Origins Look Alive Skincare Set

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I have got a little gem of a set for you here. The Origins Look Alive Skincare Value Set. Wa wa we wa!

Origins Look Alive Skincare Value Set, £24

GinZing™ Refreshing eye cream to brighten and depuff 15 ml

VitaZing™SPF 15 Energy-boosting moisturizer 30 ml

Modern Friction™ Nature’s gentle dermabrasion 30 ml

I originally went to Origins in search of the hugely popular VitaZing moisturiser, when I saw this gift set at the till.  Considering the full sized VitaZing is £25 for 50ml, i thought this set was an absolute steal as although you’re getting a slightly smaller VitaZing at 30ml, you’re also getting a 30ml Modern Friction exfoliater (£29 for the full sized 100ml tube) and a full sized GinZing eye cream 15ml, which usually retails at £20 on its own.  Lots of facts and figures there for you all but hopefully you can see why I would have been crazy not to pick up this set.  Needless to say, I was on it like a tramp on chips.

VitaZing by Origins

VitaZing is a slightly grey toned moisturiser with little beads that works a little bit like a tinted moisturiser.  When applied, it blends to a slightly tanned version of your own skin tone which is clever in itself.  Not only is it very moisturising but it is great for giving just the right amount of coverage and healthy glow, like I’ve been on holiday.

On the whole, I would say that I have quite clear skin, yes I’m prone to the odd blemish, but who isn’t? I swear by a good skincare routine and I really think that I have this to thank for my fairly good skin. You can watch my morning and evening skincare routine here and here. When I do get blemishes, they are usually covered just by foundation alone and I tend to use concealer more for correcting darker areas of my skin, like under my eyes and around my nose. I tend to wear foundation on a daily basis to just even out the colour of my skin but when I have a natural tan or if I’ve used a fake tanner, which is mostly during the summer months, I love being able to go foundation free.  Now that I have VitaZing, I can put my foundation down for the few days a week when I don’t want to look as done up and opt for a more natural, healthy dewy glow that covers my imperfections and gives a my skin but better look.  VitaZing will be PERFECT for when I’m holiday, especially for day trips where I wouldn’t want to wear makeup but where it would be nice to look as though I have awesome even skin.  The only thing I would say is that VitaZing is perhaps a little too moisturising for me.  I have oily skin and find that if I wear this alone then my skin is really really oily by the end of the day.  All I do i set it with a quick sweep of a translucent or pressed powder, like Estee Lauder Double Wear or Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, then I’m good to go.

Although I have a pretty good skincare routine, I’m not afraid to say that I’ve never used an eye cream before on a regular basis.  I often go for Decleor facials so I get lots of little samples of eye cream which I have used but I’ve never wanted to fork out the cash for the full sized versions.  This set was a great way to try an eyecream and I’d heard lots of good things about GinZing.  I’m fully aware that using an eyecream is important because the skin around your eyes is thinner than the rest of the skin on your face so it needs a little extra gentle attention but now that I’ve been using an eye cream on a regular basis, I really appreciate how much of an important element it is in my skincare routine.  GinZing has a light, non sticky texture with a beautiful pearlescent light reflecting particles which do not translate onto the skin making it a great choice for both men and women.  My partner Michael has used this as he often gets really dark circles under his eyes and this has helped his eyes to look more awake and hydrated.  GinZing makes my own eyes look less puffy and much more awake which is great as I apply it in the mornings when I look like death warmed up!

I’d recommend applying any eye cream with your ring finger, tracing your orbital bone around your eye socket with light dabbing motions.  There’s no need to apply an eye cream to your upper and lower eye lid as the skin in those areas is without any pores so an eye cream is ineffective here.  Your ring finger is the best finger to use as you can apply the least amount of pressure with it and therefore wont be dragging your sensitive skin along your face.

The last little gem in this set is the Modern Friction exfoliater.  I’m a huge fan of Origins Never A Dull Moment skin brightening face polish because it does what it says on the bottle plus it smells delicious.  Its not a product I could use as my full time exfoliate though as its just not harsh enough for me.  I like a good scrub from my exfoliater

I picked this up from House of Fraser but its also available online at and other Origins counters.

What are your favourite Origins products?


  1. Jazzy E (hivenn)
    July 28, 2011 / 2:05 pm

    I love the scrub. x hivenn

  2. Michelle of The Feather Den
    July 28, 2011 / 7:32 pm

    Can't say I've ever tried them! Love the sound of the tinted moisturiser though, it sounds as if it works like magic!x Michelle |

  3. Ellie
    July 28, 2011 / 10:57 pm

    Ooh, I've been wanting to try some luxury skincare for a while – I was debating between Liz Earle and Origins but I think I'll go for the latter now! Great post xx

  4. Anonymous
    September 28, 2011 / 1:58 pm

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