One Day Travel Like a Boss: Using Airport Lockers to Stow Your Gear

Making the most of your holiday is a real talk for most of us. With little time and even less money, learn how to pack in more travel on one trip with lockers.

Sad but true, few people actually get the chance to take the travel that they actually want to as adults. Work, kids, relationships, budgets….life tends to get in the way. But, with the help of airport lockers and some super savvy ticket hacks, you can turn your two weeks holiday into a multinational adventure!

“Lockers are great for stowing any number of items. We know this. That’s why you see them everywhere, from airports to the gym, package services, and even home decor. Despite the fact we’re constantly surrounded by them, they’re still such an under-utilised storage choice.” Say the locker pros at Premier Lockers in Australia. “Think about it- you’ve seen these things at airports and train stations, but have you ever really used them?”


You have to admit they make a good point. Airport lockers are so underused in fact, that most airports don’t even have them, and if they do they can be fairly difficult to locate. Don’t let that stop you though, figuring out mid-trip storage is the only way to pull off one day travel. 

One day travel is essentially the idea of intentionally booking extra long layovers so you can spend some time in the country or city that you’re flying over. This means that for roughly the same price- or sometimes even way less- you can see and do far more than your main itinerary suggests. But, you can’t do it if you’re lugging around several heavy suitcases. 

The best way to pack for one day travel is to have a mall backpack that can double up as your sole allotted “personal item”. Make sure that it’s big enough for some snacks, water bottle, money and a clean pair of underthings, but small enough so as not to get flagged as a cabin bag. 

Most airlines allow a cabin bag and a personal item for no extra charge, but checked luggage can wind up costing you some pretty serious coin. Save your mid-sized bag for your main trip luggage. Once you hit your destination, and amass all of those liquid filled and heavy souvenirs, purchase a cheap duffle bag and use it as checked luggage on your way home. This way you only have to pay for checked baggage on the second leg of your trip. 

On the way over, you can also save money by using smaller (cheaper) airport lockers to store your cabin bag while you and your personal item explore the city at hand. On the way home, you can purchase larger lockers to accommodate both your cabin bag and your checked luggage. Leaving your hands-free, which is the way to be. 


Ideally, when you book flights for your trip, book single, one-way tickets. Then you can choose a different route home, allowing you to see any number of places both on the way there and on the way home. 

These types of flights are often far cheaper and also give you greater control over how long your layovers will be. They don’t need to be long- in fact, 8-10 hours is ideal for running around metropolitan areas. Just enough time to catch a few sights and a good meal, without having to book a place to stay. 

This type of travel is brilliant when it comes to spending time in notoriously expensive places without blowing your entire budget on hotels and multiple meals. It’s easy to snag an Uber or a taxi to and from the airport. These car services can drop you right into the heart of the world’s best cities for little cost. Then, just run by your locker and grab your stuff before snagging your next flight.

This itinerary may seem nuts, it, in reality, the most stressful flight is booking the trip. Because all of your valuables and souvenirs are snugged up in the airport locker, you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything, losing anything, or breaking anything. So all you have to focus on is creating incredible memories.

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