Perfect Gifts for Wine Lovers

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Finding the right present for a loved one can be difficult and sometimes it is hard to know where to begin. Once you have found a passion of theirs, it can be much easier to find a gift for them. If your loved one enjoys wine, here are some amazing and quirky gifts to spoil them rotten.

Get them the perfect gift they didn’t even know they needed. Wine is best served at a certain temperature depending on its colour, and this can affect the taste greatly. This wine thermometer attaches to their favourite bottle just like a belt and within a couple of minutes, it will display a digital display of its temperature. This is the gift that keeps on giving as they will always know just when their wine is ready to drink.

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You ever noticed that the wine lover in your life keeps their wine in their cupboard? Spruce up their kitchen and give them somewhere beautiful to display their wines with a wine rack. You can purchase wine racks from many major retailers, and they come in all different shapes and sizes depending on what style they would prefer. Just make sure that their rack is fully stocked on arrival!

If you have a loved one that is passionate about wines, why not give them the ultimate gift; their very own wine cellar. Octavian will keep your wine in safe hands in their very own private cellars, giving them the perfect conditions needed to mature. This is ideal for anyone that does not have room for a wine cellar in their home but would love to mature their very own wine. Octavian’s service allows you to get photographic records of your wine and hand pick bottles for special occasions, this is truly a wine lovers paradise.

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Next time you think about taking a bottle of wine with you to a picnic, make sure you don’t forget this amazing wine bottle holder from SteadySticks. This simple yet super cool invention ensures your bottle stays upright and ready to drink, so all you need to worry about is finishing it. This is a fun gift for any wine lover in your life, especially if they enjoy the occasional bottle out on the grass.


If you have the money, then why not look at one of these luxury wine coolers from Elite Wine Refrigeration.  Wine coolers are a great addition to any kitchen, mini bar or in warmer countries outside kitchens – they add a new feature to any location whilst also serving a purpose, to store your wines correctly.  If you host lots of dinner parties, this would be a great way to ensure your favourite bottles of bubbly or rosé are cold enough on a warm summers’ day. This is a great gift for a wine connoisseur, the casual drinker and even for somebody who likes luxury items.

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Another way to show your loved one you care is to gift them a wine decanter. These are made specially to enjoy the finest wines as they help bring out their rich flavours. By carefully and slowly decanting wine into a decanter, it ensures that any sediment is kept in the bottle and you only drink smooth, clear wine. It is also a great way to aerate the wine. This is a great gift for any red wine lover in your life.

Other great gift ideas include wine glasses, wine stoppers or perhaps even their favourite bottle. Personalised gifts are also an easy way to show you care, with everything from personalised glasses to coasters.

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