Perfect Spooky Things To Do This Halloween

Halloween is one of the most exciting events of the year. The chill weather, pumpkins, donning costumes, candies, carving jack-o-lantern, scary movies, make this spooky season irresistible. 

Let us take a break from old ways and try some unique and exciting options to make your Halloween more exciting this fall. 

If you’re planning on spending Halloween at home or experiencing this exciting holiday outside, I have curated some amazing ideas that will make your Halloween more thrilling this year.


Why not go pumpkin picking on a farm?

The arrival of autumn brings a stunning color explosion with a refreshing brisk of air, and a range of delectable seasonal delights. 

Visiting a local farm to choose your pumpkin is one of the finest ways to take advantage of the season and enjoy Halloween.

Pumpkin picking season begins in mid-September and ends on Halloween Day. I am sure there are various pumpkin farms across the place you live in. 

You can participate in a variety of themed activities and events while visiting the farm, in addition to selecting the ideal pumpkin for your jack-o-lantern.

A spooky treasure hunt

Why not organise a Halloween-themed Treasure Hunt for your family and friends in your neighbourhood?

Get some spooky prizes and hide them in eerie places throughout your neighbourhood park, woods, or on a local walk, ahead of time.

Make some clues and draw a treasure map to lead the participants to the locations where your surprises are hidden. Check if they can interpret the code and find the hidden items. 

Ask them to dress according to the theme and put them in different groups for added fun. You can wait until it is dark and go treasure hunting by torchlight for an extra thrill.

Visit escape rooms nearby

With Halloween around the corner, the perfect idea is to visit an escape room. 

Let your Halloween eve be fun-filled and full of thrill. Book a spooky-themed escape game for your family and friends. The engaging puzzles, clues, and codes will keep you immersed in the game with an adequate time frame to get yourself boosted.

Last Halloween I was in Sydney, where my sister-in-law booked an escape room for two people. We enjoyed the evening, all excited as we could manage to get out within time. This Halloween she is coming to my place in Seattle. I have booked a visit to Fox in Box Seattle for us. She made me realize that escape rooms can be fun for everyone and spend quality time together.


A ghoulish picnic

In 2016 during Halloween, I was in Japan. Me and my family had an extraordinary night in some prison-themed restaurant. We were locked in a cell and served ghoulish food like eyeballs, body fluids, and blood punch. The food was all prepared from everyday ingredients. A lot of imagination was involved while preparing those dishes. With the help of food coloring, the food looked ghoulish.

You can arrange your own ghoulish Halloween picnic for your family. Do check out the internet for some inspiration. You and your kids can have fun researching and making up some edible delicacies before sitting down to eat your hearts out.

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