Pampered Pooch: How to Take Care of Your Dog

Owning a dog is one of the greatest privileges – from long woodland walks, to snuggling up on the sofa watching a film with them. Dogs have complex needs, and it is important that they are all met to keep them as safe and happy as possible. Here are our following top tips to ensure you are taking care of your precious pooch in the best way that you can.

Our top tips 

Register your dog with a vet practice – Register with a reliable and highly rated veterinary practice, and ensure they receive all the required vaccinations when they are a puppy, but also their boosters throughout the years to prevent them from becoming ill. Consider getting dog insurance in case any emergencies or accidents happen, to make sure that you are financially covered, as vet bills can be costly and you never know what your dog may need. 

Feeding your dog – Make sure that you are feeding your dog high quality dog food, as proper nutrition is so important to ensure your dog stays as healthy as possible. If you are unsure what food you should be feeding your dog, speak to your vet as they may be able to advise on what would be best for their specific requirements, for example feeding sensitive dog food. It is equally important to keep a regular feeding schedule so that your dog can get into a routine of when their meal times are, as this can help with house and bathroom training and habits. 

Grooming – Not only is it nice for you to have a clean and smartly presented dog, it is also essential for their health and wellbeing that they are regularly groomed, to keep their skin in good condition and prevent hair from matting. This is absolutely crucial for long hair breeds. Why not take your pooch to the groomers, to save you the stress and hassle. They will be able to do a thorough job as they have a wider selection of equipment, and they will get your dog looking their best in no time!

Train from a puppy – It is really important to establish good behaviour from an early age, as you need to set boundaries and expectations for how they should behave. If you don’t train them correctly, they can soon get out of control and become a danger to themselves and others. A great way to re-enforce behaviour is to use reward-based training, this way your pooch can be praised for behaving and displaying good behaviour – which can create a happier environment for both you and your pooch compared to other training methods. Consider attending dog training classes for further guidance and support.


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