Packing for a Winter Break

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I’ve got a great guest post here for you today that’s all about packing for a winter break.  I know SO many people who travel abroad over Christmas time so I thought that this would be really helpful for some of you who are also enjoying a little winter sunshine or a city break in another climate.  Whatever you’re up to this winter, I hope you have a great time!

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Packing for a Winter Break

The popularity of taking a winter city break has grown over
recent years as thousands of Brits realise that a holiday doesn’t just mean
spending two weeks in the sun. From a day or two away in Paris to a long
weekend in Rome, the availability of cheap flights has played a huge part in
the popularity of the winter city break, however most airlines add on ‘hidden’
costs such as luggage fees which actually make the cheap deals less desirable.

One way of avoiding pricey luggage fees this winter is to
only pack a piece of hand luggage. Most airlines allocate 10kg cabin luggage
bags per passenger – providing you with plenty of space for a quick weekend

Tips for Packing Cabin Luggage

Remember to choose a hand luggage bag that complies with the
airline’s luggage requirements, like the range of cheap suitcases at Direct Luggage where you can shop by airline requirement. EasyJet for example have
advised that suitable hand luggage for their flights must meet the size
dimensions of 50 x 40 x 20cm or less. Packing hand luggage that does not meet
luggage restrictions may mean that you will have to pay to place the bag in the

Rather than pack the toiletries that you usually use, pack
travel size bottles instead. Travel sized shampoos, conditioners and shower
gels will save ample space in your suitcase – remember to check that any
liquids are under 100ml as you will not be allowed to carry these onto the
flight with you.

If you want to take a handbag with you also, airlines only
permit one piece of hand luggage per person – so make sure any additional bags
can be easily folded to fit inside your Carlton cabin luggage suitcase when you fly.

Although you may find room to pack an extra pair of shoes,
if you are simply going to wear the shoes that you are travelling in for the
full weekend, make sure the shoes are comfortable – sightseeing can wreak havoc
on the feet therefore plasters are a must!

The capsule wardrobe is your best friend when packing for a
city break. ‘Capsule wardrobe’ means clothes and accessories that can be easily
mixed and matched together to create a number of different outfits that are
versatile for day or night.

Don’t forget to lock your suitcase with a
luggage lock – although your suitcase should always be within sight, adding a
lock will give you extra peace of mind when travelling on the metro or
underground from the airport to your hotel.

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