Places you must visit in Manchester’s Northern Quarter

The Northern Quarter of Manchester is one of the best parts of the city. It is filled with aesthetic coffee shops, one-of-a-kindshops and lively bars. As you walk through the area, you will find extravagant graffiti painted across the buildings and fairy lights sprinkled through every street. 

The Northern Quarter comes alive at night with vintage neon signs and live music throughout every bar so you can treat yourself to a night out and pop into a few independent shops to admire their artistic collections of vinyl’s, clothing and plants all in one place. Needless to say, The Northern Quarter is home to the trendiest Mancunians and a fantastic night out. 

If you are visiting the creative Northern Quarter soon, here are a few places to watch out for. 

How about a spot of vintage shopping?

The Northern Quarter has plenty of charity shops and vintage stores. You can find everything from a pair of Topshop Jamie jeans to a 1970s leather jacket. The charity shops in the Northern Quarter are a gold mine for fashionistas and artists. You just need a little patience to sift through everything and find your hidden treasure. 

There is a Blue Rinse vintage shop located on the outskirts of the area. Although little on the pricey side, you can find some brilliant pieces.

Flick through some vinyls

Who doesn’t love vinyl shopping? You can visit Piccadilly Records to find your favourite albums on vinyl, even if you don’t have a record player. They make for unique wall art!

Need a boost? Grab a coffee

You can grab a mid-afternoon coffee at Fig and Sparrow coffee shop. It’s the classic Manchester coffee shop, decked out with pendant lighting and Scandi furniture. You can enjoy an oat milk latte while reading your book and resting your feet for a little while. 

How about something to eat…

Nothing beats the food at Northern Soul Grilled Cheese. You can sit outside and look down on the street below as you dig into the cheesy goodness. Northern Soul is one of the best places to eat in Manchester and is the perfect food after a day sightseeing. 

And then a treat for the ears?

Catch a gig at SOUP and watch a local band play live. You can dance the night away with a pint in hand and the fluorescent lighting cast over the crowd. 

Finish off with a tipple or two…

Or if a gig isn’t your scene right now, you can grab a drink at Dusk till Pawn instead. They have some delicious cocktails on the menu just waiting to be snapped up by you. The bar has a neon sign reading, ‘Pawn Shop’ outside. Do not be dissuaded; it’s just a regular bar with a lot of character. 

So why don’t you make the most out of your next trip to Manchester and visit the Northern Quarter. Catch a train this weekend and see for yourself!

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