Orla Kiely Inspired Nail Art

Since I got my iPhone 5S, I have been using the Too Faced phone case that came with my Jingle All The Way Palette at Christmas (check it out here).  Its a gorgeous mint green colour with cream and gold spots on it and over the springtime, there was loads of occasions when I had either painted my nails mint green or I was wearing something mint coloured.  My friends would comment on it and we’d giggle that I’d matched my outfit to my phone case!  So when my new Orla Kiely phone case arrived, I wanted to do the same.

This phone case is for the iPhone 5 or 5S but its also for the 4 and 4C.  Worry not though, if you have an iPhone 5C there’s still loads of gorgeous phone accessories out there for you.  Aside from having a gorgeous vintage inspired design, this cover is very protective as it is fairly thick so if my iPhone is knocked at all then it will protect it from getting damaged.

Orla Kiely has such an iconic pattern and design across their line of products that really stands out as being Orla Kiely.  I wanted to create a nail art look that was along the same style as the pattern on the phone case but that was a little more artsy and rustic.

Here’s what I came up with:

The phone case has a cream background with vintage navy, orange, green and blue petals coming out from a navy stem.  For my base colour, I applied two coats of the Sephora Formula X nail polish in the colour Invincible.  This is a gorgeous, intensely pigmented nail polish that is so hard wearing, it is very difficult for it to chip.

I then used the thin paint brush from the Sephora Nail Art Set that I got on my honeymoon (haul here) to create the Orla Kiely inspired signature look.  I decided to paint the pattern on the ring finger of each hand as a statement nail.

I painted a vertical line through the centre of my nail using the Collection Work The Colour nail polish in Deep Blue Sea which is a navy blue shade.  Then I used the same shade to draw a couple of lines coming off the centre to represent the petals from the Orla Kiely design.  For the other petals, I used three other Collection Work The Colour nail polishes, all of which are available from Boots, in the colours Orange Zest, After Dinner Mint and Green With Envy which is a limited edition shade from the Mardi Gras collection.

While far from perfect, I’m really happy with how my nail art look turned out.  I applied it a couple of days before I flew out to Turkey and I’m here now, two days into my holiday and my nails are still chip free.  I put that down to using the Formula X polish as my base colour as it is sure a long lasting polish.  If you get the opportunity to try one of these polishes then I’d highly suggest you do!

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  1. KARA
    July 29, 2014 / 6:03 am

    Love this.

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