Party Shoes for the Birthday Girl

Hi Everyone

Since it’s my birthday in a few weeks, I have been looking for some gorgeous heels to wear on my birthday night out. The trouble is, I’ve come across a fantastic website and just can’t decide between all of the gorgeous Viva La Diva Ladies Shoes! I’ve finally narrowed it down to this gorgeous strappy style but I just can’t decide between the gold and the silver as they would both go with the dress I’m planning to wear.

I really love the style of these sandals as they would look equally as lovely with a dress or a skirt regardless of the length and can be worn all year round. They look as though they would be really good quality too and have a sturdy heel so I would imagine them to be very comfortable. I love metallic colours for evening shoes, they catch the light, sparkle and accessorise really well with all of my jewellery and clutch bags. I’m a little undecided as to whether to go for gold or silver, or perhaps both… a girl can’t have too many shoes can she?

I don’t often wear heels on nights out as my feet tend to hurt after hours of dancing but I’m making an exception for my birthday. We’re going out for a meal and cocktails before we go clubbing so I figure I’ll be sitting down for much of the night anyway. To relieve my feet at the end of the night and ensure my comfort while trekking to the taxi queue, I am going to get some of these After Party Ballerinas. They’re such a good idea, they just fold up really small and you pop them in your bag for when your feet hurt at the end of the night. Absolutely genius!

I think that everyone would be able to find a pair of shoes from Viva La Diva as I’ve never known a company to offer such a wide variety of styles and sizes- designer brands, standard size, wide fitting, sizes 9-11, boots, heels, flats, slippers you name it, they’ve got them. They have some gorgeous over the knee boots that I really want to order. I often cant find boots to fit my calves but Viva La Diva sell boots in wider calf sizes so I will definitely be checking out the boots soon!

What are your favourite shoes from Viva La Diva?

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  1. Anonymous
    September 8, 2011 / 10:59 am

    Hi Laura, I have been wearing Viva-la-Diva shoes for a couple of years now, they are well made and a fabulous fit. I wear an E fit but have a regular calf so often find Evans boots too baggy. I can recommend these shoes they are fabulous. Have a fantastic birthday, don't forget to take lots of pics of your outfit.xx Kathy

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