Overcome negative thinking to improve your mental health

Negative thinking can contribute to social anxiety, low self-esteem, and more. We view the world with our mental ability. So, as much as we care about our physical health, we must also focus on clearing our cognitive cloud.


Moreover, according to the law of attraction, you will attract more negativity if you have more dismissive thoughts. Luckily, we have the resources to train our minds to focus on being optimistic. 


Read on to learn more about the tactics that benefit individuals in incorporating a constructive mindset in their day-to-day lives. 


1. Practice mindfulness and self-awareness


Mindfulness has its root in meditation. Practically, one has to detach from their thoughts and view them as an outside observer. As a result, you will become more conscious of your mindset and build greater self-awareness. 


You can practice mindfulness every day, just like the Wyoming Carmelites. Sitting in silence to view your opinions and defeatist ideas will aid in gaining control over your emotional reactions. 


Consequently, you will notice a change in your actions and reactions. For instance, instead of jumping to conclusions, you will begin to access situations better. 


2. Make a conscious effort to love and like things


While dismissive thoughts cause you to assume the consequences, they also lead to catastrophizing situations in many cases. However, you can use a healthier alternative instead of fighting to think better. 


For instance, if you are feeling low or nervous, find something to appreciate. It can be an object or a person. Generally, speaking out about the things you like instantly shifts the mindset from negative to positive. 


You can start with simple things such as ‘I like how the protein shake tastes,’ ‘I love the color of the sky today’ and more. The mantra here is simple; Reach for the relief, and you will get it. 



3. Practice coping with criticism


We all know it is not the golden hour every time of the day. There are some days when people will get critical and judgemental towards you. Their choice of words may instill unenthusiastic opinions in you. 


Therefore, it is significant to learn to cope with criticism and rejection. You must have a solid response for any condemnation. Usually, people need to visit a therapist to learn assertive skills. 


Improving your confidence skills can prevent many provoking situations and potential anxiety attacks. 



4. Express your gratitude toward everything


The weird feeling of losing out on things makes us anxious. It also imparts gloomy thoughts in our minds. Therefore, you must learn to appreciate the little things in life. 


You can keep a journal diary or a good list with you. Ensure to refer to it daily, read through it, and make significant additions. While you are stuck in a challenging situation, it is best to ease it by expressing your gratitude for the good things in life.


Moreover, the list will benefit you in focussing on the better, thus, attracting the definite over time. 


Final thoughts 


Life never gets more accessible; we get more robust by learning to deal with situations. There is no magic wand to relieve your distress. Instead, you have to work towards it. 


It takes time but building a self-aware personality by putting in conscious effort is helpful for everyone. It drives you to get through the hard times quickly.

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