How to Get Around for Less Without Owning a Car

Travel can be extortionate when you are not fortunate enough to own your own car. Although fuel costs are by no means cheap, the convenience of being able to get into a vehicle that you own and travel wherever you like is worth a penny or two in itself. 

As you live your best life around the UK, visiting friends, going into town, having a family meal in the pub or going on holiday, you must be wondering how to get around for less – compared to buying a car outright or using taxis everywhere you go. 

This quick guide will provide some top tips for hiring a car, avoiding taxi fares and sharing lifts to work.


This might seem too obvious, but walking should not be forgotten when considering how to get around for less. It might seem inconvenient, but too many people discount the option of a walk when faced with a bus fare that is not worth the price. 

Outside of London, bus prices can be erratic and overpriced, putting commuters and shoppers off. The quickest alternative is a taxi but, next time it is a pleasant day, save that fare and stroll instead.

Cycling is not only a fast and versatile form of transport, but it is also exceptionally good for your health. With bike sheds present at most blocks of flats and in the centres of towns, too, there is no excuse for not brushing the dust off the old two-wheeled friend and taking it for a spin.


If you’re going on holiday or visiting friends and family but don’t know when you will be returning, one-way car hire is an excellent solution. Travelling from The Midlands, use a car hire company in Tamworth that will allow you to drop the vehicle off at one of their designated destinations – including most UK airports – so that you don’t need to worry about returning it to where you hired it from. 

This mode of transport is incredibly versatile and far less stressful and more cost-effective than getting an expensive train ticket.


When travelling to work, it might be the case that you are tackling two buses and a train to get to the same office that somebody who lives nearby is driving to. If this is the case, you could request to car share and pay them the appropriate fuel costs. 

Should you choose to hire a car, offer a journey to somebody who does not have one or return the favour to a friend who has given you a lift in the past.


Finally – and not a mode of transport – shopping local is an excellent solution to getting around and sourcing the items you need. If you are able to walk to the shops this is fantastic for the environment and will also help small businesses.

For larger items, shops further away or even moving to a new house, consider large car or van hire.

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