Outdoor Holiday Ideas in Europe

As an avid traveller, there’s a particular allure to escaping the daily grind and immersing myself in the great outdoors. And Europe, with its stunning, diverse landscapes and ancient and fascinating cultural tapestry is perfect. And right at our front door! It offers a plethora of options for those seeking an adventure-filled outdoor holiday. Well, one might say, that most holidays are outdoors. But we’re looking at the ones that will keep you outside for the thrill of nature, exercise, and the world around you. And our continent has something special for every one of us.

Hiking and Trekking Escapades
For those of us who find solace in the rhythmic crunch of gravel beneath our boots, the crisp mountain air and the peaceful silence that can be found at their peaks, Europe’s hiking and trekking trails are a true haven waiting to be explored. And there’s way more than just the alpine wonders of the Swiss or French Alps or the untamed beauty of the Scottish Highlands – though, of course, they are amazing. Embarking on a hiking adventure not only challenges your physical limits, but also rewards you with the most breathtaking panoramas, secluded valleys, and the kind of tranquillity that only the mountains can provide. If you want less height, there are also incredible guided or self-guided walking holidays available that are tailored to where and how far you want to go, with different difficulties and distances. And you won’t even have to worry about accommodations or your luggage.

Cycling Tours Through the Lands
For those of us who prefer the freedom of two wheels, Europe’s cycling tours are truly something else. They are an ideal blend of adventure and our cultures, allowing us to set our own pace, stopping wherever and whenever we want to for local delicacies, chatting with the locals, and soaking in the rich heritage that lines whichever routes you choose to ride. Tours like these are fantastic, as you’ll become not only part of the landscape, but can fully immerse yourself in It, too. It allows you to experience a broader area, too. Like the banks of the Danube, passing through some of the most charming villages and vineyards in the heart of Europe. Of the Cotswolds, with its honey-coloured stone villages and undulating hills. Or, the Loire Valley, adorned with majestic châteaux, offers a unique perspective best explored on a bicycle. We have an absurd amount of breathtaking routes – just pick one!

Water Adventures & Winter Wonderlands
Of course, we also have a wonderful coastline, azure waters and thrilling waves that beckon water sports enthusiasts to dive into an aquatic playground. We have everything – from the excitement of conquering waves and rushing currents to the tranquillity of secluded coves and calm lakes. So whether it’s kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, surfing or river rafting you are after, chances are, somewhere in Europe will have it covered.

Similarly, when winter blankets parts of our continent in snow, it transforms into a playground for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts alike. The Swiss and French Alps, again, are predestined for this and their world-renowned resorts show this off expertly with an incredible backdrop for downhill runs, pristine slopes and cosy chalets. But the Scottish Highlands are not to be scoffed at, either!

No matter what it is that catches your interest, it’ll be glorious. Just make sure that your fitness is up to the task and you’re building up stamina, constitution, and confidence ahead of time, so you can enjoy your outdoor activity to the fullest.

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