Personalised Honeymoon Beach Bags from KPink

Girls, if there’s one thing you buy this summer, let it be a beach bag from KPink Bags.  I’ve been taking KPink bags away with me on every holiday I’ve been on since I discovered them last year when Kelly kindly made me a bag to celebrate the release of my dress with Simply Be and I can not think of a style of bag I’d recommend more for taking to the beach with you this summer.

KPink Ultimate Large Jute Bag Review

KPink Bags are bespoke jute bags that are completely personalised and completely unique to you as no two bags are made the same.  You may have seen other bags out there with personalised characters on them that are far more expensive than the KPink Bags and, more importantly, do not have as many gorgeous glitzy features as the KPink Bags such as sparkly backgrounds, diamantes and colourful ribbons.  If you’re looking for a bag that is going to stand out whether you’re at home or abroad then this is what you’re looking for.

KPink Beach Bag on Honeymoon in Barbados

There is one holiday in your lifetime where you have to stand out and it has to be super special and that’s your honeymoon.  For me, I was travelling to Florida for eight days before flying over to Barbados to relax around the pool and on the white sand for two weeks.  I needed a beach bag that was going to be big enough to fit both mine and Mr WLL beach towels in as well as all of our essentials but most importantly, I wanted a beach bag that stood out and showed that I was a newlywed.  My search began and ended with KPink.

Behold my beautiful honeymoon beach bag.  I know, its a beauty isn’t it.  I actually had two made, this swimwear one and a one where I’m wearing my wedding dress which I used while we were in the spa the day after our wedding.  I’m saving that one to share with you once I’ve shown you my wedding dress so as not to spoil the surprise but if you’re looking to have a bridal bag made then I’d really recommend one of these as Kelly, from KPink, can design the bag to match your dress, tiara or any other individual, special features you may require.

For my honeymoon beach bag, I selected the large jute bag as I knew I would have a lot to carry.  This size is perfect for carrying your beach towels, sunglasses, magazine, sun cream and iPod in.  Its big without being overbearing and sits really comfortably on the shoulder.  This is the size I always have for my beach bags and have always found them to be the best to take with me to the beach or the pool, particularly if I’m putting a lot in them or carrying them quite a distance as they don’t dig into my shoulder or rub on my sun kissed skin.

KPink Beach Bag on Holiday in Turkey

Speaking of the handles, KPink bags come with ribbons tied around the handle and an acrylic KPink logo keyring in a colour that suites the colour scheme of your bag.  This is great as you can either detach it to use as a key ring can attach your hotel room key to it if you’re away or you’re using the bag back home you could clip on another keyring like a shopping trolley token if you’re taking it out to the shops with you.

There are two different large jute bags, this one and the Ultimate Large Jute Bag like I have here.  Both are £30, the only difference is that the Ultimate has the colourful background.  These bags are fully customisable as they’re hand drawn and hand painted so the more ideas you give KPink, the more individual your bag will be.

KPink bag in Barbados

Kelly created my honeymoon bag with the colour scheme of my wedding in mind which was coral, which happens to be my favourite colour anyway, and ivory white, along with pearls and diamantes.  My character had brown eyes, sparkling blonde hair with curls and pink lips and cheeks which depicts my signature look.  All of which are painted using a special fabric paint that keeps the image safe from water- perfect if you’re taking your bag around the pool where it can get splashed.  The jute bags are also PP lined which makes them waterproof and it also means that you can wipe them clean inside if you spill some sun cream in your bag.

KPink Personalised Honeymoon Bag Design

For me, the true beauty of the design lies in the special touches from the little diamante on my finger to represent my bling wedding ring, to the flower in my hair, the super jewelled swimwear and the wine glass in my characters hand.  Not to mention the added sparkly details and decorations such as the heart, pearls, dove and bows.  I chose to have my married name on the bag which is ideal if you’re using it as a honeymoon beach bag as you can personalise it with ‘Mrs X’ on there or you could have your own name or even blog name if you’re a blogger like I am.

My KPink Beach Bag on Honeymoon in Barbados

The background of my honeymoon beach bag is coral with sparkles that really glisten when the sun hits my bag.  I was a little worried that the design might fade while I was away but I can honestly say that it is still as vibrant now as it was when I first got it and it has been through some pretty hot times- Florida, Barbados and most recently Turkey where I was a couple of days ago and the temperature reached 42 degrees!

You might notice the bow in the bottom left hand corner.  That’s part of the KPink logo so you can always tell that you have a genuine, hand painted KPink beach bag which sets them apart from others out around.

Head on over to the KPink Website to order, follow them on Instagram and Twitter and like KPink on Facebook.

What design would you like to see on a KPink Bag?  What colours would you ask for?

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  1. Anonymous
    July 12, 2014 / 1:48 am

    Oh Ma Gawd totes amazing. I want one of these bags come payday. Goin on hols in a month and a bit and this would be ideal for then. Shan xo

    • WhatLauraLoves
      July 13, 2014 / 1:02 pm

      Glad you like them Shan. Perfect for your holiday xxx

  2. kelly lawton
    July 12, 2014 / 7:17 pm

    Love these bags! 🙂

    • WhatLauraLoves
      July 13, 2014 / 1:02 pm

      Lush aren't they Kelly xxx

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