Paper Themes Wedding Invitations and Place Cards

With less than a year until our wedding and now that Mr WLL and I have most of the major things booked like the venue, food and main entertainment, we’re now getting down to the decorative and smaller things like invitations and place settings.  We’ve been ordering samples off the internet to help us to decide on the style and design that we want to go for.  Our first stop was Paper Themes– the bespoke stationary retailer.

I really feel like invitations set the theme for a wedding and give your guests their first impressions of your big day before they even arrive at the venue.  I ordered five samples to have a look at in a variety of styles and designs.  The samples are £1.95 each with free delivery and the great thing about them is that the money you spend on the samples can be redeemed against the cost of the invitations as you get a unique code in with your order of samples.  All of the invitations are pretty low cost and and are available in a packs of 20 invitations upwards in 10 invite increments.

Old News Wedding Invitation

The first sample that I ordered was of the Old News Wedding Invitation.  This invite has a contemporary looking typographic design that combines lots of attractive fonts together on a one sheet postcard invitation.  It allows you to fully customise the wording to suit your arrangements like the names, date and time, wedding location and wedding reception details and RSVP information.

It’s a really attractive design and eye catching, a bit like a newspaper and it is the mixture of fonts and clever layout that I love the most.  I ordered the original ivory/cream colour but it is also available in a vintage, antique look too.  The Old News Wedding Invitations comes on a great quality Buckingham Felt board which is like a hammered card.

This card would be perfect for those who are looking for a really easy, simple invite that they can just pop in an envelope and post.  Whilst it has a great, intricate font design, it is really simple as it has all of the information in one place so it is great for those who are having a wedding with simple arrangements (ceremony here, evening celebrations there) but it is worth bearing in mind that if you are having a wedding that requires additional information such as a map, menu or gift list then this may not be the invite for you.

The Old News Wedding Invitations are £1.25 each.

Record Wedding Invitation

The Record Wedding Invitation is a really fun and quirky design that I haven’t seen used before.  It is like an old vinyl that serves as an RSVP with the name of those marrying and the date on one side of the record, ‘Side A’, and the acceptance/decline on the other side, ‘Side B’, of the LP.  The record style card slides into a sleeve with the song title ‘Love Is All Around’ on it along with the names of those marrying and the date of the big day on the front side and the details of the wedding on the other side.

Mr WLL and I thought that these would be great invitations for those who are having a vintage wedding, a 50’s themed wedding or for those who are really into music.

The Record Wedding Invitations start at £3.90 eachand the cost per invite decreases depending on the number ordered.

Truly Madly Deeply Invitation

The Truly, Madly, Deeply Invitations are our favourite design out of the samples that we ordered because of the wallet style as they allow lots of information to be displayed on them and everything is held together in one place.  They’re romantic looking and whimsical looking with a floral, vintage union jack flag that is carried throughout the style of the invitation.  The outer wallet has a variety of fonts reading ‘Truly Madly Deeply’ which reminds me of the Savage Garden song that I loved YEARS ago, along with the names of those getting married and the wedding day date.  The back of the wallet is plain.  Inside there are two postcards tied together with a coordinating ribbon.  The first postcard has all of the wedding day information on- the wheres and when.  The second postcard is smaller and is an RSVP card with the RSVP response on one side and the printed RSVP address on the other so all your guests need to do is stick a stamp on it and pop it in the post box which is really handy.  I really wish this design was available with additional cards- perhaps for directions to the venue, a menu to make choices from or a gift list.

The Truly, Madly, Deeply Invitations start at £3.90 eachand the cost per invite decreases depending on the number ordered.  They are sent with the ribbon for you to assemble yourselves however they do offer a service where they can assemble them for you at a cost of 50p per card extra- personally, I’d save the money and spend it on a bottle of wine and put them together in front of a good film!

Celebration Wedding Invitation

The Celebration Wedding Invitation has a Z fold design and is made of a high quality cardboard.  The design is a cute, vintage take on the Union Jack flag with floral and spotty detailing and a blue and pink colour scheme.  The first section of the card has the names of those getting married along with the date and location of the wedding and this card has the Union Jack in full on the back.  The second section has further details of the wedding- names, date and time and the location of the ceremony and evening reception and is again, home to the Union Jack on the other side.  The final section has the RSVP details with the RSVP address and space for a stamp on the reverse.  This section has a perforated panel so your guests can tear it off, stick a stamp on and pop it in the post box to you- simple!

The Celebration Wedding Invitations start at £1.50 each.

Candy Vintage Western Invitation

The Candy Vintage Western Invitations have a wallet design, like the Truly, Madly, Deeply invites above.  They have a really fun candy coloured carnival font on the front of the wallet, printed onto a high quality white board, that has the bride and grooms names and the date, time and location of the celebrations on it and the reverse is plain.  Inside there are two postcards, one with the details of the wedding with space to write the names of those invited and another, smaller card with the RSVP details on, held together with a turquoise ribbon.  Guests would need to pop the RSVP card into an envelope to send it as the reverse of the card is plain.  Like with the Truly, Madly, Deeply invites, I wish there was the option to add additional postcards as this style of invitation is perfect for a wedding that needs a little extra preparation.

The Candy Vintage Western Invitations are predominantly blue but they have a bit of pink and purple.  The Vintage Western design is also available in a Sepia colour design which is brown with like a burgundy red colour.

The Candy Vintage Western Invitations start at £3.90 each and the cost per invite decreases depending on the number ordered.

All of the wedding invitations come with complimentary envelopes that are equal to the number of invitations ordered.  With the exception of the Candy Vintage Western Invitations, none of the invites provide space for you to write the names of those who the invitation is intended for on them.  This is down to personal preference as to whether or not you would prefer to have the names only written on the envelope or on the actual invitation.  Personally, Mr WLL and I aren’t too bothered either way.

The great thing about the Paper Themes wedding invites is that they make lots of other wedding stationary in the same style so if you love a theme like I do then you can match your evening invitations, posters, order of service cards, thank you cards, place settings, save the date cards and lottery ticket holders to your wedding invitations.

Speaking of place settings, we also sampled a set of place cards from Paper Themes as well.

Eat, Drink and Be Married Place Cards

Eat, Drink and Be Married place cards fold into a tent shape and have a gorgeous, simple design that would match many wedding themes.  I have the Eat Drink and Be Married Place Cards in almond which is a light stone colour but they are also available in black and mint.  There is a large space to be able to write on your guests names.  We have a friend who does calligraphy and she has offered to write the names onto our place settings and invitations for us if they’re required so we’re lucky in that sense but any neat writing will look good.

The Eat, Drink and Be Married Place Cards start at 65p each and the cost per place card decreases depending on the number ordered.

We’re so happy that we have started to sample invites to our wedding, all of the planning is really exciting for us and we can’t wait for the big day to arrive.

If you’d like to check out Paper Themes and the wedding stationary that they offer then head on over to their website here.  They have some great deals on at the moment.

Which design do you like the most?  What were your wedding invites like or what are your dream ones?

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  1. Paper Themes
    July 23, 2013 / 7:13 am

    Hey Laura! So glad you received the samples & we love that you love them!:) …Just to let you & your readers know – we can add additional cards to a lot of our designs so if you need an extra guest info card for your Truly, Madly, Deeply invitation we can definitely arrange that! All we ask our brides to do is ask! Good luck with the rest of your wedding planning! With Love, Paper Themes x

    • WhatLauraLoves
      July 24, 2013 / 1:13 pm

      That sounds brilliant, thanks for letting me know. Thats the only thing that gave me reservations about using Paper Themes for our invites as we need to include a menu. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO pleased that you offer the extra cards!!xxxx

  2. Simonne Rawe
    July 24, 2013 / 5:54 pm

    What's your wedding theme? I found once I had my theme our stationary was easy to plan!Our wedding came 2nd in wedding of the year so if you ever need any help just shout!!!

    • WhatLauraLoves
      July 24, 2013 / 10:25 pm

      Hi hun we're doing our wedding coral and green.Wow thats awesome!! Well done you two xxx

  3. Anonymous
    August 17, 2013 / 4:48 am

    hey i also have some amazing wedding cards design so you can use them.We have scroll cards which you can use to make your wedding royal one.So you can also take your theme as royal wedding my scroll cards design you must see.

  4. Atul Gupta
    October 7, 2013 / 8:10 am

    Hi Laura! I am having some wedding card designs regarding your wedding. You can use Gold color cards along with silver printing as well as stones, crystal attached with it. Now a days It is mostly being preferred and surely this will make your wedding unique. You can also choose designer cards which will be beneficial for you. Best of your other wedding planning….

  5. Rahul Sablawat
    March 7, 2014 / 12:47 pm

    Great idea and very beautiful themes.

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