in my opinion.  I just take a concealer brush and apply a small amount of the mask directly onto the spot and then leave it for ten minutes and wash off and I find that the mask does help to reduce the size of the spot and clear it without drying out my skin because it is only the spot that has the mask on.

The Good Things Blemish Control Gel Mask with superfruit extracts of Mango and Lychee is available from Boots online and in store for £4.99.  While you’re there I would HIGHLY recommend their Deep Pore Anti Blemish Lotion which is absolutely FABULOUS.  I’ve been using Good Things products for years and absolutely love them.

The third product I wanted to share with you is the Dr Organic Tea Tree Blemish Stick which is available from Holland and Barrett.  This is my favourite out of the four that I have reviewed for you both because it is so easy to use but very very effective too.  Both Mr WLL and I use this as an on the spot treatment and it really helps to reduce the size and redness of spots.  It comes in a rollerball formula and the product comes out very easily so you’re not having to aggravate the spot further and it is very easy to use.  Tea tree is great as an antiseptic to clean and clear spots and it also has aloe vera which is fabulous at soothing and reducing the redness in spots.  I would definitely recommend this product.  It is affordable too and the size is perfect for travel.  You can buy it from Holland and Barrett for £4.39.

The last product I have been trying out to review for you is the Witch Naturally Clear Blemish Stick.  This one contains witch hazel extract which helps to fight the bacteria that causes spots.  Both myself and Mr WLL have been using this spot treatment for a very long time now.  It works really well at drying out spots and helping them to clearly much more quickly and with less redness than they would have if they were left on their own.  It is an oil free stick formula that you simply rub on the affected area and it feels quite cooling.  I find that it works best if you apply it as soon as possible after feeling a spot starting to rear its ugly head.  It works very quickly on my skin and I would definitely recommend it for anyone but particularly for those with oily skin.

The Witch Naturally Clear Blemish Stick is available here for £2.09.

What spot treatments are you using at the moment?

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  1. Jenny
    April 16, 2014 / 7:21 pm

    I'm currently using a Body Shop facemask meant for oily skin and I'm enjoying it- I will definitely be checking out the Dr Organic one though!http://jenni-flower.blogspot.co.uk/

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