Packing Beauty Products for a Mini Break

For Valentines Day and our anniversary this year, Mr WLL booked us a few days away at a country house hotel near the Peak District.  We took the opportunity to really relax and I packed some lovely toiletries to use while we were away.  I know that lots of you enjoy the odd weekend away like I do so I wanted to show you what I packed in case you’re planning a trip away soon.

For use in the shower, I packed my new favourite shampoo and conditioner; the Naturalmente Citrus Shampoo and the Fennel and Geranium Deep Hydrating Treatment (full review here, buy here and here).  This duo leaves my hair really clean, whilst giving it tonnes of body and volume and making it feel super soft.  I cannot rave about them enough.

To give my hair a boost during the day, I took a mini can of Batiste Dry Shampoo with me (review here, buy here).  This is the Tropical scent that smells so summery and instantly puts a smile on my face.  I spritz a little through my roots and give my hair a rub to revive the volume in my hair and to ensure there isn’t a greasy hair in sight.  I highly doubt there will ever come a time that I won’t rave about Batiste.

For body wash, I packed the L’Occitane Lavender Shower Gel (buy here) in a handy travel size.  This is gorgeous smelling body wash that I like to use particularly at night as it is very calming and soothing.  It leaves my body feeling and smelling clean without making my skin tight.  I’d really recommend the travel sizes as you get a good five uses out of them.

Generally when I am travelling anywhere, I have a pamper night before I go where I will use my hair removal cream on my legs however this trip was very much a last minute affair and I didn’t have time for hair removal before I left.  Instead, I popped a couple of the Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Cream Sachets (buy here).  I have used these so many times when I have gone away as they are so handy.  You get two in a pack and can use them all over your body from your legs to your bikini line and underarms.  Since they have a sensitive formula, they are great for those with sensitive or dry skin or for those who are new to hair removal or for those who are simply removing hair from an area where their skin is a little more delicate.  They remove all of the hairs without stinging or irritating the skin and using these left my legs feeling super soft and smooth, also thanks to the moisturising Camellia Oil and protective Ylang Ylang extract that the hair removal cream contains.

Naturally, I didn’t have time to tan either so I popped a couple of Xen-Tan samples into my toiletry bag.  For a simple, fuss free tan, I would highly recommend the Xen-Tan Transform Luxe Daily Self Tan in Light/Med (buy here).  This is a gradual tanner that you apply daily to build up the most gorgeous, natural looking tan.  It dries pretty quickly so I don’t need to wait to long before getting dressed and after a few hours a gorgeous light olive tan begins to develop.  I used this sample size up over a couple of mornings by applying it to my top half only as I was wearing maxi dresses on the evenings and no one would see my legs!  I also applied some of the Xen-Tan Scent Secure Gold (buy here) to my arms and d├ęcolletage before going out each evening.  This is a tinted bronzer that adds a subtle glow to the skin, giving it a boost in appearance by making the skin look nourished and hydrated and the tan deep and dark.  This is great to use before a night out as it is instant and odourless and you can wash it off when you are finished wearing it.

When I’m travelling away from home, I like to make sure that my teeth don’t suffer so I always pack a good toothbrush with me.  The one that I’m using at the moment is the Slim Sonic which I have blogged about before (review here, buy here).  This is a portable toothbrush that vibrates just like a chargeable electric toothbrush and leaves my teeth feeling clean and looking sparkling.

To keep my skin feeling soft and smooth while I was away, I took the L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Shimmering Body Lotion (buy here) with me to apply each day.  This body lotion feels light but very moisturising on the skin thanks to the Shea Butter that it contains.  The body lotion has a iridescence to it that leaves the skin with a healthy sheen and smelling of cherries. It is quite simply, lush.

For skincare, I’ve been really enjoying the Love Your Skin Purifying and Balancing Serum (buy here) that contains sage and tea tree to help to rebalance greasiness and to reduce skin blemishes.  It is a water based serum that is quickly absorbed by the skin and really lives up to its claims.  I use this morning and night before applying my moisturiser and to keep my spots under control, I took the Witch Naturally Clear Blemish Stick (buy here) with me which helps to dry out blemishes and really reduces the redness of spots.  I’ve been using this blemish stick continuously for months now, after having a break from it to try other products, and using it again so consistently has reminded me just how much I enjoy using it.  For a budget skincare product, it is certainly effective.

To hydrate my under eye area, I took my Good Things Bright Eyes Eye Cream (review here, buy here) which is light weight, hydrating and very nourishing and to moisturise my face, I took the Good Things Face The Day Moisturiser (review here, buy here) which sinks into the skin quickly leaving it feeling soft and smooth for the whole day.  In addition to these facial skincare items, I also packed a couple of Mudd masks that Mr WLL and I tried out and we will have a review of them posted very soon.

The lip balm that I took with me was The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm in Pink Guava (buy here).  This is a gorgeous balm that smells amazing and is ridiculously softening on the lips.

Lastly, I took a mini bottle of Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy perfume with me (review here, buy here) to keep me smelling good!

What do you pack with you on a mini break?

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